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Justin blew it this time and Poilievre coined it perfectly: arrivescam. At least he didn't dress up for this scandal.

Instead he and the geniuses that surround him spent close to $60 million on an app that never worked properly. And there's no paper trail for the money. That of course points to people scamming the system and making millions on this very useless app at your expense.

Justin is going to try to skate around this one. While he may be somewhat successful, the over 10,000 people who were forced to be quarantined in hotels for 2 weeks because the app didn't work properly will remind us what an idiot he is.

$60 million to create an app? Justin and all those around him are all incompetent fools except when it comes to pocketing your money. Then they become very smart and very creative.

And this is the leader and the party Anthony Housefather can't bear leaving? Seriously? We are beginning to think that there's more than philosophical reasons why Anthony can't let go of Justin's coattail.

Pro hamas gangs targeted the Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto last night.

Where were the police?

Where is Justin?

Where is our useless foreign minister Melanie Joly?

Why are they not speaking out against this?

As the Tweet correctly asked: Is this open season on the Jews?

...'Suddenly' we discovered that gaza has 36 hospitals. Wait a minute.

There are 2 million people in gaza. There are arab countries with 30 million people who do not have this number of hospitals.

...'Suddenly' we discovered that the schools, hospitals and mosques in gaza are organized terror headquarters and ammunition warehouses.

...'Suddenly' we discovered that in gaza there is an underground metro of hamas that stretches for 500 km.

...Suddenly we discovered that supposed doctors and teachers in gaza turned out to be active hamas terrorists.

...Suddenly we discovered that most of the citizens of gaza support hamas and other terrorist groups.

...Suddenly we discovered that gaza was getting water, electricity, gas and fuel FREE from Israel.

...Suddenly we discovered that gaza was getting $30 million a month from quatar.

...Suddenly we discovered that gaza was getting $120 million a month from unrwa (that would be your tax dollars at work) and the european union and $30 million a month from the US.

Can someone please send this 'suddenly' list to Justin, Melanie Joly and Madame Plante? Let's see what they have to say about the 'poor palestinians' now. What excuses are they going to use now to support the 'poor palestinians'?

Madame Valerie Plante and her 'anti-racism racist commissioner' Bochra Manai - who has yet to be fired - think that the Jews in Montreal are going to forget that they did not support the Jewish community when they needed it most. They are mistaken.

Nobody forgot that Manai went to more than one pro-palestinian rally immediately after October 7 - willingly and happily. One especially vicious rally she attended was when charkaoui - a sicko muslim who should be stripped of his Canadian citizenship and deported to gaza - called for the the extermination of the Jews. That she was not fired tells you everything you have to know about both Plante and Manai.

The Jewish community did not forget what happened after October 7, recently sending a letter asking exactly when Madame Plante is going to fire Manai.

Plante's reaction to the letter? She gave the regular empty political blather. More importantly, she didn't take a stand and come out directly in support of the Jews nor against her racist friend Manai.

We will remind you this is the same Madame Plante who set up Mayor Jeremy Levi's finance director at an agglomeration meeting ambushing him with a bunch of muslims accusing Israel and the Jews of genocide.

Remember all these things if she decides to run for mayor again.

We received a email with a survey from the liberal party. Yes, we subscribe to the liberal party. Ya gotta know what's going on everywhere.

If anyone believes for a nano second that 'with your voice we can fix the country', we have swampland in Florida to sell you.

We won't list all the questions. Rather, the absolute most moronic ones. Remember, your answer reflects the most urgent, pressing problem to you today. Here ya go, first question:

Accelerating our fight against climate change for clean air and a strong economy.

Ok. It was a toss up which was more pressing. Here's one more: Advancing reconciliation among indigenous people.

This questionnaire belongs in a windmill factory because it's full of hot air. Reflects Justin and his party. Airheads.

We happened to be reading a travel magazine and noticed that in London the amount of hotels opening and currently being built or renovated is staggering. The city is ablaze with tourists, tourism and positive energy.

Counter that to what is happening in downtown Montreal where you can throw a bowling ball down St. Catherine any day of the week and you'll get a strike. Between Legault and Plante, they are slowly but surely destroying one of the nicest cities in North America.

For starters, who can get downtown? Half the streets are closed, blocked with orange cones, the other half are being dug up to find a new route to China.

Add to that Madame Plante's deranged obsession with bike lanes.

Legault is making sure no international students show up here. Guess who shops downtown because they actually live downtown? And guess who has money to shop? Those students who he has successfully pushed out.

These two will, in a short time, be out of their jobs, leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces of their incompetence beyond the pale.

Their legacies will show one singular thing - the damage they did to Montreal for no reason other than their own meaningless agendas. Infuriating.

We'll talk...

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