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At long last, a voice of reason has appeared in the never-ending anti-Semitic rhetoric coming from all sides of liberal Jewish Americans. It’s about time.

Natan Sharansky, who spent nine years in Soviet Russian prisons, including a prison camp in the Siberian gulag, teamed up with Gil Troy to write an article called The Un-Jews. They did not mince words, starting with the very first sentence:

“In May, when Israelis were attacked by Hamas missiles from Gaza, the criticism from some voices within the American Jewish community seemed not only more intense but categorical, escalating very quickly from what Israel did to what Israel is.”

They went on to say the following which is absolutely true:

“at a time when 85% of American Jews also say that it’s “important” or “very important” for them to “stand up for the marginalized or oppressed,” it is no wonder that for many American Jews, especially those in public spaces, Israel has become the ball and chain that endangers their standing as good progressives.”

Blanche may not be that popular after this post, but the truth is the truth. It does not fit the agenda of left-wing Jews to be seen supporting Israel. After all, look how those ‘poor palestinians’ are suffering? How can we support the aggressor Israel?

Do these people take their cues from Ilan Omar or Cortez? Do they not know even a modicum of history? Do they not know that monies sent to help those ‘poor people’ doesn’t ever reach them? Do they know that it looks far better to keep those living in gaza poor, with almost no infastructure or proper medical care because Jews living in America will side with them?

We don’t know where this started or who is responsible for keeping it going. One guess are the universities, bastions of the leftist movement.  Another guess is pure ignorance. They just don’t know any history and whatever information they are now receiving comes via social media.

Those with a voice on this subject would be welcomed. Not in universities however as they would almost surely lose their jobs. Perhaps on social media where they can remain somewhat anonymous.

A final note on this. It is these same liberal Jews who marched for years outside the Soviet embassy in New York to help free Natan Sharansky from the gulag.

To fully understand how insane the world has gone, look no further than Zoomer and his parents. Sociologist Kyl Myers announced late last month that the “they-by” she and her partner Brent Courtney were raising as “gender-neutral” has “chosen” to be a boy and use he/him pronouns. In 2015, before Zoomer (that’s the kid’s name) was born, they had a long ‘gender-culture’ discussion.

During one of the family’s regular “pronoun checks,” Zoomer informed his mother that he would like to use masculine pronouns. He’s five years old.

We’re adding this next sentence so you will clearly understand the complete idiocy of this:

“We don’t disclose Zoomer’s genitals to people who don’t need to know”.They are also adamant that Zoomer could change his preferred pronoun at any moment, which is why they hesitated to reveal that Zoomer had chosen a gender.

Anyone who gives these people any space in any magazine needs to have their heads examined. Just because something is printed doesn’t make it right.

Here’a novel idea: If you are born a boy – you are a boy. If you are born a girl – you are a girl. If you have issues with your gender as a teen or young adult, seek help. Any parent asking their five-year old questions about their gender needs very, very serious counseling themselves.

The federal government aka Justin Trudeau, are floating the narrative that the US Canada border will not reopen at the end of June. Justin it seems, want to ‘keep us safe’. We are just about ready to tell Justin to put safe where the sun don’t shine.

How about this: US citizens entering Canada via the land border must show proof of being vaccinated. Canadians entering the US land border must also show proof of being vaccinated. No quarantining required after one simple covid test. That’s what they are doing in Israel and many European countries. Why is this not good enough for us?

Could it be that because Justin dropped the ball many months ago in not securing our vaccines fast enough that we are now paying the price? Yes.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) is now recommending that people who received a first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine receive a second dose of an mRNA vaccine, such as Pfizer or Moderna.

Can we talk? These people have changed their minds on this more times than we care to count. If they are looking to completely confuse people, they are succeeding beyond their wildest expectations.

Until they have definitively made up their minds, they should do the wise thing and stay very, very, VERY quiet. Giving new edicts every week will do one thing and one thing only: people who took astrazeneca for their first vaccine will simply never take the second one – or any second one –  as they don’t trust anyone on this.

That little word – trust – is not part of the NACI vocabulary. Nobody trusts them. And in case you were wondering, Dr. Shelley Deeks is chair of this ‘esteemed’ organization.

Did we say Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should be running for president? This guy just gets it. Today, he signed into law a  Moment of Silence at the start of each day in public schools. A “Moment of Silence” is a brief period of reflection or meditation at the beginning of each school day.

It’s something that’s important to be able to provide each student the ability, every day, to reflect and  pray as they see fit. It gives every child of every race, color and creed  60 seconds to think to themselves what they can do to be a better student and a better human being.

Perhaps it will give some children time to reflect on something troubling them and then speak to their teacher about it, instead of bottling up inside.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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