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What’s Montreal’s Most Famous Street? Rue Barre (street closed).

Montrealers can rest easy. That python that escaped from it’s owner a couple of months ago and slithered away has been found, lucky for her, alive. Seems that she is a bit thinner than when she began her journey.

If you planned on going anywhere tomorrow aside from the few blocks around your house, best check the traffic reports. The taxi industry has deemed it necessary to go on strike tomorrow to protest Uber and intend to hold not one but two rallies in the city.

We hope that they choose Montreal’s most famous street – rue barre – for their big demonstration. In case you don’t speak French that means street closed. There is so much construction going on in the city that everywhere you turn all you see are signs saying rue barre. But we digress.

It’s not bad enough that getting around the city is a nightmare. Now these geniuses are going to make the lives of the public ten times worse. Here are a few questions they might want to answer: What good do they think this is going to do? Will the public side with them over Uber? No. Will drivers on their way to work be stark raving mad when they get caught up in a demonstration after it took an hour to do a drive that is normally six minutes? Yes. Will they side with the taxi drivers? No. Stupid, stupid, people.

According to the polls, Hillary is up 5 points on Trump. He had a nasty week, going after miss housekeeping (aka Miss Universe), having his tax returns leaked in the NY Times and showing he hasn’t paid tax for umpteen years by taking advantage of the system. Can we talk?

Don’t believe the polls. People in this election are voting against someone, not for a candidate. So if you are called, let’s say on the Upper East Side of New York which could run a tin of sardines for the democrats and get elected and you just cannot vote for Hillary what are you going to do? Lie of course and say you are voting for her knowing full well you either have not made up your mind or are voting for…h.i.m. You’re certainly not going to tell the pollster who you are voting for. So you skew the polls.

Time will tell although he does seem to be unraveling at the edges. Keep one key thing in mind: to his supporters, he’s perfect and can do no wrong. Same thing with her supporters. In the middle somewhere those who have not made up their minds and will be the ones to determine who wins. Plus wikileaks keeps threatening to release stuff on Clinton. He has been crying wolf lately and if he doesn’t do something soon, he’s going to lose his credibility. Stay tuned. This story is what they call fluid – changing by the hour.

In case you were wondering (and even if you weren’t) you most likely weigh less at this time of year. Unless of course you just finished eating four huge meals in a row during the high holy days. Then you feel like a sausage.

Statistics show that during the winter we tend to put on some weight or, if you want to be politically correct, insulation. Like polar bears, eh Blanche?

Tonight is the vice-presidential debate. Unless something insane happens, like Trump jumping out of a birthday cake, we will be reporting on it Thursday.

We’ll talk…

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