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Unsung Heroes#2: Truck Drivers

Who has not stopped at the New Baltimore rest area  between Montreal and New York and saw about ten or twenty trucks lined up very neatly?  Whoever gave them a second thought? Never mind to what they were transporting, but to who those men and yes, women were?

Full disclosure: For the past 43 years we have been listening to radio talk shows on a small transistor radio (yes, they still exist) all night. We started with Larry King who began his career doing an all night show. Of late, we have been listening to a great show, on the air between 1:00 am and 5:00 am, called Red Eye Radio. While it is geared mainly to truck drivers, the two guys on there are simply fantastic.

Yes they are conservative but have zero issue calling out their fellow conservative talk show hosts when necessary, which is often. They are obviously Trump supporters but again, call him out very often.

All of this to say on this show the commercials are geared to truck drivers. Did you know that there are special truck stops with showers? Or that they have something called the million mile club whose members have driven over a million miles with no accidents?

These men and women are trucking supplies all over North America. They are being pushed to get the loads to their destinations faster and faster and they are meeting their deadlines. Three cheers for these men and women! Without them who knows where our toilet paper would be coming from? A standing ovation please.

New York seems to be getting hit the worst right now, although there is no doubt that once the virus takes hold, Florida could be another disaster. 

Reporters keep asking the governor of New York and #cuomoforpresident, Andrew Cuomo when this will end. Seriously?

Does he have a crystal ball? Does he know anything more than the doctors? No. Here’s a headline: Until there is a vaccine against this virus, what we are experiencing now may be diminished, but won’t really end. We hope that no one is surprised by this.

If you haven’t already figured it out, everyone giving news conferences is feeding us small, tiny tidbits of information. We can’t handle more. As Drudge’s headline said yesterday, April is cancelled. Indeed it is.

While all the holidays will take place because they fall in the month of April, that’s about all that will happen. Our hope is that by mid-May we will slowly start to emerge from our respective cocoons. And that will be very strictly monitored, most likely done in stages.

The new word for everyone to re-introduce into their vocabularies is patience.

Well Blanche, there’s someone who has remained very positive during this pandemic. Bernie Sanders.

As far as he is concerned, he still thinks he has a narrow path to the presidential nomination and therefore will not drop out of the race. He believes that his grassroots membership will put him over the number needed of 1,991 delegates. Right now he has 884 delegates, Biden has 1168.

Now here’s something shocking: Alexandra Ocasio Cortez has distanced herself from Zaidy Bernie. Quel surprise. Seems Sanders has taken a liking to a controversial podcaster by the name of Joe Rogan and Mr. Rogan called Ocasio-Cortez a transphobic.

You can be very sure AOC does not like any negative attention. When Sanders found out about this, she changed her tune and said that Sanders was creating disunity within the Democratic coaltion. They all deserve each other. #cuomoforpresident.

If you had aspirations of going to Florida to escape the virus – which we cannot possibly fathom – stay home.

Florida officials are now checking vehicles entering the state via major roads — including Interstate 95 — to screen out people fleeing the New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey  and Louisiana, all hotbeds of the virus.

Florida officials have begun operating a checkpoint on Interstate 10 west of Pensacola, with all non-commercial motorists detoured to a vehicle weigh station where license plates and driver’s licenses were checked and motorists were asked about their travels. Stay home.

Harry and Meghan moved to where they were going all along – Los Angeles. Trump has refused to pay for their security which will be at least $5million per year. They will need each between two to four guards with them at all times. Every residence they class as a home will also need to be permanently looked after.

Charles, who is Harry’s father will pay for the upkeep of his son and daughter-in-law for the first 12 months of their new life out of his private funds. Don’t start a tag day for him. He’s one of the richest people in the world, along with his mother and the rest of the ‘firm’.

As of April 1, Harry and Meghan are completely out of the ‘firm’. They have 11 million followers on social media and you can be sure that some of them are nutballs. For now, social media is the only way they will be able to communicate with their followers.

So Blanche, how do you think this will play out? Frankly, we think that Harry is going to have a massive adjustment to his new life. It’s like he went from being a Prince – oh wait, he was a Prince, to being a regular Joe.

His entire life was spent in England and he moved away from anything familiar to him, including his family. We’re not quite sure how this will play out in the long run. For now, he’s in love. Give it a couple of years and let’s see how he does. We’re not sure that marriage will be able to survive and frankly, we hope we’re wrong.

What would the Blanche report be without a Biden gaffe? Here’s the latest one: “I suggested we should have people in China at the outset of this event, when it all started, in Luhan Province.”

Joe, it’s Wuhan, not Luhan.

The cringing is not over yet. When thanked by the MSNBC co-host for sitting down with her, Biden said, “Well, thanks for giving me the time. So they won’t wonder where I am.” Oy.

Jim Acosta, the CNN reporter for the White House is not doing his employer any favours. People do not want to hear how he hates Trump. We already know that. Seems he doesn’t quite get it.

In yesterday’s press conference, he brought up, for the millionth time: “What do you say to Americans who are upset with you over the way you downplayed this crisis over the last couple of months? What do you say to Americans who thought you got this wrong?”

Here’s a headline. Trump did get it wrong at the beginning. But he has it right now. What’s the point of that question? Did he think Trump would answer it? No. Was it his mission to embarrass him? Perhaps but nothing embarrasses Trump.

That question put Acosta in a lose-lose situation. Trump raked him over the coals and his question looked dumb. People don’t want to hear what happened two months ago. They don’t even want to hear what happened two days ago. They want to the here and now.

Stay home.

We’ll talk…

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