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Yes fellow peeps, this picture is of your mayor, Valerie Plante, getting ready to plow all the bicycle paths in Montreal. Notice there is no basket on the back of her bike so she can’t take her laundry, groceries, children or elderly parents with her. She saves the world, trees, whales, turtles and gnats all by herself.

Added to this imbecilic  picture is the fact that on a very busy street in Montreal, close to hospitals, Plante had bicycle lanes installed on both sides of the street. So, if you had an appointment at a hospital and need to get medication from the pharmacy nearby – not happening unless you walked over or parked your car blocks away.

What? You had minor surgery and can’t walk? Who cares about you? You’re a minor detail in the big ‘issue’ in Plante’s life called climate change. As long as the bikes have a path, we the people who pay Plante’s salary and taxes in Montreal all got the middle finger.

Time for English Montrealers to take the needle out of their arms. Does anyone really think that Place des Festival’s name will be replaced by an English, black musician’s name? Even if Oscar Peterson won emmy’s and grammy’s? We don’t think they get the television channels in Quebec that show the emmy’s or grammy’s. Seriously peeps.

If they went after the word pasta because it was a millimeter bigger than the word pate in French, do you really think they are going to make this change? Let’s bet.

If you thought Justin Trudeau, aka sunny ways, was an entitled brat, this will make you apoplectic.

Remember the WE scandal? Remember those slime-ball Kielburger brothers who shut down their layers of charities when it became clear they were going to have to come clean? Just when the ethics committee was going to get rolling – punkt – Justin prorogued parliment – shut it down – so they would not have to face, for the third time, the ethics committee.

Now parliament is in session again and the WE scandal is still here, much to the chagrin of Trudeau. He can’t prorogue parliament so what’s he threatening now? Call a snap election.

The Conservatives are moving ahead with their proposal to create a new “anti-corruption” committee to look into the WE charity scandal, and other allegations of inappropriate lobbying.

Justin of course doesn’t want any of us to know that his family was probably on salary for one of the WE charities. So, he  was very angry with the conservative motion and tried to speak which only caused him to say quadruple the um’s he normally does. Believe it or not, the Bloc Quebecois sided with the conservative party.

If there’s an election called, pretty boy gets to skirt the WE scandal and not table a budget to tell us how we are paying for all the money he dropped on everyone in the past eight months.

The big question now is what are the NDP’s going to do? Suck up to Trudeau again? If they don’t side with the Liberals then Trudeau gets an election at a time when Canadians are locked up, locked down, can’t have friends over to their house, not able to go to gyms and restaurants.

So which is worse for Justin – an election or having to answer for the third time he got caught pretending his doesn’t stink. Stay tuned for the answer to this riddle tomorrow.

Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec’s Health minister now has a driver and bodyguard due to death threats. Blanche, are you kidding me? People want to kill Arruda? This is how people deal with what is happening all over the world? Threaten to murder their health ministers?

When and if these total losers are caught, they should spend at least a couple of years in jail thinking about how moronic their actions are. Here’s a big headline for them: Killing the messenger is not going to make covid go away.

The next presidential debate is Thursday night and it won’t be anything like the last one because…there’s a mute button on the microphones. We are very much looking forward to the faces that will be made when these guys have to remain silent and actually listen to each other.

The New Yorker writer and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin, another jerk who thinks he’s of the very privileged people, got caught with his pants down. Literally.

He thought that his video was off and it wasn’t. We won’t elaborate, only to say it wasn’t a pretty sight and he’s out of a job. How the mighty keep falling.

We heard one slightly promising thing about Biden today. Candidates have to begin putting together their transition cabinet now in case they win the election. Biden is looking away from the extreme elements of the democratic party. It should come as no surprise that they very, very angry.

What put these hotheads over the edge was the fact that Biden wants to appoint a republican to the cabinet. It’s not unusual for one party to put another into his cabinet but these yahoos can’t see past their entitled noses.

We’ll talk…

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