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Imagine our surprise when we ran into our old, big-mouth friend Thelma. That we recognized each other after all these years is nothing short of a miracle.  Being the opinionated beauty that she is, Thelma will be joining Blanche in commenting on ‘vos titz ach’ – what’s doing in the world.

Of all the millions of words written about the pandemic and its spiderweb of issues, politically homeless has resonated more than any other two words. We have written endlessly about how there is no leadership in the world. We saw it play out in Ottawa when the truckers rolled in. Instead of taking charge, Justin ran away, shirking his all of his leadership responsibilities, leaving citizens of Ottawa to fend for themselves. “It’s a municipal problem. It’s a provincial problem.” No Justin. You are the prime minister. It’s your problem. Only when Biden put the screws to him re the Ambassador bridge in Windsor did he wake up for five minutes.

And the conservative party? Unless the second coming rolls in, we are doomed again. Pierre Poliviere is our only hope and he’s the furthest thing from a team player there is. His biggest asset is that he has a big mouth and can take on anyone. Ok. Excellent. But the party is severely divided and unless he can pull it together, we will be hearing one conservative say one thing and another say the exact opposite.

We really are politically homeless.

Blanche, can you please explain why Justin was all-in during the Black Lives Matter protests, which burned cities for months and months but had to invoke an emergency act to get rid of those pesky truckers in Ottawa? Our guess is that the Ottawa police department, who it appears was on the side of the truckers, was one of the reasons. FYI their chief of police resigned today. 

Remember Justin was so close to blm that he went outside to one of their protests and  ‘took a knee’ in solidarity with them? While the trucks are annoying, they are not burning down Ottawa. But that’s not why he invoked the emergency measures.

There are three reasons Thelma.  The first is that BLM was not in his backyard for weeks and weeks with no end in sight and the truckers are. The second is his guilt over painting his face black – no less than three times that we know of. This was done when he was well into his 20’s when he should have known better. Unless of course he didn’t because he was laser focused on himself.

The third part is that while the trucker convoy did start out as opposition to vaccine mandates now, after almost two years into the pandemic –  it very quickly morphed into Canadians waking up from their deep coma, realizing that the pandemic edicts here have precious little to do with health and much to do with politics. Good morning.

And, because the truckers dared to disagree with his royal highness’s mandates, Justin stamped his feet, had a major temper tantrum and refused and still refuses to acknowledge their existence. Easy for him to do that when he ran away like a baby to his cottage leaving the residents in Ottawa to deal with his issue.

Justin better hope the truckers don’t call his bluff as we have heard they are doing. It appears that hundreds of trucks will be en-route to Ottawa for this weekend. What’s Justin going to do then, even with his emergency measures act?

Canadians are tired of being treated like babies, tired of the government telling us that they know better how to take care of us.

This weekend’s  super bowl  in a stadium with 100,000 unmasked people who did not have to show a vaccine passport nor do a pcr or rapid test to enter was a big eye-opener, even for the emperor’s base. It’s enough. We will say this again: It’s time for all levels of government to deal with the real issue: the catastrophic failure of our socialized medical system.

Over the weekend, Special Counsel John Durham’s bombshell  evidence claimed in legal filings  that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid a firm to target servers in Trump Tower to create a fake scandal. This gets better.

In her 2016 campaign, Hillary allegedly approved  ‘a plan concerning U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server’.

CNN, MSNBC and NBC are not carrying this story. Yet. There will come a time when they will have no choice but to carry it. Here’s the scoop Thelma: They can hate Trump all they want. Hillary is slimier and dirtier than he ever was. Feh.

In the good-morning-America department, Prince Andrew has finally settled his sexual abuse lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre (one of Epstein’s victims) after he agreed to an undisclosed deal with his accuser – and most importantly for him  –  without admitting to her accusations.

There is no doubt this had to go away before his mother’s – the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this summer in May and June as well as a Westminster Abbey service to remember his father, the late Prince Philip next month. They royals simply could not have this hanging over their heads, especially that if it went to trial it would have probably coincided with both events. This parsha – portion is finally closed.

We watched the super bowl and are even in a football pool. Most of the time we enjoy the halftime show.  Wait. Thelma, remember the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ of Janet Jackson? “Yes I do Blanche and the sight of her nipple nearly blinded me. Shreklach.”  This year? Have people totally lost their minds?

People are gaga over the fact that a white hip hop dude by the name of Eminem ‘took a knee’ in solidarity with his black bros while performing in the halftime show. This is a good thing? Glorifying Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the American National Anthem? Look where he is. Clearly not playing in the super bowl or any other bowl. Thelma, the only bowl he knows is where his cereal lands. But we digress.

This is what excites people? The halftime show in uber-liberal Los Angeles glorifying the suffering of black people. Here’s a headline: Many other heritages over the years have suffered. Six million Jews died in the Holocaust. Did they remain static, never moving from that spot? Forever angry? No.

The Jewish people picked themselves up after being decimated in Europe, regrouped and rebuilt their lives. Allowing black people to focus constantly  on how they were treated hundreds of years ago is not helping the black youth of today. In fact, it hinders their growth, making sure they remain angry young adults, stunting their growth.

If you think that emperor legault is not dividing our province, dream on peeps. It is his mission in life to cause the biggest division between French and English quebecers that he possibly can.  He is, by far, the dirtiest politician around and we don’t give a rats you-know-what how smart he is.

This was sent to us by a reader who received it from a friend who owns a store in Quebec:

I have owned a small retail store in quebec for 9 years and this week, for the first time (and hopefully the last time) I had a visit from the language police. For what?

My welcome flag situated in the garden in front of my store. Someone took a picture and sent a formal complaint to the OLF in the spring of 2021. Wow. Like there wasn’t enough going on in the world at that time.

Never mind that he pumped $5 million into the olf. Any idiot can send a complaint to that office and they have to act upon it. The complaint is anonymous and the person lodging said complaint does not have to reveal any details other than that they were appalled at the use of English. The emperor is dangerous.

In the where-are-we-now department, Anthony Weiner, renowned very special texter, to be discreet, has a new job. He will be hosting a weekly radio show with Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa called The Left vs The Right. Thelma, you think his phone still has a camera?

One of the breaking news stories today is Quebec’s s.l.o.w. elimination of the vaccine passport and other stupid edicts regarding the pandemic. Mercifully, beginning immediately no more vaccine passports to get into big box stores, liquor stores and other places. It was useless when they imposed it. To save face, the emperor and his sidekicks are telling people to keep their passports on their phones because…you never know if the virus will return.

Thelma, the virus may not return, but the problem with the ICU’s and emergency departments will not go away until the government gets its act together and fixes the medical system. If they continue to ignore this crisis and continue to be incompetent, we will emerge with a very small bandaid on a booboo that needs open heart surgery.

We’ll talk…

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