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Weiner’s Back. Stop Smirking.

Blanche had originally started to write this about the World Social Forum thinking that our mayor, Coderre had come out against it. Alas, we were wrong. He said he didn’t like it, but stopped short of condemning it outright and left Montreal’s logo on the site and all propaganda.

In case your brain is on vacation (seriously Blanche, do you have to be so graphic) you will know that there is a ‘conference’ taking place in Montreal called WSF. Calling a spade a spade, the WSF is simply another rabid anti-semitic group. We checked out their website to see who exactly is supporting them. None of those listed surprised us.

McGill University, a hotbed of the BDS movement, the government of Quebec, the city of Montreal, the CSN aka the unions, UQAM – no brainer and BROT, some German social do-gooders.

Lest you think we are kidding, here are a few of the ‘sessions’ taking place: smearing Israel as an apartheid state and as well as hosting events to mobilize more “Gaza Boat” spectacles — the project pioneered by a collaboration between the Hamas-affiliated Foundation for Human Rights and Humanitarian Relief.

What brought the conference to the attention of the federal government who dropped their sponsorship and logo was the cartoon featuring a hook-nosed Jew vomiting a caricature of Uncle Sam, who’s disgorging a long-bearded jihadist. Blanche, why can’t people just say they don’t like Jews and Israel and get on with it. Stop hiding behind fancy names and being cowards.

We’re not ‘Trumped’ out yet but he really doesn’t give people time to breathe. Yesterday some dude decided to deliver a message to Donald Trump by trying to scale Trump Towers on 5th Avenue. Life as he knew it is over. He’s also not the smartest chip in the box as Trump was in Florida.

As for Trump, his party continues to be apoplectic. Many highly regarded Republican operatives have stayed away from the campaign, wary of being blackballed for future gigs.

Get this one Blanche: “If someone applied for a job and brought in a résumé that had Trump 2016 on it,” said a GOP fundraising consultant, “I wouldn’t give them an interview.” Oy.

So what about Hillary? Basically if she stays out of the news, keeps her nose to the ground and no other interesting emails come out about her, she’s a shoe-in to win, possibly by a monumental landslide. The truth is, even if there is more damning evidence, Trump is so out there, so inflammatory, that nothing she has done or will do can compete with his verbosity.

Uh oh. Looks like Anthony Weiner (Blanche, can you stop smirking and finally get over that name Weiner) is back to his old sexting tricks. What we can’t figure out is why his wife stays with him. Huma Abedin, b.e.s.t. friend of Hillary Clinton is certainly making enough money to support herself. Stay tuned for this to develop.

The first casualty of the polluted water in Rio has emerged. She’s a Belgian woman who trained in Rio (in July) for a regatta and caught a bacteria that causes dysentery. That’s a nice name for severe diarrhea which can last for months. Ich. Tested waters still show high levels of viruses as well as bacteria from human sewage. Blanche, that’s really disgusting.

Here’s something that you may want to file somewhere. Your phone remembers every text you ever wrote. Yup. Even if you delete it, it’s still out there. Even if it falls into the terlit, it’s still there.

Firstly, it’s on the phone of the person you sent it to. Secondly, people who know how, know how if you get the drift. So here’s a piece of advice. If you’re just texting la-di-da, keep those fingers moving. But if you are texting sensitive stuff, dudes – pick up a landline or buy a typewriter and mail a letter.

If you have kahoonas, we have three vacation spots for you. Egypt, Turkey and Paris. Never mind that nobody’s going to those places – they’re cheap, which seems, on the surface to be a good reason to go.

All of these destinations have beefed up security, and will be significantly discounting airfares, hotel room rates, and tours. Sounds not bad, eh Blanche?

Of course you also have to travel with common sense. That means no crowds, stay away from places where tourists frequent, don’t eat in sidewalk cafes, watch your back every time you leave your hotel. Hey, that doesn’t sound like a good vacation. On second thought even though you will have most likely the cheapest vacation of your life, well, let’s just say it’s not worth your life.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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