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Zut alors, it’s finally election day. We will be sending out a special edition of Blanche very late tonight or very early tomorrow morning, depending on the results or lack thereof.

Of all the people we feel for in terms of what could be coming tonight are the police. They are on front lines of every yahoo in America and have been given mixed messages to say the least.

Defund the police because they are unable to deal with black people or call in the police to protect everyone in case of riots. Here’s a headline: You can’t have it both ways.  If police departments are defunded, which translated into plain English means less policemen, when you call 911 you may not be protected. We sincerely hope that the police are not needed tonight despite many cities boarding up and emptying stores and a massive fence around the White House.

Have you been hearing about the ghost of the 2016 election? That of course was the 95% lead that Hillary Clinton was given on election day by the New York Times, CNN and every other media outlet and pollster rooting for her. It was also the year that Donald Trump became president.

No doubt Hillary is not enjoying being referred to in such a negative manner to put it mildly. We’re pretty sure she’s not throwing lamps as she did on election night when she found out she lost.

We also wouldn’t want to be her head campaign manager – Robby Mook. He’s the one who no doubt told her about the ‘deplorables’ in places like Wisconson where she never went to campaign.

When textbooks are written about what not to do during an election campaign, Hillary’s campaign will be the case they use.

Of late, we have started to keep track of the increasing number of power failures in Montreal. For July and August we don’t have the exact dates, but there were a few plus Sept 29, October 29 and October 30. Every one is classified the same way: equipment failure. If Hydro aka Eeeedro Quebec can’t keep the electricity running for more than a month at a time, can you imagine how backward their cyber security must be? Archaic would be the appropriate word. And so ladies and gents here’s a warning: A cyber attack on the electric grid is a very distinct possiblity and you can bet your bibby that the ransom money will be exorbitant.

Make sure you have lots of batteries in your house, plenty of flashlights (candles can be dangerous) and food that doesn’t need heating up.

Of course Eeeedro Quebec won’t want to pay the ransom, but alas, the little peeps can only be without electricity for a few days.  After that it will start to get very cold in our houses. Here’s a suggestion Blanche:  The office de la langue francais can contribute to the ransom with the $5 million they were just gifted by the government.

If you are planning a trip to China after the pandemic, perhaps you should be bringing a baseball hat with a very large brim and a large pair of sunglasses. Turns out China has more than half of the world’s surveillance cameras. London and NYC also have many cameras, but no country comes close to China.

One of their residents tried to avoid these cameras on a busy street in Beijing. Impossible. He counted 89 cameras on Grand Happiness Street. Quite the name, eh Blanche?

While the London and NYC cameras are used – we hope – to protect people, in China there is no doubt they are used to watch their citizens very, very carefully.

Officials are able to stop protests before they even get going due to the amount of cameras. One thing is certain… being a camera watcher must be a very popular job, albeit mind-numbingly boring job.

So which are the states to watch for tonight? Florida is the ultimate battleground state, and finding out a winner there tonight (mercifully it counts its mail-in votes before today) will give us a good indication of where the contest will end: A Biden win here could signal a blowout victory, while a Trump win would keep us guessing. If it’s a tight race here, Trump’s odds improve.

Pennsylvania is getting a lot attention this year. If the election is tight, it could come down to Pennsylvania, a key piece of the Democratic “blue wall” that Donald Trump broke through in 2016.

North Carolina: If Joe Biden can become the first Democrat since 2008 to win the state, the night will be a short one. But if Trump can repeat his 2016 success, we could be in for a long wait for final results.

Texas could be the spoiler tonight. Generally a democratic state, their early voting numbers are through the roof. Even more importantly, those early voters are young – between 18 and 29 years old. By October 23 of this year, more than 700,000 young people in Texas  had already voted, which is seven times the number of young people who had voted at that point in the 2016 election. Traditionally, younger voters are democrats.

Texas has 38 electoral college votes which makes it a rich state in terms of numbers.

A final note on the different political talking heads. Most of them are probably decent human beings, but when they get behind a microphone, they become out of their minds, spewing what can only be termed as inflammatory rhetoric. Shame on them.

Instead of trying to calm the waters, they are stirring them. Instead of thanking the Al-mighty that they live in a democracy where they can say what they want, they say terrible things about their country.

Whatever happens tonight, people must stop for a moment and take stock of where they are living – in a peaceful country.

We’ll talk later tonight…

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