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Will Squirrel Brains For Supper Help Roy Moore?

In case you were wondering if people in the United States are losing their minds, wonder no more. They are. 

Ever hear of GQ ? It’s a men’s magazine which women also read. Every year they pick  a Citizen of the Year. This year their choice was Colin Kaepernick. He’s the dude who started that whole insanity where players won’t stand when the national anthem is played before football games. Not that he’s playing anymore. No team will pick him up.

Aside from that stunt, he wears socks depicting police officers as pigs and Fidel Castro t-shirts as a fashion statement. Here’s what should happen to Kaepernick.

He should pack up and move to Cuba where there is no infrastructure, the police really are pigs, cause it’s a socialist society and people have nothing of their own. After about five years of living like that, he will come running back to the United States and will be standing like a soldier for the national anthem. GQ magazine should be ashamed of themselves for honouring someone who, instead of helping his ‘people’, is pushing them further back, a la Obama. Go save a whale on your way to Cuba.

Roy Moore, running for a senate seat in Alabama needs to disappear for a while. Wait. He’s not doing anything of the sort. He’s digging his heels in, saying the ‘women’ are lying.

We are referring to the five women (so far) who have come forward with allegations that he was, shall we delicately say, inappropriate when they were in their teens and he was in his thirties. Feh.  Most are now in their fifties.

It also seems at that same time, Moore was banned from a mall where he lives, because he was hitting on teenage girls.

Whether the allegations of these women is true or not, we wonder the following: Why did they wait forty years to come forward, a mere two weeks before the election to choose a new senator? That’s the part here that doesn’t add up. It also lessens the effect of  their word against his.

While we are not doubting something happened all those years ago, why they are coming forward now. Either way, if he wins he loses and if he loses he loses. He was not liked at all before these allegations and now he’s basically a dead man walking.

As an old southerner, he’s not going without a fight, which no doubt will happen, unless he quits in the next few days. Maybe send him some squirrel brains for supper and he’ll ‘see the light’.

In another item where one wonders if people are losing their minds, we bring you mixed locker rooms in some municipalities, with others banning nudity in the locker rooms.

Can we talk? Who walks around naked in a locker room? Of course we know it’s done, but frankly, people need to get a grip, grab a towel and cover up. Who wants to see someone else’s ‘business’ jiggling around? 99.9% of those who frequent locker rooms are, shall we discreetly say, pudgy. Fat would be the right word, but we don’t want to say that. Oh wait, we said it. Move on, nothing to see here.

As for mixed locker rooms men belong with men, women with women. Is there any modesty left at all in the world?

The Montreal Canadiens head office must think Montealers have the brains of a tree nut.

Carey Price, the main goalie, has missed the last five games with what the team originally called a “minor” lower-body injury. It seems that now he’s out for a while. Who knows what kind of injury he has. Thinking about this, perhaps the Trump handlers should get in touch with les Habs cause the latter is certainly able to keep a secret.

Washington insiders just don’t get it. Trump is not a politician and he doesn’t play by the rules. Everyone has their shorts in an uproar because Trump tweeted that the Justice Department should investigate his opponent from last year’s campaign. In case you have been living on Mars, that would be Hillary Clinton.

So why is everyone farklempt? Since Watergate, the unwritten rule was it that sitting presidents do not use law enforcement agencies against political rivals.

That was well and good before the Clinton Clan. If Mrs. Clinton was the one doing Russia’s bidding in the form of a uranium deal and approved it when she was secretary of state, she’s in trouble.

Jeff Sessions, the attorney general was grilled by congress today and said that the Justice Department could soon appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton. We can’t wait.

And speaking of trouble, Donna Brazile, who wrote a book telling all about Hillary best watch her back – in a very real way. Opponents of the Clintons have a tendency to permanently disappear.

Security at Saks Fifth Avenue in Midtown discovered a loaded gun inside the bag of a shoplifter who tried to buy a $5,600 bag and $2,800 wallet from Louis Vuitton with a store credit card belonging to somebody else.

Can we talk? For all its sophistication, you don’t need to have a pin number for your credit card in most US stores. They are very far behind the eight-ball on this one. Ergo, you can rip off someone’s credit card and, unless you’re one cookie short of a box like this thief was, you can buy quite a bit of stuff before you are stopped.

We’ll talk…

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