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Where in The World Is The Leader of the Conservative Party?

Good morning America. Now Justin decides to tell us that there is a plant being built and we will able to manufacture vaccines here in Montreal? Don’t get excited, it won’t be ready until late summer – at best. Why can’t they work 24/7 and get the plant up and running in 2 or 3 months? Why is this taking over 7 months? Blanche, did you know that England had no plants manufacturing vaccines and within a few months they are producing their own vaccines? Why is this taking so long?

Justin completely dropped the ball on the vaccines, it seems not even getting written contracts from manufacturers in Europe. The EU is constantly threatening to withhold our vaccines until their own population is vaccinated. As with everything he touches, the September date that Justin keeps telling us will be when we will all be vaccinated is yet another fantasy of his.

Does he not read the list of countries being vaccinated and see that we are at #20? Believe it or not, most Canadians do read this list and are incensed.  But…read on.

We have held up writing about this but can no longer remain silent – there is too much at stake. Remember the game Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? We are asking where in the world is Erin O’Toole, leader of the Conservative party? Oh we do see him on different news programs and sometimes in question period, but he just doesn’t have a presence.

Why can’t he raise the popularity of the Conservative party? Why are is the Conservative party at 30% while Justin is at 50ish%. Yes he dropped from 70% but the Conservatives should be at the very least at 45%.

Why is O’Toole not yelling at the top of every mountain, getting on every social media platform what a terrible job the Liberals have done not getting Canadians vaccinated? Why is he not forceful when he speaks? That’s his job and the rest of the party takes their cues from him.  With all the anger directed at the liberal party because of their complete incompetency regarding the vaccines, why is O’Toole and his party not capitalizing on this?

O’Toole is a nice guy but mundane,  not passionate and as it stands now, is not in any way mobilizing the population to vote for him. We don’t need medicore. We need a leader.

Whoever is handling O’Toole needs a firecracker up you-know-where or get out of the way and bring in people who will get the job done. If not, we are going to be stuck with Trudeau and a majority liberal government for five more years.  If O’Toole and the conservative party don’t get their act together we don’t want to hear complaining after the next election.

Please pass this message on to whoever you think may actually get to O’Toole.

New York state has lost a significant enough portion of its population to force its legislature to redraw its congressional districts, leaving one of the state’s Representatives out of a job. And guess who that might be? None other than Democrat and part of the ‘squad’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who is likely to be redistricted out of her seat in Congress.

The interesting part of this story is that she is looking to unseat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. It appears she has met her match as Schumer has seen the wall with the writing and  started shoring up his supporters. Like him or not, he’s nobody’s fool and has contacts up the gazoo.

AOC is not popular, to put it mildly, with the Democratic party as she basically runs her own show, independently of party. That of course includes raising money. If we were to bet who will win this fight, we are betting on Schumer. One thing is for certain; if AOC loses her seat she’s not going to go quietly into the night.

It appears that the Republican party has a much bigger problem than Donald Trump right now. Her name is Marjorie Taylor Greene and as serious nutcases go, right now she’s on the top of the list. And we mean the tippy top. She was recently elected to the House of Representatives. Here are some of the genius ideas she is spouting:

…9/11 was an inside job.

…The shootings at Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Las Vegas were staged.

…Leading Democratic officials should be executed.

…And our personal ‘favorite’: The forest fires in California had been started by PG&E (their electric company), in conjunction with the Rothschilds (Jews), using a space laser, in order to clear room for a high-speed rail project.

To say she is weighing down the party would be the understatement of the year. You can bet your bippy that the media is only too happy to cover her every move, statement and outlandish idea to hammer another nail in the coffin of the Republican party.

Clearly there are normal people still part of the Republican party, but if this babe keeps hogging all the press, even those people may jump ship.

And speaking about outlandish ideas, we have our own right here in Canada. Blanche, you know that Justin wants to plant no less that 2 billion trees by 2030?

To reach this target, we must plant about 200 million trees per year more than the 600 million we already do. And the cost of said trees which no doubt will save the turtles and whales is $5.94 billion dollars.

When Chrystia Freeland, our Finance Minister was asked about this she replied that ‘it gets Canadians really excited. It gives people a personal hands-on investment in what it means to build a green future.’ Really? You’re excited about planting 2 billion trees?

We are guessing that you are not quite thrilled about planting trees nor do you think that spending $5.94 billion is going to make the planet any greener. Our suggestion: Go to India and China and help them stop their coal-run factories which are polluting the rest of the world.

This is another moment where Justin lives in lala land and has obviously found like-minded people to share his silly view of the world. He’s lucky his father was born before him.

Gzillionaire Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame is out as CEO. Taking over the reigns is Andy Jassy who joined Amazon in 1997 and has led Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) cloud team since its inception. AWS continues to drive much of Amazon’s profit. Stay tuned. There’s gotta be more to this story than just Bezos is stepping down.

So…as of February 8, stores, malls, hair salons including manicures (yeah) can reopen in Montreal. It’s about time. Amazon has been the main beneficiary of all of our closures and they certainly have enough money.

We’ll talk…

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