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Blanche has taken up Photography because it’s the only place we can shoot someone and not go t

Finally the holiday has arrived and a good thing because we can’t take much more of the ‘special’ music. It seems that in Bethlehem (which the last time we looked is still in Israel) tourism is down 85%. In other words, no one went there this year.

What is mind-boggling is that the media does not finish the sentence. Why are people not going to Israel? Because the arabs living in both East Jerusalem, the West Bank and other places are stabbing people who are doing nothing but walking on the street.

Let’s call a spade a spade: they are stabbing Jews because we exist. It doesn’t matter if one looks outwardly religious or is shopping for tomatoes and potatoes. If you are a Jew on the street you are a target. Of course arabs can’t always tell the exact difference between Jews and non-Jews so the US government issued a travel alert to stay away from Israel.

Another day, another terrorist threat. This time in China. The British, U.S. Australian and French embassies in China say they have received information of possible threats against Westerners visiting a popular shopping district in Beijing around Christmas. They were told to basically stay away from malls and outdoor markets. Given the current world situation if Blanche were there we’d do exactly as they say.

And then there’s Chicago. Today, on the eve of the holiday, protesters were blocking the entrance to the Apple store and other stores on a street called the Magnificent Mile. It’s where people go to shop keeping stores in business and the economy going.

So who is protesting? A group called Black Lives Matter. And why are they protesting? Because they want Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor, uber liberal and ex-aide of Obama to resign.To be sure, they have what to be angry about. It is pretty obvious that the police in Chicago are not overly fond of African Americans. They shot a black man no less than 16 times while he was already down. Twice would certainly have been enough. Many other government officials have been brought down by protests. But to block people from shopping on the night before…Not the brightest chips in the box and certainly not furthering their cause.

The weather is one of the big stories today. It was 74 in New York, 72 in Washington and 75 in Atlanta. To put things into perspective, it’s 82 in Miami. The forecasters are predicting colder weather in January. We could do the same thing. Of course it’s going to get colder in January. We certainly hope so for the ski resorts who are dying a slow and painful death. Here in Montreal people were golfing today.

In the meantime, those same forecasters are predicting a ‘cocktail’ of precipitation next week – snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain. Yum, we can’t wait.

Here’s Trump’s tweet today: Jeb Bush spent $50 million on his run for the presidency thus far. Where is he and where am I? He’s on the bottom, I’m on the top. T’is true Blanche.

Go look at the moon tonight. December’s full moon, the last of the year, is called the Full Cold Moon because it occurs during the beginning of winter. The moon’s peak this year will occur at 6:11 a.m. It’s already gorgeous.

We saved this for last because we thought if you read it first you would throw something at your computer or toss your phone across the room. Did you know that the Obama administration refused, in early 2014, to end the secret U.S. policy that prohibited immigration officials from reviewing the social media messages of all foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas.

Do you understand what that means? In order to be politically correct, the two murderers from San Bernandino, who no doubt were on social media, were not being tracked by anyone because it’s not nice and a violation of their civil liberties.

Obama needs to witness a shooting the likes of which took place in Paris or San Bernandino to actually understand what is going on in the world. Playing golf and eating ice cream in Hawaii surrounded by tens of secret service agents is keeping him in his little bubble.

He is by far, very far, the worst thing that ever happened to the United States. We’ll let you in on a little secret: Even the staunchest of liberals know how bad he is and quietly say they fell for his hope and change bs. Uh oh. Blanche, are you trying to sound like Trump? Yes. Obama has taken a great country and in eight years has reduced it to a blithering idiot, exactly like he is.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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