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An Eye for An Eye? Call Bettman.

Don’t you find it odd that PKP fell off his bike on Sunday and no one in the media got even a whiff of it? What’s the big secret? He didn’t want people to know that he’s not going to be in the National Assembly today? Who cares, he’s the opposition party.

If there were any, shall we say, extra details, they will come out, but we guess that we’ll have to wait till some reporter does their homework. How depressed did this city become once we found out that Carey Price is out for this series? Of course it didn’t help that the coach came out almost crying. The dude who smashed into him, Chris Kreider, seems to have a history of ‘accidentally’ hitting goalies. It’s the third goalie he has put out of commission this year.

We are not one for retribution, but this guy Kreider needs to have a lesson taught to him and it ain’t comin in the form of writing a hundred lines, I won’t smash into goalies. He needs someone to teach him to never do this again or, even better, the National Hockey league and Mr. Bettman should take a look at the videos of the goalies he has injured and suspend and fine him. Dirty players are exactly that – dirty.

The ‘super beam’ that seems to be holding up the Champlain bridge could not be replaced with something more permanent this weekend. It was too windy for workers to work. Look forward to the bridge closing for another 3 days shortly so they can get this work done. Oh yes, drive over the bridge very quickly…

General Motors has made yet another recall today. 2.59 million cars because front safety lap belt cables can ‘fatigue’ and separate over time. In a crash, a separated cable could increase risk of injury to front seat passengers.

Doesn’t it look like they know way more about problems with their cars than they are letting on? Information is on a need to know basis as they are dribbling out these recalls, and obviously as the drivers of their cars they think you don’t need to know.

Maybe John Q. Public should refrain from buying GM cars until they get their act together. Unfortunately that could take a while because they withheld information about other recalls for about ten years. It could take them a couple of decades to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

That person making ‘anonymous calls’ to the language police has woken up again after the election. He decided that the Blue Dog bar on St. Laurent blvd does not conform with the french language because the words Blue Dog are written out in the shape of a dog in, perish the thought, English.

Honestly, it’s enough already. Let people make a living and get on with their lives. It’s high time to bury the language police with a state funeral, n’est pas? Guess who lost his job? The president of Target Canada. No surprise there although he’s probably the scapegoat in the whole fiasco of Target’s dismal performance in Canada.

Since coming here they have lost $1 billion. Can we talk? Their marketing looked like it was done by a truck driver in the blue mountains of Kentucky. There was no merchandise on the shelves and the prices were higher here than in Plattsburg. They must have thought we just got off the boat – dos Canucks are not shopping savvy. Someone in head office didn’t do their homework and we can bet that it was not the guy who was fired.

We’ll talk…

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