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Bernie’s Rise & His Admiration for Fidel Castro.

If you thought the Democratic Party was in trouble last week, nobody saw what was coming this week. Bernie Sanders basically said what a great job Fidel Castro did in teaching his population to read and write. Has Bernie never been to Miami where refugees from Cuba now live? Why does he think people made boats out of whatever they could to get out of Cuba? Because it was such a lovely place to live? When was the last time anyone saw Americans on rowboats heading towards Cuba?

After Bernie loses – and he will lose – he should sell one of his three houses. What Blanche, you didn’t know he owned three houses? He’s also a millionaire a few times over, something that he tries hard not to talk about. Feh.

If the Dems are counting on Biden to get them out of this mess, they are dreaming in technicolor. Biden’s latest gaff was a serious one. He announced that people should donate to his run for the Senate. Last we looked he was running for president.

While Biden may not have early onset Alzheimers, he is definitely very confused. It’s not a crime to be confused when you’re 78 years old. The problem is being confused as President of the United States.

That leaves  Mike Bloomberg to try to beat Sanders. And that’s only if Buttigieg, Klobuchar and, wait for this one – Elizabeth Warren – drop out and let their people go over to Bloomberg. If they don’t do this, then there are only 2 scenarios left: a) a brokered convention or b) Bernie gets the numbers before the convention.

Justin Trudeau is now caught squarely between a rock and a hard place having to choose between climate activists and the unity of our country.

On one side, climate activists have revved up their opposition  to any energy development to a new level blocking rail lines and shutting down access to ports and legislatures.

In the other corner you have Trudeau speaking out of two sides of his mouth as a couple of years ago the federal government allowed a cement plant to be built in Quebec knowing that this plant would produce one megaton of greenhouse gas emissions every year as well as acid gas air pollutants in excess of 2020 Canadian standards all the while enacting Bill 69 which is the no pipelines ever bill, affecting the western provinces.

Sitting on the fence is a rather painful place to be. It also means that you either can’t make up your mind or want to appease everyone and look good. Justin has managed to do both.

If you want to avoid the COVID-19 virus aka coronavirus stay out of China, many parts of Europe, cruise ships and well, we are guessing anywhere that there are large crowds.

The stock market dropped 1000 points yesterday as economies all over the world are starting to feel the pain – pardon the pun – of this virus. Chinese workers can’t get to their plants to send parts of anything you can think of to different areas of the world. The carnival in Venice was cancelled, as were no doubt many reservations in hotels.

Only Israeli’s will be allowed to run in the Tel Aviv marathon. No foreigners. Shelves in supermarkets in Italy are quickly emptying out as people fear they may have to stay home quarantined for two weeks. We’re guessing they will be making a lot of tomato sauce with spaghetti to keep going.

We are wondering when the rest of the world will start clamping down on China, which is usually where these viruses begin. Their version of cleanliness is not quite up to par to put it mildly. Coupled with the fact that in many areas, which we are guessing are very poor, they eat anything that can’t get away, you have the perfect storm to grow these very nasty viruses.

United Airlines ticked off the wrong people on Saturday night. On a flight from Newark to Hawaii they had to change planes which resulted in less business class seats. Uh oh.

Nine passengers accepted $10,000 in travel voucher compensation each for a total of $90,000. Don’t start a tag day for them. They sat in the Premium Plus cabin, which offers passengers more legroom and other benefits not found in a regular coach cabin.

Coach cabin? Cattle car is more like it. You sit with your knees in your chin, elbow to elbow with your seat partner who best be slim and trim or he or she is spilling over into your seat. Blanche, isn’t it fun to travel? Not.

And a final note about the coronavirus: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is taking alternative steps to determine if Chinese-made products meet federal safety standards due to complications related to the coronavirus outbreak. Can we talk here? Stop buying garlic and other food products made in China…from now on and forever.

We’ll talk…

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