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Blanche, if you want an example of the height of entitlement, look no further than Canada’s Health minister, Patty Hajdu. We think that she just talks to keep her mouth moving and that she doesn’t have the faintest hint of a clue what is coming out.

On a talk show this past Sunday she said the following: …but some Canadians even want to travel because they haven’t seen family in a very long time and we still have travel advisories in place recommending that people don’t travel unless it’s absolutely necessary”. Even want to see their families after almost two years?

Did she forget that her boss, Justin, just returned from his beach vacation in Tofino? Or maybe she forgot that we just went through a six-week election campaign that Justin, O’Toole, other leaders, their entourages and reporters crisscrossed the country by plane, boat, bus, car and train.

To say what she did means that she thinks of herself as one of the E.N.T.I.T.L.E.D people. She has no skin in the game. The little peeps like you and me? Annoying gnats. Justin was re-elected with his own sense of entitlement and clearly, surrounds himself with like-minded people. Thanks to everyone who re-elected him.

Quebec has a severe shortage of nurses, orderlies and doctors. Everyone knows this. Papa Legault recently offered retired nurses money – a lot of it – to come out of retirement. So please explain why, on Friday, about 15,000 nurses and orderlies in Quebec will be let go because they have not been vaccinated. Here’s a headline: they have been working like that for almost two years. Now they are getting fired?

You want the result of this brainless act? Don’t dare get sick in Quebec or, if you do, make sure you are able to hop out of bed, get your own meds, help yourself to the loo, get your own food from the hospital kitchen etc.

How about this: Rapid test all unvaccinated nurses and orderlies every day. Wait. Why would the government do that when they can create a crisis? Because, as is their norm, they bite their nose to spite their face. Nitwits.

Can someone please explain to us why as per Justin’s newest edict, anyone going to any airport in Canada must be vaccinated as of October 30? Except of course if you are a member of parliament. Then you are exempt.

Weren’t we told that if 80% of the population was vaccinated, we would go back to normal living? Now it’s because children are not vaccinated? They keep changing the goal posts.

We just wrote about entitled people. So at the airport the virus can tell the difference between an unvaccinated member of parliament and Joe Blow who is not vaccinated? No. So here’s your answer in a nutshell and it’s always the same. No skin the game.

We happened to be watching two sports games this past weekend, one taking place in Chicago, the other in another large American city. Has anyone seen what is going on in those stadiums? Oh, about 60,000 people, unmasked, shouting, laughing, eating and having a great time. It’s called living. What? They are allowed to be normal?

We were just in the USA. Here’s the deal everywhere we went: If you want to wear a mask, wear one. If you don’t, then don’t. If you are too afraid to shop where people don’t wear masks, then guess what? Stay home and shop online. Stay home forever and ever. But let other people live.

If you made a reservation on Southwest Airlines, you are in serious trouble – gehakte tzouris. Over the weekend, they cancelled no less than 1900 flights. Yesterday, another 350 flights as well as causing delays in another 1400 flights.

Here’s the deal: You are either in business or not in business. If the reason for not being able to operate is a lack of funds which means you are not able to fuel your planes, then say so. If the reason is that their pilots are silently striking because they don’t want mandatory vaccinations, then say so.

The bottom line: Don’t, under any circumstances, book any flights, no matter how cheap on Southwest Airlines. They are clearly no longer a viable company.

If you live in California you have our deepest sympathies. Gavin Newsom is single-handedly trying to save the world.

His latest edict? Banning the sale of certain kinds of gas-powered machines including lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and chain saws. You want those machines? Make sure they are battery operated because – get this – small-motor equipment primarily used for landscaping has to be zero-emission.

Zero emission. Nice. He best start banning cows or, as someone else is trying to do, make special cow loos. Yes. You read that right. There is a group who is trying to toilet train cows.

Not to be graphic (but we will), passing wind, as cows do, cannot be controlled. When a person has to pass wind and they are outside walking, they look to see if anyone else is around and then let one go. Do these people think cows will do that? Seriously.

We’ll talk…

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