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On Sunday night during a conservative party zoom call, we found out that young Jewish children in public schools are the targets of anti-Semitism. We're talking 7 year olds being called dirty Jews and told to pile on top of each other so they can be gassed.

We will unpack this in two parts.

The first is that the children perpetrating anti-Semitism did not learn this by themselves. They heard it in their homes from their parents, siblings and those around them.

The second part is that all levels of government need to look down, find their kahoonas, take a firm stand and announce publicly and with conviction that targeting Jews will not be tolerated, this and the anti-Israel/Jew protests will continue to happen.

If you think what you just read are isolated incidents think again. There is a Canada-wide conference being set up so parents can share how their children were targeted simply for being Jewish and perhaps get some tips on how their children can deal with this.

We are first and foremost calling out Justin Trudeau who is both unable and unwilling to say that Israel is allowed - no matter what - to defend itself. He has yet to visit Israel. He has yet to watch the IDF video. He has yet to take a firm stand - as the leader of Canada - that anti-Semitism in Canada is verboten.

We are calling out Anthony Housefather who it appears was nicely bought off with a parliamentary secretary position to keep his opinions to himself. Yes, we heard him indignantly shouting on the radio that he supports Israel. But...

Buddy - the line in the sand was drawn and you are on the wrong side of the line. As long as you stay attached to Justin at the hip, you are painted with his brush. Thinking that you can help from the inside is a crock and you know it. How do we know?

Cause Justin has never, not once since October 7 come out in full, unequivocal support of Israel without, speaking moistly*, supporting the muslims. And in case you didn't notice, we are almost at the end of February. Your boss missed the boat.

We are calling out our 'foreign minister' Melanie Joly for siding with Justin because she has less than zero knowledge about the history of the middle east. Those two yahoos are calling for a 'two state solution'. Exactly which two states are they referring to?

The 'gaza state' that allowed hamas to build a city of tunnels for the past 3 decades using money given to them by the bleeding heart liberals of the world? Or maybe the west bank that is continuously shooting rockets at Israel? Or maybe somewhere in the north near Lebanon also lobbing missiles and rockets at Israel?

A two-state 'solution' for Israel is a death wish and will never happen.

We ask what line has to be crossed before Justin, Anthony, Melanie et al will finally wake up and see that the muslims living in gaza are an arab not an Israeli problem?

All the arab countries surrounding the 'poor palestinians' know that they are poison. Ergo, none of them will take any of the over a million and a half refugees from gaza. If you think we are kidding, check out the wall Egypt is in the process of building to keep them out.

As long as 134 Israeli hostages remain in hamas's hands, Israel should not listen to one word the world is saying.

As such, the Israeli cabinet unanimously approved a measure declaring that the country "outright rejects" any attempts by foreign powers to create a Palestinian state, rebuffing President Biden and other world leaders for a two-state solution after the Gaza war.

Stephen Harper paid a surprise visit to Israel. He was and always has been a true friend of Israel. The word 'but' when talking about October 7 does not exist for Harper.

Unlike Justin and his cohorts who need to put on a diaper just thinking about a visit and have never stopped using but - as though somehow Israel deserved it.

We have a friend whose husband is in the hospital. He is at the Jewish General Hospital, by far - like millions of miles - the best hospital in the province, if not the country.

She's astute and noticed at one point that the ER was overfilled with stretchers everywhere. Within 24 hours, the backlog was gone and the halls cleared.

It is very clear that 'les Juifs' know how to operate their hospital. As opposed to the oh, say the Lakeshore General hospital that killed 6 people in their ER and if they can't control them tie people down to their beds. Now that's a solution - not.

What we want to know is when legault's government is going to wake up and realize that the bureaucrats they have running the medical system need to be picking potatoes and tomatoes on a farm somewhere in rural quebec.

If one has a brain the size of a gnat, it is impossible to fix something as complex as our medical system.

So here's an idea - free of charge: Call the people who are doing it right. What a revelation. How smart is that? Oh wait. You even need a brain to know to call. We're doomed.

We searched high and low and could not find any comments from either Justin, Anthony or Melanie on what happened to Canadian Leah Goldstein.

She was disinvited from being the keynote speaker at an International Women’s Day event in Peterborough, On., in March because of her time spent in the IDF 30 years ago.

A Canadian cyclist, Goldstein made history as the first woman to win a grueling 3,000-mile bike race across the United States. Zut alors in January, five months after accepting the invitation to speak Goldstein was told she could no longer be the keynote speaker.

The organizers said that a 'growing number' of participants in the event took issue with Goldstein’s service three decades ago in the Israeli army. Really? How many is a growing number? 2? 10? 50? 200?

This is a perfect opportunity for Anthony to speak out as a Jew and say this kind of anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in Canada.

It is a perfect opportunity for Justin to open his mouth and say that Canada doesn't operate like this.

It is a perfect opportunity for Melanie (our 'esteemed' unfortunately very ignorant) foreign minister to say that Canada does not condone this behavior and stop the event from happening.

Alas - radio silence. Hello? Anybody home?

It appears that online shopping, especially for high-end goods, is going to slowly but surely become more prevalent than shopping in a real store.

Three robbers who were clearly not afraid of anything or anyone, stole $51,000 worth of high-priced bags in a broad-daylight armed heist at a Manhattan Gucci store this week.

In a video clip released by the NYPD early Tuesday, two men and a woman are seen barging into the high-end retailer on West 14th Street near Ninth Avenue in the Meatpacking District just after noon Monday.

One of the crooks holds a gun in one hand while pointing at store workers with the other, apparently ordering them to get on the floor.

The trio took their heist then walked right past several people on the busy sidewalk as they ran toward their getaway car bound for New Jersey through the Lincoln Tunnel.

High end stores are saying that they are having doubts about displaying anything in the window as this just tells those who want everything for free because 'they deserve it' if the store is worth robbing. Which begs the question why pay exorbitant rent prices?

If and when the perps are caught, they get out of jail with no bail. Such is life in New York City - a democratic, sanctuary city. Enjoy the ride.

*Speaking moistly comes from Justin talking to the country from his porch during covid (April 9, 2020) saying the following: “If people want to wear a mask, that is OK. It protects others more than it protects you because it prevents you from breathing or speaking moistly on them."

He coined the phrase and as he said the words he was cringing from himself.

We'll talk...

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good morning joan,

u should have a radio show, this way u could reach everyone.

re the jewish general hospital, there is such irony in its establishment, the fact that no jewish doctors were hired in other hospitals, so we built our own, which, as u said, is world famous,

israel has the same history, no countries in the world wanted jews, so we built our own,

now all the arabs and anti semites look to israel for cures.

i say every time an arab or jew hater need medication, they should be told that this was invented by a jew,

i will bet they will turn their cheek, and take the meds,

greetings from florida,


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