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Bernie – Where Are You?

Avowed communist sympathizer Bernie Sanders is unusually quiet about the first-ever riots in Cuba over the fact that they have zero infrastructure. That translates to long, endless lines for food which is in short supply, zero covid vaccinations, almost non-existent medical system, pathetic transport system, poor housing. We could go on and on.

So finally the people have had it. It’s enough. The young people see what is going on in the rest of the world via the internet and are done with the failed experiment called communism. So we ask you – where is Bernie Sanders now? Why isn’t he saying anything? After all, he’s the one who wants free housing, medical care, university etc. The ‘state’ will take care of you.

We kept asking who was going to pay for all of this. Now we know. Nobody. Only the elite, which of course Bernie is, are taken care of. How easy it is for him to pontificate from his comfortable house in Verrrrrmont, with plenty of food in the fridge and a health care system that quickly takes care of him.

He’s full of it. If he wasn’t he would be running to Cuba to support the government. Have you seen him in any pictures there? Didn’t think so.

Over 160 more unmarked Indigenous children’s graves were found today. Justin said all the right words. Our hearts break for you. To members of the Penelakut Tribe we are here for you. We cannot bring back those who are lost but we can and will continue to tell the truth.

Spare us. You want people to take you seriously? Go after the church, find the murderers who are masquerading as priests and nuns, try them and put them into jail. The take the army and go up north so that engineers and construction workers can finally make sure they have clean drinking water. Other than that, your words Justin are empty and hollow.

We bumped into someone who had to fly recently. Nightmare would be the correct adjective as to what happened to her when she landed in Montreal’s airport. Actually,  bad nightmare is more appropriate. Hers was the only flight that had arrived. It seems the computers were not working so all forms had to be filled out by hand. Those in charge of the covid edicts were bamboozled as to what they had to do. She told us if she didn’t show her passport 10 times, she didn’t show it once.

It took her almost 2 hours to get out of the airport. Of the 100 or so people working, most of them were simply standing and pointing where you had to go next. It was clearly bureaucracy at its finest. Your tax dollars at work.

If you have plans to go to France may we suggest you don’t go unless you are fully vaccinated. Even one shot coupled with a bout of covid won’t do it the trick.

Macron said today only the vaccinated can go to movies,  bars, cafes and restaurants and made Covid vaccines compulsory for health care workers. That second part makes a lot of sense. Seems he is trying to find a balance between the ongoing control of the virus and people’s freedom. Time will tell if he will be successful.

We’re pretty sure we are not the only ones wondering what is going to happen to the land where the collapsed Champlain Towers once stood in Surfside.

It is situated on prime real estate – right on the ocean. It is also, as the mayor of Surfside so aptly said, become a holy site. For now that it is. Our hunch is that they will fully clean up all the debris, plant some grass and leave it alone for a few years.

After some time has passed, our educated guess is that part of the land will be used for another building, perhaps leaving half the land as a permanent memorial and reminder as to what happens when old buildings – in fact any buildings – that are not kept up to code. As of this blog, not all of the bodies have yet to be recovered.

One more thing about this. Not to be macabre, but those working on the site are dealing with finding very personal possessions of the deceased. Family mementos recovered from the rubble are going to be placed in an “estate process” to make sure they get to the proper heirs. This story simply goes from bad to worse every day.

Another genius who thinks that the USA should be giving everyone free everything is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her sidekick Rashida Tlaib.

They are blaming the American embargo on the Cuban population’s uprising. Here’s a headline for those two dufuses: Cubans are protesting against the island’s communist dictatorship not the American embargo.

In fact, many of the protesters are waving American flags. People living there know what happens when capitalism is replaced with communism. Perhaps those two women should go live there for a few months before they shoot off their mouths. The have less than zero skin in the game. And again, easy to talk from your cushy apartment filled with food.

In the don’t-read-this-while-you-are-eating department, 17 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into the Pacific ocean in the LA area.

Seems the Water Reclamation Plant had become “inundated with overwhelming quantities of debris” after a power outage, triggering the plant’s relief system to discharge the waste matter through a pipe one mile offshore. Feh.

In the last election, one million of the 38 million Canadians voted for the Green Party. As of this writing, the party is quickly imploding, just before Justin calls a Federal election. Bad timing, eh?

During the feud, their leader, Annamie Paul was stripped of staff in her office and not given any money to run the next election campaign. As well, at the last zoom meeting, Paul was put on mute.

Can we talk here? In the last election, the green party won a grand total of 3 seats in all of Canada. Does anyone care what happens to them? We would venture a guess that if they disappeared tomorrow morning, the NDP and Jagmeet Singh would be very happy. Other than that no one would notice or care. Carry on dudes. You are doing an exemplary job of self-destructing.

We’ll talk…

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