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When You Are Feeling Down Just Remember that Somewhere in the World there is a Moron Pushing a Door

One wonders exactly what it will take to make Americans wake up. Certainly not the murder of 27 children and their teacher in their Sandy Hook school. That didn’t make a dent in the NRA. Nor when someone opened fire in a movie theater and killed 12 people. Sadly, the on-air murders yesterday of two young people, one a doing a news interview, the other filming her most likely won’t budge the NRA.

We did hear something today that may have given Americans hope. Alison Parker’s father did an interview on CNN. In a monotone voice he said with 100% conviction that the moment he found out about his daughter’s death he vowed to go after the NRA until his own dying day. He sounded like the real deal. There is not a shred of doubt that it will take someone like that to lobby relentlessly and be focused like a laser beam to change the gun laws in America.

Unless things change, the stakes will keep rising. Mentally ill men who want to go out in a hail of gunfire will keep upping the ante. On air murders posted on the internet and then printed on front pages of newspapers? We shudder to think what’s next.

Did you know people think that Donald Trump wears a toupe? Do you care? Most likely not. Whoever thinks that needs to buy glasses quickly. Who would buy a toupe with such a long comb over?

Well, to prove that it was his own hair, he called a woman up from the audience where he was speaking in South Carolina. She touched his hair (fech) and said that indeed it was his hair. And in case you were wondering, he is still miles ahead of any other candidate in the polls. By now you must have heard that Joe Biden, Obama’s Vice President is thinking very seriously of running for president. Well, just by thinking out loud he polls higher than Hillary against any republican candidate.

He’s way behind her in terms of funding as she has amassed a veritable war chest. Ya think Bill came to pay him a visit yet to try to ‘persuade’ him not to run? Perhaps. He doesn’t have much time to decide as the first Democratic debate is in the middle of October and he has to be there if he’s in the game.

There was a new poll that came out regarding the Canadian election. It showed that if the election were held today, the NDP would form the government. Here’s Blanche’s prediction: To win the election a party must win vote-rich Ontario and the parties are in a virtual tie there. That’s where Harper won the last time and where he will either win or come out with a minority government again this time.

We will remind you of the last two election polls that were completely off: Netanyahu was supposed to be trounced and he won. David Cameron in England was supposed to lose big time and he won with a big majority.

Did the NDP peak too early? Most likely. Is Trudeau as good as the polls say he is? Unlikely. Will the NDP take Quebec as they did in the last election? With Trudeau at the helm it could be that those two will split their votes and Harper may come up the middle. We still have quite a way to go.

If Trump thinks America has a problem in people crossing borders illegally, he should check out what’s going on in Europe. Totally out of control. Germany is waiting for about 800,000 refugees, while Greece is getting a few hundred thousand. Like they can afford to take care of them. It seems most of these people are from Syria and North Africa. Where they will wind up and how they will change the face of those countries is anyone’s guess. Who is going to house them, give them medical attention, jobs, food or clothing. Watch this human tragedy unfold. It’s not going to be pretty.

Blanche would be remiss if we did not comment on the insanity of road construction in this city. With all the commissions and police investigations nothing has changed. This entire city seems to be run by different forms of mafia. It cannot be that every year we have to go through the same traffic chaos.

Blanche, the entire road construction industry is made up of morons who have no clue what they are doing or politicians still taking little brown envelopes and stuffing them into their socks. Take your pick. Looks like our new mayor, Denis Coderre is just like the rest of them.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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