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While Consoling the Tires on Our Car, We Watch the Workermen Filling the Potholes with Pebbles and S

The great love-in’s culmination in Washington will take place tonight at the state dinner in honor of Justin and Sophie. We will admit that the two youts are putting us on the map and giving a command performance. No matter how much money Canada would have spent on marketing, nothing could give us the press coverage we are getting in these two days. Staid old Canada is looking much younger these days.

We also have to admit that both Justin and Sophie are great ambassadors and have not made any gaffes so far. So, Blanche will eat a bit of crow and give the couple kudos for their Oscar winner performances.

Wait a minute. We can’t just wilt. The slobbering over each other – Barack and Justin is slightly gross. And Justin’s face when they were at a news conference together was beyond smug. There ya go Blanche.

As much as Hillary wants to put Benghazi behind her, it’s going to keep coming back to haunt her. The mother of one of the soldiers killed in the 2012 attack came out swinging today, throwing some words back at Hillary saying that there’s a special place in he.l for people like Clinton.

Before saying those choice words she accused Hillary of lying…”She told me it was a fault of the video. … And she knew full well it wasn’t at that time. And then she says, she was going to check, and if it’s any different, she would call me back. She would let me know. She has never once spoken to me, or her office.”

Trump doesn’t need to say anything with people like this attacking Hillary.

Read this next piece very carefully. Neil Bush, the son of President George H. W. Bush, who defrauded U.S. taxpayers out of $1.5 billion dollars in the savings and loan scam, and later peddled influence for the Chinese government, has formally endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for president. You can’t make this stuff up.

It seems that Neil Bush is not as straight as his father or brothers. If we were Ted Cruz we would not be parading him around as a supporter. It’s no secret that Ted’s a tad sleazy. This endorsement adds much fuel to that fire. Trump again today proved why he is so popular. When asked what he thinks of Islam, his response was they all want to kill us. When the reporter asked if he really meant radical islam, Trump concurred. He doesn’t mince words and is not politically correct. He says what people are thinking, like it or not. Radicals Islamists do want to kill us. We are the infidels. Trump doesn’t seem to have any kind of filter. Or, he has a great filter and knows what to say that will get him more votes. Either way Rubio should sit up and take notice cause in about 10 days he will be looking for a new job.

Hot Off The Press: Looks like Ben Carson will endorse Trump tomorrow. Don’t say Blanche doesn’t know what’s flying. Obama is going to skip Nancy Reagan’s funeral. What could be more important? Lots of things, amongst them the SXSW. Blanche, are you name dropping? What the heck is SXSW? Fear not, we’ll tell you.

It’s an annual set of film, interactive media, music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. It seems that Barack is going to be interviewed in a keynote conversation, whatever that it is and will drop the pill that he’s launching his post-presidential messaging app, We’re not 100% sure this is correct, but knowing the narcissist that Obama is, we can definitely believe that he’s skipping the funeral to pump his ego.

Anyone driving on Montreal’s roads in the past week or so, has become a slalom driver. There is almost no street that one doesn’t have to swerve to avoid the mother-of-all potholes. It makes no sense to Blanche that just across the border in New York the roads are just fine.

They keep filling potholes here and they keep coming back. Now Coderre issued an edict that if a pothole is fixed and doesn’t last more than a month, the contractor has to repair it again for free. Can we talk?

We have said this more times than we can count. This place is corrupt from top to bottom, left and right. The bureaucrats run the province and the corrupt bureaucrats run both the province and the other bureaucrats.

Everyone needs a cut off everything which makes everything more expensive. How do they cut costs? By using inferior products. That way everyone gets their cut and the guy doing the work uses pebbles and spit to fill the potholes cause there’s no money left for asphalt.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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