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A New Definition for the Kiss of Death

Citizens in the Montreal borough of Outremont wore yellow badges to a council meeting Monday night to protest the use of school buses by the community’s Chasidic Jews. If you recall, or if you don’t as per these geniuses, Jews were forced to wear yellow stars in Poland and Germany under nazi occupation.

And what were the residents in Outremont protesting? Too many school busses. These ignoramuses wore yellow badges because school busses are yellow.

It is obvious that they know less than zero when it comes to history. Too many school busses of course means too many children. Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Too many Jewish children. That’s the essence.

Here’s a headline: The nazis killed six million Jews. Generations of Jews. There is no such thing as too many Jewish children. If the other residents are not happy with all those school busses and the children inside them, there is a solution: move.

We are guessing you noticed that the gun issue is gone. As are the students. Yes their protest in March will garner some media attention. This very complicated issue is going to disappear yet again…until the next time. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has so far refused to answer questions as to why his department remained outside Stoneman Douglas High School while other departments and emergency responders rushed inside to save students and teachers who had been shot.

In an interesting development, Fox News obtained a manual that instructs officers to enter a structure to preserve lives, and that a supervisor’s permission isn’t needed if officers believe people are at risk of injury or death.

Wait a minute. These instructions seem to run counter to earlier statements made by the Sheriff’s Department that officers were simply following procedure by not trying to neutralize the shooter inside the building.

Here’s the bottom line: Fear. The police were afraid to go in. Why can’t someone just come out and say that? They thought they would be shot and decided to live rather than go in and try to save some children. They are cowards and should all be fired, including that big mouth Israel Scott.

What’s another definition for the kiss of death? Making Montreal’s Main Street, St. Catherine one lane with no parking.

Guess what? Not everyone shops online. Some people actually like to go into a store, touch and try on the clothes. No parking will force everyone to malls. Montreal’s new mayor needs to find something to do with her time.

It’s pretty obvious that Valerie Plante is bored and/or does not have enough to do. Why else would she keep finding these hair-brained ideas? Oh wait. Because she’s an ‘environmentalist’. She is going to save the planet and in the process put whatever stores are left on St. Catherine out of business. Another genius.

If we hadn’t read this with our own two eyes, we would not have believed it. Justin Trudeau has replaced Trump and Obama as the gift that keeps on giving.

Bill Nye, the science guy sat down and had a conversation about science with our prime minister. They were discussing what brought them to like science. Uh, since when does Trudeau like or know a thing about science? He doesn’t but we digress.

Here ya go – your Prime Minister at work. Trudeau claimed that all infants start off as little scientists. “When you’re a baby, you are a scientist,” he said. “‘If I make this noise, wow, I get milk. If I push this button or knock this thing off the table, it lands on me and it hurts.’”

No commentary necessary Blanche…it would ruin the moment:)

We’ll talk…

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