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White Lash? Street Demonstrations? Get a Grip.

Blanche, was there an election in the democratic United States? And didn’t Donald Trump win fair and square despite the mainstream media’s effort at every turn to thwart him? So what’s with the demonstrations in all the major US cities?

Honestly, do you think that between Tuesday night and Wednesday there was time to get all those cities organized as one cohesive unit? Even with social media? Not on your life. This was planned and funded and is a massive set-up. We don’t yet know by whom, but there’s no doubt that this was meticulously planned.

For those who think if they march in the streets chanting dump Trump he is going to leave the office and give it to Hillary here’s a headline: he’s not.

He was elected democratically. Perhaps those people should visit Russia or China or North Korea where elections are not fair and are rigged. Enjoy the plane ride. They certainly would not be able to march in the streets yelling to throw out the president of their country. One genius was yelling that Hillary should sue the United States of America. Someone had to dig deeply to find people with squirrel brains.

Trump won the election. Case closed. It’s over. And guess what? It’s November and it’s going to get cold and wet and snowy soon. Let’s see how long those ‘protesters’ last in the winter.

One more thing: What was the made-up flag of the non-existent-let’s-destroy-Israel-State-of-Palestine doing at their protest? What does that have to do with Trump winning the election. Nothing.

There is no doubt that had Zaidy Bernie been the running-mate of Hillary, she would have had a much better chance of winning. Like Trump, Bernie had a movement. All those people who lined up for hours and hours and hours to listen to a 30 minute speech would have voted for him. In fact, Trump had the same phenomenon.

People would line up for six or seven hours just to hear him speak. Do the genius pollsters think that they were then not going to vote for him? And how many people lined up to hear Hillary speak? Much of the time her venues were almost empty.

Hillary can thank Debbie Wasserman Schultz for making sure that Bernie got pushed out. Blanche heard that she may be taking some of the heat for the loss – which is correct.

Blanche will also rant for a moment about black and other visible minorities who keep using the white-lash term. In case you need a translation it’s like back-lash. Get it?

It gets better. They are fearing for their lives. Can these people get a grip? They know very well that nothing is going to happen to them. They also know that under the Obama administration nothing good happened for them. Certainly not for the middle-class black people who got caught just like everyone else in the Obamacare bs.

If these pundits continue the rhetoric they are spewing on social media, they will bear the responsibility for unrest in the country. Why don’t they put a cork in it and wait to see what happens. Everyone knows what is said during an election campaign, especially the one everyone just went through, is exaggerated – on both sides.

Blanche, is there any other news in the world? Seriously. Wait, we haven’t even touched Hillary.

We read a stinging, yet very honest piece about Hillary which sums up exactly why she lost: Hillary Clinton lacked self-awareness about her baggage and liabilities. To the detriment of the Democratic Party, she overvalued credentials and undervalued charisma, especially at a time when the latter is increasingly the winning ingredient in electoral contests.

Here’s the best and most juicy part: …Many more are angry and blame Clinton’s relentless determination to be the first female Commander-in-Chief—even after having been appropriately rebuffed for the role in 2008 — as a case of one colossal power-seeking ego having enabled another even more colossal power-seeking ego. Bingo.

Ok. This will be the last on this topic:

Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, is not only refusing to apologize for giving debate questions to candidate Hillary Clinton. She’s also saying she would do it again if given the opportunity. Can you say entitled?

Brazile can put herself in the same category as those marching to dump Trump. We live in a democracy and cheating during election campaigns is not allowed and should require a huge fine. She would do it again? We would make sure she never had a position – private or public where she deals with people. That way she could never skew anything.

If you are planning to move to Vancouver here’s something you should know. There is a crisis there in housing as there are almost no rentals available. Ah, but there’s a bit of a issue here.

Seems people buy homes and then leave them empty. The government found out about this and if you buy a home and leave it empty you will be paying a $10,000 fine per year. And if you say you are living in the house and they find out you’re not? $10,000 a day.

May we suggest that Americans not move to Vancouver? Montreal is very nice. Toronto is too much like an American city. Halifax has great views of the ocean. Cape Breton is very small townish. They can always go to Newfoundland. By the bay bye.

Twitter is now erupting with tweets calling for the assassination of Trump. Somebody better get hold of this situation. Every nutball is coming out of the woodwork. Remember when we didn’t have social media and people just lived their life quietly?

Remember to watch the super moon on Monday night. It won’t be back again till 2038.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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