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Black and Bloom(berg). Yikes.

It’s not who won the democratic debate last night, it’s who lost it and that would be the insiders of the Democrat party. They desperately wanted Mike Bloomberg to be successful in his first debate and move Sanders, if not out of first place, then knock some of his numbers off. It didn’t quite happen that way, to put it mildly.

As the headline in the NY Post said today, Black and Bloom. Often during the debate Bloomberg looked like a deer in the headlights. For such a smart man, he couldn’t figure out that he would get ‘me-tooed’? Come on.

By far the most infuriating person of the night, from the get-go, was Elizabeth Warren. At the beginning of the debate she had her hand up – ooh ooh ask me, ask me. We thought we was going to ask the moderators if she could go to the bathroom. She looked like a keener – a school child who knows the answer and wants to make everyone else look stupid. Obnoxious.

It seems Bloomberg left last night for California to spend yet another zillion dollars on ads. The difference between him and Trump is that Trump is a street-fighter and always has been. Bloomberg is a dainty man who clearly never left his board room to talk to anyone that didn’t agree with him. Next up the Nevada primaries on Tuesday.

Turning to our airhead Prime Minister Justin, it never ceases to amaze us how actually out of touch with reality he really is. For the past ten days or so, while the Indigenous protests were going on, he was running around Africa trying to secure that useless seat on the security council. He finally returned home, after gloomily announcing he was not going to the Barbados.

Upon his return to parliament does he apologise for not being here to begin negotiating? Or at least have a handle on what’s flying with the railway system in Canada slowly shutting down?

No way. Instead, he asked Canadians to be patient with his government as it seeks a negotiated end to Indigenous protests.

You have to be kidding. He is asking people to be patient while he wasted over a week on his egotistical escapade?

Here’s a headline for everyone who voted for him: You got what you voted for – someone who was very lucky his father was born before him so he gets the name, but unfortunately, did not acquire the brains. Ergo a brainless name.

One more thing about Bloomberg. It is becoming very clear that over the years he publicly shot off his mouth never dreaming that one day he would be running for president. The latest gaff to appear, and we are very, very certain that there are endless gaffs, is this: A transgender man is just ‘some guy wearing a dress’. Nothing more to say here.

In a few months, Japan is supposed to host the summer Olympics. To say that they are moving heaven and earth to get rid of the coronavirus – COVID-19 – would be the understatement of the year. They are now dealing with the world watching the Diamond Princess, the cruise ship moored near Tokyo. They initially quarantined the over 3,700 people on board but that quarantine seems to not have worked as over 600 people have come down with the virus and two have died.

As the virus seems to be airborne and as everyone was breathing in the same air from the ventilation system, perhaps those people should have been quarantined elsewhere.

In any case, Japan better get a handle on this virus…very soon, or their summer games are in jeopardy.

Going back to the Democrats, it appears that a brokered convention is in the cards for them, and, according to insiders, it could get very ugly.

The only good thing they can see happening at such a convention is that it would work against Bernie Sanders. If it’s Bernie or even Warren on one side and three or four moderates on the other side, all with delegates, the odds are that the moderates would have enough delegates to team up and hold off a Sanders nomination. At the moment, it appears that’s the best the insiders can hope for so be sure to keep these dates in mind: Monday July 13 thru Thursday July 16.

And a final little something we learned: Take the first letters of the following names and see what you get: Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon – MAGA – Make America Great Again.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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