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Why Do People With Pea Brains Seem to Have Mouths the Size of Watermelons?

PKP’s sudden resignation yesterday as leader of the Parti Quebcois is not the greatest news for the Anglo community. Mr. Fist-pump left no one in doubt as to what his end goal was: the country of Quebec for his children. As long as that hung in the air, the PQ went nowhere in terms of popularity.

Now we have to wait for a successor. If we’re lucky it will be another French Canadian unafraid to say that he or she also wants their own country. Then we’re back in business. However, if it is someone like Drainville who hid the issue of separation instead focusing on hatred of muslims and other minorities, we’re in for another rough ride.

The people who run this province, Liberal or PQ seem to have pea brains. Do they nothing to do with their time but go after Walmart and Best Buy to make sure people that when people look at the signs they won’t feel like they live in Maine or Massachusetts? Why you ask? Because, zut alors, there’s no french on the sign.

So when you go to Costco in Marche Centrale, you might become delusional and think that you are in the United States because the sign is in English only. They must think that French Canadians have the brain of a goldfish, if a goldfish even has a brain. Blanche, if we were French Canadian we would be highly insulted by this entire geffulement.

Ted Cruz seems to have lost it today. He’s almost done in terms being a presidential candidate, especially if Trump wins Indiana tonight.

Curz basically had a big temper tantrum. We quote: “Trump is an ‘utterly amoral’ bully, narcissist, pathological liar.” Couldn’t get much clearer than that, eh?

He also went after Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, the media titans who control Fox News, accusing them of being in the tank for Trump. Here’s a flash for Cruz: Nobody likes you because you are slimy and sneaky. Your own party hates you. Looks like he’s a cooked chicken. With Hillary Clinton poised to take the presidential nomination for the Democrats, naysayers are slowly coming out of the closet. While she seems to have put the email fiasco behind her, it appears that not everyone shares her view on this. Could it be that people are waiting for her to become the official nominee and then spring an indictment on her? That of course would be beyond a bonus to Trump, most likely to be the Republican to run for president.

As long as the FBI investigation remains unresolved, Clinton’s detractors — irrespective of political affiliation — have good reason to continue using it to whatever advantage it affords them. But voters are entitled to wonder about the likelihood that the investigation will actually result in an indictment.

Clinton has said of the investigation, “I am not concerned about it. I am not worried about it, and no Democrat or American should be either.” Really?

Here’s a quote from a great article we read: Whether or not the investigation ultimately results in charges, the talk generated by a drawn-out investigation helps Clinton’s rivals; like the ineffectual investigations that failed to ensnare the Clintons in the past — Benghazi, Whitewater, Troopergate, Vince Foster — it serves to remind voters of an internalized distrust for the Clinton name.

Troopergate? Here ya go: It is the popular name for an alleged scandal in which two Arkansas State Troopers claimed they had arranged sexual liaisons for then-Governor Bill Clinton.

Vince Foster? Tall and handsome, Vince Foster was one of Hillary’s closest colleagues and best friends. In real life, Vince Foster was distraught at the prospect of being grilled about the shady affairs of Hillary Clinton. A clear case of suicide, then. Or was it? As the months passed, wild rumours began to grow that a hitman had murdered him because he knew too much with the Clintons at the forefront of who got the hitman.

Blanche, Trump has all of this and much, much more in his back pocket, just waiting to let loose once the real campaign begins. It’s not going to be pretty.

We’ll talk…

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