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Not that we are rubbing it in, but we told you so.

Why it took so long for Justin to admit he was the one who stayed in that $6000 USD hotel room in London is beyond our comprehension. What was the purpose of keeping everyone in suspense? Did he think no one would find out?

Now he looks like exactly what he is. An entitled dweeb who fooled no one as well as wasting everyone's time.

We are guessing that your wildest dreams you never imagined that our beloved Israel would get to point that it is on the verge of imploding. Sadly, we are at this brink.

We thought of focusing on the issues, of which there are many, but decided that this will only lead to more division among Jews, which is what destroyed our Temple in the first place.

Netanyahu's government wanted a parliamentary vote on a law that would give the governing coalition the final say over all judicial appointments. It sought to pass laws that would grant parliament the authority to override Supreme Court decisions with a basic majority and limit judicial review of laws.

Netanyahu, already a wealthy man, was given a 'gift' of $270,000 by a late cousin. To accept the gift is illegal. To circumvent the gift law and save himself from possible prosecution, he was trying to push through, at breakneck speed no less, a bill that would allow him to keep the $270,000. This bill in fact, was advancing faster than almost any other item on the coalition’s agenda, faster in fact than much of the judicial reform

He wanted to appoint people to his cabinet who were convicted criminals. To get these people into his cabinet, he decided to reform the judicial system. His way. To say this did not go over well first with the left wing of the country and now, basically with everyone, would be the understatement of the year.

Israelis took to the streets for weeks, in the hundreds of thousands. Netanyahu's Waterloo however, came when he fired his very well respected defense minister Yoav Gallant. Following that, Asaf Zamir, consul general of Israel in New York, said he was resigning.

Due to the intense pressure, Bibi has put everything on hold for now. We heard however, that will not stop the protests.

In the end, as Netanyahu sees, nothing good comes from trying to change laws to fix one's own errors in judgment. That is called a dictatorship and mercifully, Israelis will not allow this to happen to their country.

Yesterday there was a grotesque school shooting in Nashville. Three children and three adults were murdered in cold blood.

The 'get the guns off the streets' people were at the microphones less than an hour after this happened. Can we talk?

Yes, guns are an issue but here's a cold hard fact: The US is gun-culture country. People have guns and will get them no matter what laws are in place. That ship has sailed.

So what's the real issue? As we have said here more than once, we believe it is mental health. The person who did this was a woman. Or so it was initially reported. It has since come to light that she was in fact trying to become a he - a transgender. Clearly this person was not well as no one in their right mind goes into a school - shooting the door open - intent on murdering children in cold blood.

Sadly, the stark reality is that there is no way to stop this. If someone is intent on doing this, they seem to be laser focused, as this person was, and plan their heinous deed with the utmost detail.

And speaking of men who want to be women and vis-versa, there was a professional bicycle race in New York. The winner? A man who now identifies as a woman. The real women in the race didn't have a hope in you-know-where to win. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

One of the real women who rode, a professional cyclist, quit the sport after this race. This was done following the statement just days later by another trans cyclist declaring 'she' felt like a “superhero” for her women’s race win in New York. Feh.

If people want to change their gender, go ahead. It's a free world. But to pretend that you are a woman just because you now say you are? BS. Not true. Your body is that of a man and always will be. Your physical prowess is that of a man.

Until organizers of sports get their act together and figure out a way to make a level playing field, women should simply stop competing.

Justin met with Biden last week. One of the outcomes was that Roxham Road, that illegal passageway immigrants use to cross into Canada will now be closed.

Justin tried to tell us that he needed Biden to close that road. Seriously? Last we looked, Roxham Road is in Canada. He didn't need Biden. He just needed to say, we're no longer allowing people in via that route and poof! it would have been closed.

Our guess is that he needs the czar legault to somewhat support him in the next general election. As the czar was mightily ticked off with all those non-french speaking immigrants flowing into his fiefdom, his support for Justin was going to be iffy. Ergo, problem solved.

And here's another little ditty: People who want to come here using those routes will find other ways to cross into the country. It will definitely deter many, but they will still come. We are guessing that many of them did not get Justin's come-on-down retraction.

We'll. talk...

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