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Anti-Vaccers Are Slowly Being Cornered. Good Thing.

This year, the Arabs living on the West Bank have allowed people to go to Bethlehem. Nice of them, eh? In the past few years, it was too dangerous to go there as they were in a uproar for one thing or another.

While in Israel, we went to the holy resting place of Rachel, one of our matriarchs. The walls surrounding the entrance which is right outside Bethlehem are about 20 feet high. Again we will say what Golda Meir stated many years ago: When they will love their children more than they hate us, there will be peace. Could someone please tell this to his popeness who doesn’t seem to get this message and keeps preaching the same mantra over and over again – that we need peace in the Middle East. No kidding.

Anti-Vaccers or those parents who refuse to vaccinate their children against childhood diseases are slowly but surely getting backed into a corner. Not a moment too soon.

Here’s how they think: The Vaccine Information Network, an online community of parents who believe children are being “poisoned” by vaccines, recently posted a message describing measles as a mild and harmless disease that leaves a “stronger, healthier child in its wake.”

Here’s the reality: In fact, measles is a highly contagious virus that can attack the fatty protective sheath that wraps around nerves in the brain and spinal cord, and children die a horrible death.

Tens of thousands of children in the U.S. and Europe are being denied vaccinations because of misinformation about their safety and parents who still cling to the “canard” – an unfounded rumour – that vaccines cause autism.

Unvaccinated children should be kept out of daycares and schools during outbreaks, parents should lose benefits like those under Australia’s “no jab, no pay” law and any parent whose unvaccinated child harms another child should be held civilly liable.

Like we said, the walls are closing in on those parents. In Brooklyn, unvaccinated children were not allowed into the school until the measles virus had ended. The question being asked more and more is whether parents have a right to deny these vaccinations to their children, who cannot speak for themselves. The answer is they do not have that right because it has the potential to harm not only their children, but hundreds of other children.

Don’t you wonder what other conspiracy theories these people hold? Whatever they are, they are not harming anyone but themselves. Not vaccinating children should be banned once and for all.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin may not be the Treasury Secretary much longer. It appears that he, and possibly his boss, Trump, created nothing short of a panic sale on December 24. Mercifully for him, the markets were only open until 1:00 pm. It was the worst end to the year since 1928 and that’s bad. So what did Mnuchin do?

On Sunday night he put out a press release on calls he held with executives from the country’s largest banks. Mnuchin’s statement assured the public that they had not been having liquidity problems or “clearance or margin” issues—the sorts of things you would worry about if the country were on the brink of a financial crisis. The problem is, no one had a thought that the country was on the brink of financial crisis and Mnuchin’s email activated that thought.

So why did he send this message out? Three choices:

A) He was talking to an audience of one – his boss Trump. Good markets were Trump’s ace in the hole. Now that the markets are tanking, Trump is in big trouble and he wanted Mnuchin to do something.

B) Perhaps he anticipated further declines in stock prices due to the government shutdown, and wanted to calm the markets.Unfortunately for Mnuchin, nobody but him was worried about a banking panic before he brought it up.

C) The scariest reason: Mnuchin has some troubling insider knowledge, and he wanted to broadcast to the markets that he is aware and in charge.

None of these options produced anything good and made his boss, Trump, look really bad, which is why Mnuchin may need to find a new job soon.

When we heard our Prime Minister Trudeau’s message for the holidays, we knew that he had given new meaning to the word sappy. It was so syrupy that we were looking for the pancakes. Ich.

In his message, he urged Canadians to basically sing Kumbaya and hold hands in a show of togetherness. Did you know that we are well into winter from…ready? coast to coast to coast. Wait a minute. Don’t we have two coasts? Atlantic and Pacific?

The best part of his message was the faker than fake smile, while telling Canadians that we all know how to smile during the long days and cold nights of winter. Can someone please tell his speechwriters that the days of winter are short and the nights are long. Seriously? Those running our government are Mickey Mouse at best, the keystone cops at worst.

The tsunami that hit Indonesia is nothing short of a horror show. People had zero chance of escaping the massive wall of waves that hit them. Even if there had been an early warning, because it came on so quickly, they would have had seconds to move to higher ground, a virtual impossibility.

To make matters worse, forecasters are predicting there could be another tsunami as the volcano that caused the first one is still erupting. Awful.

We’ll talk…

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