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Watch Your Back Peeps. Bill 96 is Creeping Up on You Like a Sly Fox.

If you live in Quebec and are part of the English speaking community, you have been sold down the river by Justin to garner French votes in the next election. We hope you are not surprised. We also hope you remember that we said Papa Legault was, is and always will be a separatist.

No, he’s not going to outright hold a referendum. Rather, he will slowly, painfully, erode the rights of the English community in Quebec as he is doing. And he will be voted in again to continue this for a very long time. Outside of Montreal, no one is voting for the black leader of the Liberal party, no matter how smart she is. The key word in the last sentence was black. Doesn’t only have to be a hijab here in Quebec if you get the drift.

It took some very detailed sleuthing by a good writer (not Blanche) to uncover the deceitful, degrading and unlawful parts in Bill 96. At first glance the bill looks innocuous, but, as was written, the devil is in the details and this absolutely the case here.

Here are some parts of Bill 96:

…Quebec civil servants could face disciplinary action if they speak or communicate in English with citizens deemed ineligible.

…There are no guarantees ensuring emergency services like 911 would continue to be offered in English.

…The office de la langue Francais will now have the power to seize computers, laptops and smartphones of private companies without a warrant.

If these measures are not enough for you to start understanding how a) Legault is a separatist and b) Justin threw English Quebec under the bus for his own political gain we’re not sure what else you need.

As the CNN headline so aptly said, Vice President Kamala Harris is having a bad week. Understand this is coming from the Clinton News Network aka Anti-Anti-Trump. To go after Harris, part of the Biden love fest, she had to have done something pretty outrageous. And guess what? She did.

She was sent to do Biden’s biding (nice alliteration, eh Blanche?) via a two-day trip to Central America earlier this week. Her main goal was simple: To send a message to Central Americans to stop coming to the US southern border.

Let’s just say she’s not overwhelmingly sympathetic to the plight of these immigrants. When asked by a CNN host if she had even been to the border to see what’s going on there, she responded that she had not been to the border. In other words it’s an issue for the plebs trying to cross the border. Get her hands dirty? Do you know who I am?

The host was a bit taken aback and repeated the question, “You haven’t been to the border?”

Her response: “I…and I haven’t been to Europe.” If the sentence sounds disjointed it is  it is disjointed because Harris was bumbling and fumbling and sounding like she didn’t know what she was talking about which, guess what? She didn’t.

People looked to her as one of the saviors of women, black people, turtles and doves. Don’t worry. She will smile, suck up to the right people and move on. Meanwhile, the border issue will just keep going.

Ilhan Omar is an outright anti-Semite. She belongs to the Democrat party and in the past few days compared both the US and Israel to hamas and the taliban of crimes against humanity.

Twelve Jewish democratic representatives from her party came out and criticized her. Ms. Omar decided to issue a clarification  today, claiming that her words were taken out of context. Oh really? She has made anti-Semitic remarks before this and will continue to do so. But when she realized that she was going to be made twitter fodder for the next news cycle, she run away like a rat into a drain.

Our suggestion is that if Ms. Omar is not happy with the United States with so many Jews, she is free to move back to Somalia where no doubt she will be welcomed back with open arms and not have to deal with Jews or anyone else that may o.f.f.e.n.d. her.

In Quebec, surgery wait list times are now 2 years long. In English, that means hospitals won’t catch up until 2023. Now digest this: Legault wants to cut $150 million from their budgets.

If you can’t see what’s wrong with this picture, you need a new pair of glasses. How exactly are hospitals supposed to catch up if they have to cut from their budgets? Fire more nurses? Have patients change their own linen? Bring their own medicine? Find their own doctors and bring them in?

Legault may be a very smart businessman, but he is 100% out of touch with reality and the little peeps or he doesn’t care what happens to people with no money, no resources and no ‘contacts’ to move up the surgery line. Don’t worry, if he needs surgery, in five minutes he’ll be seen.

In case you were wondering where the Liberals stand in terms of Israel, here’s something to chew on. Their newest member, who just crossed the floor, comes from the Green party. Her name is Jenica Atwin.

On May 11th she sent the following tweet: “I stand with Palestine and condemn the unthinkable airstrikes in Gaza. End Apartheid!” End apartheid? Israel was supposed to lie down and let arabs from gaza shoot thousands of rockets at them?

Where is Erin O’Toole? Why isn’t he screaming and yelling and outing Justin and this woman for her clearly anti-Israel stance? If O’Toole doesn’t know what’s flying in Ottawa, where are his genius handlers? Summer vacation didn’t start yet.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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