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After all is said and done, we thank G-d we were born Jewish. We are a people with dignity, purpose and contribute to society and humanity.

If anyone can point out what exactly arabs, especially those whose only purpose in life is to annihilate the Jews, have done to better the world, let us know. What hospital bears the name of an arab? What great medical discovery have any arabs done for any disease? What have they contributed to higher education?

The one and only purpose of part of their tribe is to rid the world of Jews.  No. Not all muslims think this way. Many are decent human beings who just want to live their lives in peace. It appears however, that no one is able to control their extremist faction.

What we simply cannot fathom is which part of these four words – death to the Jews – liberals, especially Jewish liberals, don’t get.

Showing your strength comes by terrorizing elderly, defenseless people? Or by throwing rocks at peaceful demonstrators? Or by threatening Jewish institutions? Or by driving around in packs in cars honking their horns on Shabbos with their fists upraised? That’s strength?

Many of their leaders are corrupt, keeping their fellow arabs in Gaza imprisoned in a tiny plot of land to serve their purpose – an excuse to fulfill the main part of their constitution. Death to the Jews.

As Golda Meir said – when they will love their children more than they hate us, there will be peace.

Right now their children share the same status as the rockets they shoot at Israel – they are expendable weapons that will be destroyed when necessary. They are a people to be pitied and they will never, ever win because the purpose of destroying a people is not a purpose at all.

Canada got special mention yesterday on Morning Joe, a syndicated morning political talk show in the US.

They were discussing how the US has managed to open up in most states, with baseball stadiums filled. It was then pointed out that in Canada, the Toronto Blue Jays cannot play in Toronto because the place is still locked down. They are now playing their ‘home games’ in Florida where everything opened up long ago.

It appears that today we will reach a ‘milestone’ in that we  vaccinated more people than the US. Ah, but that’s only one part of the story. What you won’t hear is that our country remains way behind in the global race to get everyone fully vaccinated, particularly the second dose.

Two vaccines are a ways down the road. We’re not celebrating anything until we find out that after having covid and being vaccinated, we are free to leave the country and come back without quarantining.

Yes dearies, Justin threw English speaking Quebecers under the bus. Why? Because he’s laser focused on the next election and he needs the votes of Quebec more than he needs the votes anywhere else in Canada. Simple as that.

Every decision Justin makes now is how it will play for votes in the upcoming election. So Mr. Sajin, our defense minister doesn’t get fired even though he knew about the sexual misconduct of the head of our armed forces and gave him a raise anyway. Then he knew about Fortin, the erstwhile general in charge of the vaccine rollout and his abrupt departure last Friday afternoon.

Blanche, you do know that when politicians want to bury something, they put it out on a Friday afternoon when they think people are not looking?

Justin doesn’t care if Legault trods all over English speaking Quebecer’s human rights. So be it. He’s not going there. Not fighting about it. Quebec wants to be their own little nation, have a nice day. Off you go.

The problem is that the next generation will be left with quite the mess which clearly Justin doesn’t give a two hoots about.

Uh oh. You wouldn’t want to be this guy. A British host by the name of Alastair Campbell made headlines last week when he wrongly announced the death of Queen Elizabeth. Alastair? How British. He profusely apologized but the deed was done.

We have not brought out the barf bag in a very long time but for this we are making an exception. The following was issued by Justin Trudeau today:

To protect your health and limit the spread of COVID-19, we’re extending the measures currently in place by another 30 days. Non-essential travel between our two countries remains restricted until June 21st.

It’s enough. If we were vaccinated and had covid, we should be able to cross the border. There is no reason to keep the borders closed. Especially if people are flying back and forth and finding ways to cross anyway. Or if ‘essential’ workers are going back and forth daily and have been doing so for months.

And if you really want to blow a gasket read this: Transport Minister Omar Alghabra says he cannot yet commit to a date — or COVID-19 vaccination rate benchmarks — for when so-called vaccine passports will allow Canada to ease travel restrictions.

In other words, Canada has absolutely no plan for when to end the travel restrictions. He’s the transport minister. If he doesn’t know then who should?? Nobody can get their act together here. We look exactly like Morning Joe alluded to – complete buffoons. Seriously.

Breaking News: Israeli Security Cabinet has approved cease-fire to end 11-day military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Let’s see if the arabs stop throwing fire balloons into Israeli border towns.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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