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Awful. Simply Awful…

What happened in Toronto yesterday destroyed, at the very minimum, ten families. Their lives are altered forever after losing someone they said goodbye to in the morning and will never see again. Never.

Those who witnessed the carnage will also never be the same. While the images will fade over time, they will have flashbacks and certain noises will always trigger extreme reactions.

As for the responses of our ‘leaders’, one can only shake one’s head and wonder on what planet they live.

Montreal’s mayor Plante said there is no threat at this time. What exactly does that mean? When someone rents a truck and plows down people the threat does not exist until that person begins his act. Saying there is no threat at this time is pointless, useless and empty.

What should she have said? Offer condolences and pray that no one will imitate this sick person’s actions. She doesn’t know if someone is planning to do something like this. Those people don’t announce their intentions as was seen in Nice, Berlin, London and Barcelona.

As for our Prime Minister…On Monday night, Trudeau said the federal government is “monitoring this situation closely” and that we should all “feel safe walking in our cities and communities.”

Seriously? We should all feel safe? Here’s a headline for Trudeau: No one thinks about feeling safe in Canada. It’s a given. However, what happened in Toronto makes one pause for a moment. If not for the caliphate’s edict that their people rent trucks and mow down people, these new kinds of terrorist attacks would not exist. The word safe has taken on a whole new meaning.

Trudeau spoke again this morning and said nothing except to offer his condolences. He couldn’t even read the text properly, mistaking the word injury for industry.

Here’a another headline for our leaders. Stop placating the public with hollow words. Offer condolences and say the truth: No one can predict these attacks. Time to start praying that we are not in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On a happier note, William and Kate had their third child yesterday. He’s fifth in the line to throne, pushing Harry down to sixth. We’re sure he’s ecstatic about that drop in status. He gets all the perks without any of the work. Lucky guy.

In case you didn’t think that the continent of Europe is quickly becoming an extension of or another Arab country, think again. Josef Schuster head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told German Jews to avoid wearing yarmulkes on the streets after an Arab Israeli was assaulted for wearing a kippa just days ago in a social experiment.

The suspect beat the Arab Israeli with his belt while shouting “Yahudi” – “Jew” in Arabic. The suspect in the assault is a 19-year-old Syrian refugee “of Palestinian origin.” Schuster explained that people should stop “showing themselves openly with a kippah in a big-city setting in Germany, and wear a baseball cap or something else to cover their head instead.

Welcome to Germany, France, England, Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland – shall we go on?

And in case you think for a moment that it can’t happen here, think again. Trudeau’s open arms policy that Canada ‘accepts everyone’ is going to cause huge issues here in Canada. Lest the liberal save-the-whales tree-huggers are getting their shorts in an uproar, calm down. There’s a way to get into Canada other than crossing the borders illegally. If people are true refugees they should and can be properly vetted.

For those who have no papers and no ‘background’, they simply should not be granted entry into Canada.

Lest you think that Quebec’s separatist parties are softening their hardline, think again. A survey conducted for two nationalist groups in Quebec suggests about three-quarters of Quebecers believe people should have a minimum knowledge of French to be allowed to stay in the province. Got that Blanche: the key words in this statement ‘allowed to stay’.

Again we caution those who are planning to vote for and support Legault’s CAQ party in the next provincial election, watch what you wish for. He is not to be trusted, no matter what he says.

What’s happening with NAFTA depends on what you read or who you listen to. The Canadians say things are hunky-dory, moving right along with nary a bump. The Americans on the other hand, seem to favour the approach of first giving six-month notice of withdrawal from the current deal, so the status quo becomes impossible, then putting the new one on the table and giving Congress an ultimatum.

The biggest time issue on the table right now are the elections in Mexico on July 1. If the current government is voted out of power, all the negotiations thus far could be rendered null and void.

And finally, we will say yet again that Chrystia Freeland is the wrong person for this task. Not a surprise as Trudeau has surrounded himself with, shall we say, less than over intelligent people.

We’ll talk…

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