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In the you-can't-make-this-up department, quebec's immigration minister, Christine Frechette, was 'shocked' to find out that illegal immigrants who were bused from Texas to NY were given free bus tickets to go to Canada, specifically Roxham road in Quebec.

Can we talk? If madame frechette spoke English which we assume she does and/or listened to American news, she would know about this, as we did about five days ago. Alas, she is now rendered speechless, wide-eyed and completely astonished with this news.

The plot actually thickens. It appears migrants not only are being given free tickets to Plattsburgh, N.Y, they have the wherewithal to hire a shuttle or taxi to cross into Quebec at Roxham Road. By shuttle or taxi? Clearly these are not poor people.

In fact, Quebec should welcome them with open arms. There are so many industries lacking workers, specifically in healthcare that these people should be welcomed with open arms - french speaking or not. Dream on Blanche.

Blanche, think about this for a half a minute - if China really wanted to spy on the United States, would they be so dense as to send up a balloon that the whole world and their uncle Harry could see? A big white in-your-face balloon. Seriously peeps.

The US made a big geffulment about shooting it down over the ocean. Excellent. Now it's gone and everyone is looking for the pieces that remain.

Someone on the House Intelligence Committee - now there's a misnomer if we ever heard one - said the following: “Clearly this was an attempt by China to gather information, to defeat our command and control of our sensitive missile defense and nuclear weapon sites." Defeat your command and control of sensitive missile defense? Get a grip dudes.

Here's a headline: They already know where everything is including where the genius who said this comment gets his shirts cleaned.

It has come to light that Montreal's downtown core is suffering from people not returning to their large office towers. In fact, Montreal has the highest office vacancy rate in all of Canada at an unheard of 17%. Covid was the initial reason but that's over. In fact, the majority of the blame lies with Montreal's mayor Valerie Plante. Why?

One of the main reasons is the never-ending construction and the insane narrowing of every major artery to make way for the save-the-planet cyclists. Driving downtown has become a nightmare. And parking? Every moontik and donershtik - every few months - she decides punkt - "I'm going to kill another 700 parking spots to make way for a bush or a tree or tulip."

Every street either has orange cones, is closed or you are detoured to another street with more cones and detours. The two words construction planning do not exist in the vocabulary of anyone working for the city of Montreal. In fact, there isn't even a computer program for it. So literally the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

Maneuvering the chaos has made people think the following: why would I spend my time fighting traffic to get downtown on barely plowed streets while watching one lunatic cyclist on the very clean bike lane when I can work from home in peace, do my laundry, be home when my kids get home, make dinner and not be stressed by plante's bungling incompetence? Is there anything more to say?

As the boy scouts motto says, be prepared. Italy’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) warned on Sunday of a large-scale campaign to spread ransomware on thousands of computer servers across Europe and North America.

France, Finland and Italy are the most affected countries in Europe at the moment, while the U.S. and Canada also have a high number of targets, the ACN warned.

The attack targets vulnerabilities in VMware ESXi technology. Before you roll your eyes, we did some homework for you. Who exactly uses this type of technology?

Hospitals and health care institutions, schools, governments, retail, banking, computer software companies. You get the drift. Basically everybody.

According it Italian sources, "These types of servers had been targeted by hackers in the past due to their vulnerability," The French cybersecurity agency ANSSI on Friday released an alert to warn organizations to patch the vulnerability.

It is estimated that thousands of computer servers have been compromised around the world, and according to analysts the number is likely to increase. Experts are warning organizations to take action to avoid being locked out of their systems. Forewarned is forearmed.

Israel is sending their people to help the Syrians after the devastating earthquake. Tell that to those idiots Illan Omar and AOC.

They could not even ask for help themselves. They had to do it through a third party.

No matter what anyone tells you, know this - there is no one in the world like the Jewish people. And never forget it.

And while we're on the subject of Jewish people, for the third year in a row the Jewish General Hospital has made it to a list compiled by Forbes magazine of Canada's Best Employers. The JGH was ranked #2 among hospitals where adults are treated.

We will remind you that after czar legault, Lucien Bouchard, Pauline Marois, Bernard Landry and all the other big mouth we-want-quebec-to-be-a-country-separatists finished going after the doctors and nurses in our province, including at the JGH, guess where they went when they were sick? The JGH. Certainly not a hospital in the 'regions' like Point aux Pic.

Blanche, here's a little history lesson for you. Do know why the JGH was started in the first place? Because in 1934 anti-Semitism was openly rampant in quebec and Jewish doctors in Montreal could not find jobs. Similarly, Jewish patients could not be cared for in an environment that was sensitive to their unique cultural and religious needs. So what did the Jewish community do? They built their own hospital with their own money.

And then, they became the first healthcare institution in Quebec to officially designate itself as being ‘non-sectarian’ – that is, open to everyone (patients and employees alike), regardless of their background.

Here's a thought. czar legault should give the running of the quebec healthcare system to the JGH. You can be sure things in the healthcare system would be very different in our province. And we will say it again - there is nothing like the Jewish people.

The voices are slowly getting louder and louder. Nobody wants Biden to run in 2024. He's a complete disaster along with his beauty of a vice president Kamala Harris who is in a league of her own.

It appears she is still trying to 'carve out a lane for herself'. Honey, if you haven't found a lane yet, you are so inside your own little world that it not that you can't see the forest for the trees. It's that there is no forest and there are no trees.

Biden is doomed. He has bungled and botched most of what he touched, including this last balloon blunder and document disaster. We won't even speak about getting out of Afghanistan and how he left $7 BILLION of military equipment behind, not to mention all the people who helped Americans while they were there.

The Democrats better find a replacement for Biden before it's too late and he has to run again. It will not be pretty.

Former White House COVID advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, who at one time was the highest-paid employee of the federal government, is receiving as much as $100,000 for speaking engagements since he retired.

He is worth about $13 million. No comment.

And finally, both the Conservative and NDP parties threw the Quebec English community under the bus yesterday when they voted to keep Quebec's Bill 96 enshrined in Canada's Official languages act - Federal bill C-13.

Please ask Poilievere or his handlers to explain this. If he or they can't, then we have no one to vote for in the next Federal election.

And don't say he doesn't talk to the media. We are not the media. We are the small peeps who actually vote.

We'll talk...

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