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Whoever Thinks That Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness Can Deposit their Money in the Clinton Foundat

While we are certainly not great fans of Gaetan Barrette, Quebec’s health minister, we are perplexed as to why he is backtracking at breakneck speed due to a comment he made yesterday. “Never did I make a link between this regrettable incident and a political party. I sincerely apologize.” What’s that all about? In case you missed it he said that things get stirred up when the rhetoric by politicians gets heated. He was referring to the Bain shootings the night of the PQ victory four years ago when he murdered one man and severely injured another.

There is no doubt that Bain is a nutcase and needs to be put away for a very long time. There is also no doubt that the PQ’s charter of values riled up many people. Remember muslim women getting attacked on buses? Barrette’s remarks were true. When politicians ratchet up the nastiness, which Marois, Drainville and Lisee did, they bring out the worst in society, including people like Bain. So why is Barrette grovelling?

We hope no one is surprised by the $5 million repair job taking place at the brand, spanking new Children’s hospital. Seems the ventilation system needs some help. Here’s the best line about this: Work is being done at more than one place in the new hospital but the Children’s can’t comment because – …”These issues are before the courts.”

SNC Lavalin was responsible for building the hospital. So did they use inferior products? Did they not know what they were doing? Did they hire stupid people? Were the engineers unable to read the plans? This place sounds like the big Owe all over again. Blanche, we can’t wait until the Turcot interchange is finished and they tell us oops, someone made a mistake. It already happened with the never-ending building of the Champlain bridge. Welcome to la belle province’s construction industry.

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows. Well, here’s a  good one. Nigel Farage is campaigning with Donald Trump. In case you don’t know who Farage is, we’ll remind you: He’s the former leader of the UK Independent Party credited for Brexit. So why is Farage stumping with Trump?

Because Trump views himself as the underdog, which Farage was, going against the establishment as did Brexit. All the polls were wrong in Great Britain and, as everyone now knows, the leave side won. And Farage? He walked away from the whole thing. In this case if Trump wins he can’t exactly walk away. Blanche, ya think he knows that? Starting January 1, 2018 those living in Montreal will no longer be able to get a plastic bag when shopping for anything – groceries, clothing, books etc. Stores will be fined $4,000 if they are caught giving out the bags. This is great news for the bureaucracy here, which is Quebec’s largest employer.

Picture the scene: You go shopping to one of your favourite, small clothing stores. Zut alors they put your sweater into a plastic bag. While walking to your car there’s a man following you. “Arret la. What’s dat bag dere? Is dat plastic? Where did you get it? It’s against da law la. Come back to da mall wit me a tell me who sold you dat sweater”. See how stupid this is? We will have language police, food police and very shortly plastic bag police. Like it’s going to save the planet, the whales and the trees.

Here’s what Blanche would love to do: Find out if the city of Montreal is actually recycling what they claim to be. We have our serious doubts as they already said they have no way of dealing with glass.

Things are definitely starting to heat up in the US election race. Both sides are  getting dirtier by the second. The truth is, no matter how dirty Trump played previously, he’s in for a whole new level with the Clintons. While both nominees are playing for broke, the Clintons have much more experience in a) getting rid of enemies or people they deem unfavourable (read that however you choose and b) are able to think up the most obscene and untruthful lies about people.

We watched last night as Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager vociferously defended her regarding paying for playing. When this dude claimed that the Clintons single-handedly are taking care of aids research with their foundation, we needed the barf bag. It is documented by the Wall Street Journal and Associated Press amongst other media outlets that to get to Clinton when she was Secretary of State people had to pay into the Clinton Foundation. If you think the money didn’t go into their bank accounts may we suggest some swampland in Florida.

Lest you think we are exaggerating, here ya go: The Washington Post in 2014 reported that in 2010, Clinton pushed Russia to approve a $3.7 billion purchase from Boeing. Two months after the deal was solidified, reported the newspaper, Boeing announced a $900,000 contribution to the Clinton Foundation. Bada bing bada boom.

A final word about Trump. He’s losing miserably with the black voters. Yesterday he came out and said the following, “What the he.. to you have to lose by voting for me?” He’s right.

Obama, the first black president has done zippo, nada, nothing for his black brothers. In fact, they are almost worse off since he took office. He doesn’t give a rats about them and never did. He left them in the dust when he moved into the ‘White’ House – pardon the pun.

Trump is right. Clinton will be an extension of Obama so they really don’t have anything to lose by voting for Trump.

We were in California recently and did our own unscientific poll regarding the US election. The answers we received were pretty well all the same: “I can’t vote for Hillary and I don’t want to vote for Trump.” When we pushed them further the response we got was a shrug. They simply don’t know what to do. Sad commentary, n’est pas?

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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