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WTF??? Men, women, children and babies are being held hostage in gaza for over 100 days and the world is talking about how gazans are starving? Really?

Israel did not ask for this war. It was brought about by vermin who slaughtered men, women, children and babies.

Where is Israel?? Where are their leaders? Why are they not demanding - screaming on every social media site, on every American news show that until the hostages are released not a drop of food will get to gaza.

It's time for Israel to grow a pair.

Stop defending what you are doing to gaza. Stop talking about anything except the release of the hostages. And make it very clear to the world that until that happens, not a drop of food will enter gaza.

Remember all those forest fires during the summer? When New York's air became orange and people had to stay home for days on end? When Justin was crying about climate change? Weeping that the world was coming to an end? Guess what?

A dufus by the name of Brian Paré, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of arson and one count of arson with disregard for human life at the courthouse in Quebec. What are you saying Blanche?

Here's what we're saying: More than 700 forest fires burned over 4.5 million hectares of Quebec forest over the summer, according to the province's forest fire service, which said 99.9 per cent of the fires were sparked by lightning.

And the other .01 percent? Mr. Pare. So much for climate change Justin. Airhead.

Let the games begin. The USA has the uncanny ability to take an election happening next November and milk it completely dry.

Talking heads natter on and on and on ad nauseum. Not only is no one listening, no one cares. While it may fill their air time, those political talking heads give boring a new meaning.

Given that, last night were the Iowa caucuses and guess who won by a landslide? Trump. Next up New Hampshire and then South Carolina. Those caucuses will eliminate either De Santos or Haley. In the end however, it will be Trump running against Biden.

Lebanese-Canadian businessman Mohamad Fakih was named to the Order of Canada in December 2021.

He just posted this on Twitter: We don't need your money! We welcome everyone but not the one that supports baby killers and governent that starving innocent civilians.

He owns over 40 restaurants and mr. order of Canada now says that Jews who support Israel are not welcome to be his clients. Your tax dollars at work - headed by Justin.

In the if-you-think-the-grass-is-greener-anywhere-else department...

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is awarding nearly $700,000 taxpayer dollars to back pregnancy prevention programs for young girls who now identify as boys, warning that “heteronormative” sexual education is inadequate.

It gets much, much worse. The $698,736 grant, which began in September 2023 and will continue until June 2027 will be allocated to the Center for Innovative Public Health Research, a non-profit that seeks to create “an inclusive teen pregnancy program for transgender boys.”

If that didn't make your jaw drop, this next part was mind-blowing beyond the pale woke bs at its very, very finest. Make sure to read the first few words a couple of times and remember this is the statement that helped get the $700,000 grant.

Youth who are assigned female at birth … are at risk for negative sexual health outcomes yet are effectively excluded from sexual health programs because gender-diverse youth do not experience the cisgender, heteronormative teen sexual education messaging available to them as salient or applicable.

If you never heard of the term word salad, you just read one and can now explain it to someone else. Aside from being a word salad, it is one of the reasons the youth in the US are completely and totally screwed up.

Youth who are 'assigned' female at birth???? Anyone - anyone who tries to tell you this is normal needs their head examined.

We'll talk...

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hi joan again, another comment re giving food to the palestians, i have some very very dear friends who live in israel, and are here in boca for the winter, they are originally from montreal, born and raised, but made aliyah about 40 years ago,

they told me that no matter how friendly and peaceful the palestians seem to be, they hate us from their core, and want us gone from “palestine”, they absolutely refuse to accept 1948 establishment of israel, they are a hated people, proof is that not one arab country wants them, not one,

so what does that tell you,

and still, they have jobs, health care, food, and a freedom that exists in a democratic country,


dear joan, thank u again and again for a spot on column,

re israel, i am shocked that this balagan has been going on for over 100 days, and the leaders? have not stepped up to the plate, or that their intelligence system cannot reel in the hamas terrorists that are holding our captives, or that hamas has been building this massive tunnel system, and not one israeli knew about this, not one, or if they did, just blew it off,

next, this whole gender identity is full of s—t, u called the shot , either u sit or u stand, period,

i never thought that my son and daughter were “assigned” their gender,

re justin t, he is an…

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