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We are at a loss to describe Justin and his cohorts that claim they are running our country. Morons? Anti-Semites? Imbeciles? Jew-haters? Nitwits? Airheads? Take your pick. They all fit.

This is what your finance minister, chrystia freeland posted on Twitter today:

Today, I spent some time listening to Muslim community leaders from the Toronto Islamic Centre. The rise in Islamophobic hate crimes has left many Muslim Canadians feeling unsafe. It is unacceptable.  

Islamophobia has no place in Canada—or anywhere.

We will remind you yet again that neither justin, melanie joly or freeland will watch the 47 minute video taken by hamas as they slaughtered Jewish men, women, children and babies. Even the head of the UN finally watched it.

Now read the next pieces and you'll see what is really going on in Canada:

Clearly the message got to those who raise money at Mcgill university as they issued an edict that has barred a palestinian-rights group on campus from using the word “McGill” in its name.

And what did said group do? They gave McGill the middle finger and told them to go where the sun don't shine.

Here's what we would have done: Not let them use the McGill logo? Peanuts. Expel them from the university and if they are international students, throw them out of the country.

One of the very illustrious representatives of said pro hamas group (we will not use the name of the group) vowed to continue using the internationally recognizable McGill brand. On Monday evening, McGill remained on their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) accounts.

Seriously, do those who administer McGill really think those students are going to listen to them? Those idiots described what hamas did on October 7 as heroic. Adhering to an edict that is impossible to control is too little, too late and frankly, pathetic.

McGill 'woke' up because they don't have nearly as much money as Harvard. Plus they are getting decimated by Legault. They are way, way too late. For years they backed the wrong horse and now they are going to pay the price - pardon the pun.

Is anyone asking themselves why all those pro-hamas people running around shopping malls shrieking and screaming cover their faces?

Here's a headline for those idiots: If you contact each other on the internet, the police will find you. And we hope they deport those who don't belong here.

If they are so convinced that what they are doing is correct, let's see you who are. We are guessing that many are not arabs at all, rather stupid Canadians who believe that the poor palestinians are being oppressed by the Israelis.

Justin is going to rue the day he didn't openly support Israel, instead foolishly siding with hamas.

He will vehemently deny that statement, but what happened in Israel on October 7 has no middle ground. One is either with Israel or with hamas.

This is not about the 'poor palestinians'. The war Israel is fighting is for all of western civilization. hamas said as much. They will happily murder, viciously and barbarically all the infidels, including Justin. Has he not heard them?

On October 8 Justin, as every other world leader did, should have come out in disgust at the atrocities committed by hamas. He didn't.

What is happening in gaza now came two or three weeks later. People who have the misfortune of living in gaza are pawns of the entire arab world. That the leader of our country - and his genius foreign minister melanie joly can't see that is beyond the pale.

So you won't be surprised to hear that Justin has two kinds events that he comments on and acts upon.

If it's in his four cubits - as the trucker convoy was (Which by the way never posed a physcial threat to anyone. Rather it was an inconvience - a huge difference) - he freezes their bank accounts, goes after them for years and basically throws the book at them. Those people, in case. you forgot, were peaceful.

Ah, but if it's blood-thirsty jihadists swarming malls, threatening to kill shoppers, shrieking at stores like Zara who support Israel, targeting Jewish businesses and people in the country he runs - their faces covered, telling police they will be murdered - he does nothing.

Why? It's not in his four cubits and therefore he doesn't care. Or, he doesn't want to o.f.f.e.n.d. the arab community who he thinks will vote for him. He's really, really, really dense.

Another fool who has no idea what she's saying and needs to have a permanent sock put into her mouth is greta thunberg.

This complete ignoramus is calling for the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people from Israel, running around Sweden screeching crush zionism.

She needs a one way ticket to gaza. She'll see how far she gets with hamas. She wouldn't last ten minutes. She would be barbarically, savagely beaten and abused. How sweet that she stands like a moron in Sweden chanting words that she heard on social media.

People like her have no idea what they are saying and know less than nothing about the history of Israel. She should be banned from all social media. She doesn't deserve to have a voice anywhere.

And finally we ask yet again: Anthony Housefather - how do you stay in that party? Everything you ever thought they stood for has been shattered.

It's time to leave. You will win the biggest landslide with the Conservative party. Get out.

We'll talk

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