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To give you a sense of what Israel is dealing with in trying to secure the release of the remaining hostages, below are some 'demands' dictated by hamas in the past few days. According to hamas there are three stages that Israel must meet before the hostages are released. We are giving you some of each of the those stages.

Note that the hostages are being continuously moved in the underground city built from UN money donated by countries such as Canada and the US.

...Release of all the palestinian prisoners imprisoned in Israel who are younger than 19 or older than 50, as well as the sick, in addition to 1,500 Palestinian prisoners named by Hamas, of which 500 are serving life sentences for mass murder.

... ⁠The introduction of a minimum of 500 aid trucks per day into the Strip, including fuel trucks.

...⁠The return of all the displaced people to their homes all over the gaza strip without movement restrictions.

This one is particularly disgusting:

...Renewal of all the humanitarian aid provided to the residents of the Gaza Strip and especially the functioning of UNRWA - as it was before October 7.

...⁠ ⁠Israel must be forced to meet the needs of the gaza strip in the area of electricity and water.

...In the third stage of the hostage deal, IDF forces will completely withdraw from all areas of the gaza strip.

Clearly, any sane person understands that Israel can never agree to these demands. Also clearly, hamas knows this as once the hostages are released, there is nothing to hold Israel back from completely flattening many parts of gaza.

Israel is caught between a rock and a hard place while the hostages slowly, painfully, heartbreakingly are dying.

Can someone please explain why black people get a month of black history month while everybody else gets a day of recognition, if that? Asking for a friend.

Justin is in his glory with this month. Never mind he put on a black face more times than anyone can count. For him, it's the optics. In fact, he so enamoured with this month that he made the following announcement:

To further promote equality and empower Black Canadians, we’re extending the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent to 2028.

Speaking up for the Jews in Canada? Not on the radar. Clearly the optics are not good for him.

Canada's immigration minister Marc Miller (a childhood friend of Justin's), is 'pissed off' (directly from the news article) that a list of people related to Canadians are being blocked from leaving gaza.

Last month, Canada started accepting over 1000 applications from the arabs living in gaza who have extended family living in Canada.

Clearly some of those people are elderly and have children who wisely left that hellhole to come to Canada. Also clearly, our immigration system is run as Justin runs his office - how will it look? What are the optics? For someone who is drooling over black history month, releasing 1000 arabs into Canada is clearly a positive optic. However...

We highly doubt that Canada's immigration bureaucrats sitting in a cushy office in Ottawa have the mental capacity to weed out terrorists from the regular seethingly angry arabs coming here.

Here's an idea: How about Canada help broker a deal to release the Israeli hostages in exchange for letting in family and friends of the arabs here? In your dreams Blanche.

If you want to live like a half-normal person, don't move to California.

The uber liberal Democrat-controlled state is aggressively pushing to ban sales of new gas cars in the state by 2035, a move designed to force people to buy electric vehicles, which has already proven to be too taxing on the state’s power grid.

Every summer there is not enough power due to the heat and the save-the-world-ban-carbon-emissions-cow-farts government tells people not to charge their cars, because the grid is going to go down. So how exactly are people supposed to power their cars?

In order to have no gas cars by 2035 they need a radical overhaul of the electric grid in the next 11 years. And that will happen when pigs fly.

Stay in Canada where all Justin does is blather on about saving the world and nothing more.

In the good morning America department, Madame Valerie Plante, Montreal's erstwhile mayor finally woke up and realized that chasing away international students is not a good thing for Montreal.

And what woke her up? The quebec government own's advisory committee that Pascale Dery dismissed because their report came in four days after Dery's made-up final date for submissions.

That committee concluded tripling fees for international students was a crock taking aim directly at Montreal's anglo community.

The very sweet irony of this is that Madame Plante dismissed her own advisory committee's suggestion that closing the road on Mount Royal going from east to west would be severely detrimental to the traffic in the city as well as closing the mountain to anyone with any kind of handicap.

Madame Plante gave the middle finger to the most expensive advisory committee Montreal ever had. And now she's pointing a finger at Dery who gave the middle finger to her advisory committee? Two beauties.

The royals have a very small window until they fess up and say exactly what is wrong with the King.

The longer they wait, the more people speculate that he's mortally ill.

Best to be straight, tell it like it is. They don't have the luxury of being mysterious or coy to protect their inner circle.

Does King Charles have a very curable form of cancer or is he very very sick and we will soon see William taking over?

That is the question on everybody's mind. Answer it.

A final note about President Joe Biden. Peeps - it's over. He's done. He's just too old, too frail, too out of it to be the president now, let alone for the next four years.

He turned down a 15 minute live interview before the super bowl this Sunday. He cannot be alone with the media or without a teleprompter. He's confused, a reality of aging.

Pretending this is not happening is a very, very dangerous game. He is not mentally fit to be or run for president.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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Unless Trump, who has clearly demonstrated his own lessening mental faculties in the past year (or 6 years, but who's counting?), is bundled in the same category as Biden, then Biden has every right to run for president. Both of them will be disasters for the world. Trump will be a disaster based on cruelty and vengeance (which are also GOP traits). Biden will be a disaster based on misguidedness and misplaced altruism (Democratic traits). They will share confusion and incompetence.

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