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We are Paying Justin Trudeau’s Minister of Middle Class to run a Portfolio Which No One Can Ev

Boeing just canned its CEO as it tries to get back the confidence of both regulators and customers after two of its brand new 737 Max planes crashed, killing 349 people.

All 737 Max planes have been grounded since March, creating a huge void of airline seats in the flying industry. If you find your flights fuller than usual – any day of the month – it is because there are simply not enough planes for all the people who want to fly.

Seems Boeing has lost $9 billion since the issue of the malfunctioning automated system, which was supposed to prevent the plane from stalling,  came to light. It was later revealed that there was not enough pilot training and some serious maintenance lapses.

All of this to say that said CEO will most likely walk away with as much as a $32 million package. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem to be fair, and this is one of those times.

To all you Trump naysayers out there, get this one: This past Saturday set a single-day sales record at $34 billion. You know why? Because people have jobs and with job growth comes fatter wallets, along with stronger household finances putting consumers in a buying mood this season.

In English, they have more money because they have jobs.

Blanche, do you know who Mona Fortier is? No? We’ll tell you. She’s the new minister of the middle class, a job created by our ‘laying low’ Prime Minster Justin Trudeau. There is no doubt that he had to ask someone else what middle class is.

One thing it is not – part of the 75,000 families who will be given $2,000 travel bursaries to go camping for up to four days in a national or provincial park. We’re pretty sure that the $150 million he is spending on this – actually that you are spending on this – is more for the poor folks.

Back to the middle class. Obama said that the middle class is comprised of individuals who make less than $200,000 and couples who make less than $250,000. Seriously?

After some searching, we came up with the following definition: People call themselves middle class because they don’t want to be in the lower class.

So, Mona Fortier has her job cut out for her. First she has to identify who is middle class. Then she has to decide what she’s going to do with them. And finally, when she knows who they are, what she’s going to give them.

Your tax dollars at work.

Although we wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, as we are constantly confronted with this issue we made an executive decision and decided that this cannot be repeated enough times. At least until the next mayoral election in Montreal. 

Valerie Plante, in her never-ending quest to punish those who drive a car, could wind up being responsible for the worst air pollution Montreal has seen in many years.

We sat at one light as it changed from red to green no less than five times. You know why? Because the bicycle lane – with not one bike on it for miles – took up a lane.

Everyone was waiting in one lane to turn left or right or go straight. The problem was, those turning right were turning into a massive traffic jam, which meant Blanche, that they couldn’t turn. So, we all sat there with our engines running for at least 10 minutes, adding to the world’s carbon emissions… especially in India:)

Plante will not succeed in her quest to rid the city of its cars. She will however, have a legacy of being the mayor who created the worst air in Montreal. Genius.

We will leave you on the slowest news day of the year with a tidbit that is one of the reasons many are shying away from radical feminists. Have they no one that can temper them? Do they live in such a sheltered environment that they cannot see past their own faces in a mirror?

Here ya go: One of the main groups in this movement posted the following on Twitter, promoting “painfully honest conversations between white women and BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color)” and claimed… that white women’s “obsession with being nice is a tool of white supremacy.”

Got that? You’re nice, you have an agenda. If you take this to the end, this means that being nice to someone, say, like opening the door for them or actually saying hello, is brought with devious ideas and you are a white supremacist.

These women need to a) get a life and b) find a shrink.

We’ll talk…

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