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Yes Dearies, That is a Piece of Chuck and Diana’s Wedding Cake Up For Auction 40 Years Later.

In Judaism we learn that everything happens for a reason. Often, we don’t see the reason until long after the event or sometimes, we never see the reason.

The hiring of Logan Mailloux by the Montreal Canadiens fits perfectly into this adage. After all is said and done, Geoff Molson made it clear they are keeping this dude. So what is the takeaway?

Perhaps Mailloux was the vehicle, the example of showing, for the umpteenth time, that  taking advantage of women in any way, shape or form, is not tolerated.  Molson said he will be giving money to women’s shelters and places that help women in the situation the young woman found herself after Mailloux shared, without her consent, intimate pictures of her.

As well, it seems that Mailloux will be speaking to other young men who think themselves entitled, which of course they are not.

This kid needs a few years to grow up and figure out that he was a real lowlife. Hopefully, that happens. It remains to be seen whether he can turn his life around. In the meantime, hopefully it will be women who will benefit from his gross  behavior. Perhaps in this case, we actually do see the reason.

We were wondering if Canada only sent women to the olympics in Tokyo. So far we have nine medals, won only by women. Just saying.

The United Kingdom announced that as of August 2, vaccinated visitors from the European Union or United States will be exempt from quarantine, but Canadians will not. That means Canadians landing in England or Scotland must quarantine at home or in the place they are staying for 10 days and take a COVID-19 test after day eight. So the US won’t open it’s land borders to us, now we can’t go to the UK without quarantining, we are still banned from the EU and Israel still won’t let us in. What’s wrong with this picture? Something smells here.

She’s baaaack. Sue Montgomery was reinstated as mayor of CDN-NDG. Our guess is that she didn’t learn anything from her very brief expulsion.

If you live in the area, may we suggest that you don’t hold your breath that anything of any consequence will be done in your neighborhoods. She will be the same do-you-know-who-I-am person, residing in her ivory tower until the election in November.

And if anyone votes for this woman again, you deserve all the aggravation you will get from her. She’s too busy with herself to care about her constituents.

Can talk about the C word? Covid. People are hysterical about the variant. Of course no one wants to get it but 83% of the population has been vaccinated and/or had covid. That should lead to us to herd immunity.

More than that however, is the number of people in the hospital. Quebec’s population is around 8.4 million people. Blanche, guess how many people are in the hospital with covid? Come on, guess. 62.

Time to reopen our lives. Time to let people out of their cages. Time to let people have weddings, funerals and parties. People have to stop worrying about what will happen in the fall. It is not like last year where no one was vaccinated. People are vaccinated.

Lest you not believe us, take a look at the UK. They opened up everything despite the cases rising. Guess what happened? New cases peaked at 54,674 on July 17 before falling to 23,511 on July 27. Got that?

Get a grip people. We are being held hostage because of a completely dysfunctional medical system thanks to years of trying to balance the budget by cutting from the medical system thanks to pitbulls like Gaeten Barrett. Call a spade a spade. Unless you have skin in the game, time to keep quiet and let the chips fall where they may as they did the in UK.

In case you didn’t think there are enough idiotic things out there, we’ll help you find one. Next month, a piece of the wedding cake from Prince Charles and Lady Diana will go up for auction. They were married 40 years ago.

Seems some of the cake was ‘preserved’ in cling film inside a cake tin. Lest you think the bids will be low on this, think again. In 1998, a year after the Princess died tragically in a Paris road crash, a similar slice sold for US$147,000. No shortage of people with nothing to do with their money.

Remember we told you that Kamala Harris, the US Vice President is not doing very well in her job? Well, that was an understatement.

According to the polls, she’s underwater and now Democrats are worried that she could become a drag on their efforts to maintain control of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections.

Normally, the first blackish woman to be elected vice president, would be a natural fit for campaigning for the 2022 midterms, but her abysmal handling of the border crisis as well as dysfunction in her office have  made her politically toxic.

One democratic strategist said, “There was a hope that she would grow into the role, but she keeps making mistakes, it’s like ‘Groundhog Day’ with her mistakes.” Doesn’t bode well for her. Actually, she reminds us of Sue Montgomery, busy with herself. Here however, the stakes are much higher.

A final word about the Ben and Jerry fiasco. Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield backed Unilever’s decision not to sell their product to the ‘occupied territories’ in Israel, despite the fact it has drawn fury from Israelis and Jews worldwide. They are clearly feeling the wrath of their decision – read losing money – and felt the need to speak out. They said that it is “possible to support Israel and oppose some of its policies”. It doesn’t help their case that one of the head honchos of Unilever is an outright anti-Semite.

Those two now elderly Jewish men – who say they love Israel, cannot have it both ways. It’s fine to have opinions, but they are exactly that. Your opinions. What right do they have to dictate to Israel? The answer is none.

How about this: Ben and Jerry should go live there for a year or two. There is no doubt they will be singing a different tune. And if they think that BDS is anything but in-your-face anti-Semitism, they have been hooked, lined and sunk.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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