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Blanche, did you hear the collective sigh of relief across Canada when Erin O’Toole won the conservative leadership race. Phew. The country dodged a bullet in the guise of Peter Mackay.

It’s no secret that Mackay has as many, if not more hidden scandals than Justin. One could hear the Liberal machine getting ready start dripping them to the media.

Given that, the best line we saw written about Mackay sums up why the right man won: O’Toole has a vision and plan for the country. Mackay ran because…the prize was there. He’s another wanna-be politician with air between his ears who now needs to actually find a job. End of story.

Not that anyone cares, but where is Kim Jong Un? Dead? In a coma? Held hostage by his sister? Pretending to hide from the world? Has the worst case of OCD known to man?

All of the above could be true. What is a fact is that his sister, King Yo Jong, appears to have an even more sinister reputation than her bro. By all accounts,  she’s the mother-of-all ice queens who will rule the hermit kingdom with an iron fist. Pity the people there.

While we don’t particularly like Kellyanne Conway, we do feel for her as the world has to watch her family implode all over social media. She was correct to quit her job as did her husband to get their duckies in a row. We wish her luck.

Air Canada had the second highest number of complaints of all airlines about refunds in the US. Just to put this into perspective, they ‘beat’ out 80 other airlines in terms of bad public relations. Oh yes, they managed to do this for two months in a row – April and May. Why? Because Air Canada refused to reimburse people, rather giving them a flight credit with a time limit. Passengers don’t want that as it appears the travel industry in general will be one of the last to get back to normal.

According to Air Canada, it fully complied with terms of passengers contracts. On top of this bad publicity, Air Canada has been ranked, among 150 airlines, as one of the worst airlines in the world when it comes to flight delays.

Can we talk here? People will not forget that when they were trapped at home and not working due to the pandemic, Air Canada was an arrogant, insensitive corporate company. Rather short-sighted on their part, n’est pas?

In his second day on the job, Erin O’Toole has already turned out to be a breath of fresh air. He called a press conference for 11:00 am and guess what? He was on time, unlike Justin whose time is clearly more important than the plebs he speaks to as he is always, always late.

As well, O’Toole sounds like a normal person. He’s not a drama queen, rather, get this one – he’s the adult in the room.

The big question is when the Liberals will call the next election. If Justin waits until the ethics commissioner makes his report on WEgate public, he will have to spend most of his time defending himself. If he waits until mid-winter, millions of people will receive a shocking surprise when they get their tax bill and see that that $2000 a month gift aka the CERB was taxable.

Of course there’s always the Rob Silver-Katie Telford scandal that’s waiting in the wings to be uncovered. Blanche, Justin is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Unless of course the party dumps him before the next election. Our guess is that he will not go quietly, rather they will have to drag him out kicking and screaming. They could always go into his Mr. Dressup chest and pull out one of his India costumes. That way no one would know who was having the temper tantrum.

Yet another black man was shot and killed by police and yet more riots in the United States. This time it’s in Kenosha Wisconsin. The rioters were obviously not from Kenosha as they torched much of the Black business district.

Seems there were a lot of white people among the protesters who did not know what they were setting on fire. Pathetic.

In case you were wondering, the riots in Portland Oregon are still going on. Imagine if you owned a business in downtown Portland?  Their mayor has not spoken publicly about the riots until this past weekend when he finally started talking about opposing the protests over the weekend and the police’s decision not to step in.

Know that Oregon is a Democratic as a state, with both U.S. Senators from the Democratic party, as well as four out of Oregon’s five U.S. Representatives. Where’s Biden speaking up about this? Or Kamala Harris? Just saying.

We’ll talk…

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