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Where Did All The Money Go? It’s Like Hocus, Pokus Montreal is Brokus. P.S. Try the Snow Remov

New York state is in quite the mess today. In a normal election year, the primary in the Empire state is a big yawn. Not so today. It is being watched everywhere and the stakes are high. Given that, somebody didn’t do their homework because many, many polling stations are either not ready or not equipped for the heavy influx of voters.

In Brooklyn polling stations were locked with the keys inside. Insanely, the polls opened at 6:00 am. In another location the electric ballots were not working and there were no paper ballots. Elsewhere, some dude saw the voters list with his dead mother’s name there. She died six years ago. Oops.

It will be interesting to see the results of today’s primary. Trump already has 796 delegates and New York has 95 up for grabs. The magic number is 1237 to avoid what will most likely be a catastrophic vote at the convention. Interesting times.

It seems that the old money-in-the-sock trick is alive and well in Montreal especially when it comes to snow removal. It’s still who you know in city hall that gets you the contract and your friend a nice wad of cash.

While snow clearing is important, one has to wonder what kind of corruption is going on with the massive Turcot construction project. Remember the super hospital and what happened there? Everybody made money, whether you worked on the site or not.

And in case you had nothing to worry about today there were pictures of an aging, corroded Mercier bridge. Now dats bad news as the Champlain bridge is almost collapsing and that’s not gonna be ready for a very long time. If you’re looking to make some money, may we suggest someone invent a car that floats in case one of those bridges takes a dive into the St. Lawrence.

You know those metal detectors at the airport, the ones that create long lines? Well guess where else they are.  At political rallies. Blanche, you cannot fathom how many hordes of people are lined up just to get through two detectors. Wait, it gets better.

TSA – Transport and Security agents with their yummy blue latex gloves are hand searching through the clothes and bags of attendees. Whatever happened to the innocence of just holding up a sign and cheering in support of your candidate?

We follow Queen Elizabeth on Twitter. Did you know that when she or someone writes something about her, she is referred to as One? As in: One has released a limited edition t-shirt and tea towel in celebration of one’s 90th.

Simultaneous translation: the Queen is turning 90 and you can get a dishtowel in her honor. Those Brits are something special. A dishtowel.

Blanche, can we talk about transgender bathrooms? What the …. is that? Here’s the scoop: Either you know how to go to the bathroom and in which bathroom you belong or you don’t and if you don’t know who you are or how to go the bathroom, wear a diaper. Men don’t belong in women’s bathrooms and women don’t belong in men’s bathrooms. Get a life.

We’ll talk…

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