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Clearly Andrew Cuomo saw the wall with the writing. Either leave on your own or get dragged out kicking and screaming. He chose the former and he’s out in two weeks. Why not now is another question. If you’re out, then get out.

Moving in as governor is a woman by the name of Kathy Hochul who is currently the lieutenant governor of New York.

Who is she? For starters she was born and raised in the Buffalo area and was one of six children born to a working class Irish Catholic family. As a Democrat, she was endorsed by the National Rifle Association during her 2011 run for Congress. Interesting.

In 2006, Hochul partnered with her mother and aunt in establishing the Kathleen Mary House, a transitional home for victims of domestic violence. As lieutenant governor under Cuomo in 2015, Hochul toured the state touting the “Enough is Enough” sexual assault prevention program on college campuses.

So we are guessing she took fifty steps away from Cuomo now with all of those sexual allegations pending against him. Given all of the above, we still reiterate that his cold, heartless decision  in sending people with covid into senior homes at the height of the pandemic should put him into jail.

Barack Obama’s birthday party was obscene in a time when people are still being told to stay home, not travel, be careful and don’t spread the virus. He is the perfect example of people who feel it is beneath them to follow the rules of the little peeps.

Much to Obama’s chagrin, pictures escaped from the party. Seems one of the performers was very busy snapping shot and uploading them to his phone and then online. No masks, no social distancing, lotsa weed, gyrating dancers etc. The food was supposed to be ‘vegetarian’ in holding with the save-the-world mantra but alas, when push comes to shove, even save-the-whales dudes need their steaks.

This was a party where no deplorables were invited. One had to be woke or upper class democrats to get an invite. Grotesque.

We don’t often make predictions. Well, not that often but here’s one. If the Liberals get another minority government in the upcoming Federal election, Justin is gone. If the conservatives do as badly as the polls say they will, O’Toole is gone. So we could have two new leaders next year.

For the Liberals, we predict it will be Mark Carney. While Chrystia Freeland has been groomed for the job, we have heard she has the same reputation as Julie Payette and the liberals cannot afford another scandal like that.

As for the conservatives, one would think it would be Pierre Poliviere, but he’s too much of a loose cannon. Jason Kenney is out. Stephen Harper is probably very happy looking at the disaster that is now the conservative party from afar, so it’s anyone’s guess who they will choose. We just hope they pick someone with more of a personality than the shell of a  turtle, if you get the drift.

Those vaccination ‘passports’ are frought with trouble before they even get off the ground. For starters, who is going to monitor someone who doesn’t have a passport and enters a store, restaurant or bar? Will the owner have to call the police? Will the person get arrested?

Is it up to the owners to be the police of said passports? Our guess is that businesses are still trying to recover from being closed for nearly a year and will turn a blind eye to enforcing this edict. We also think it won’t last long. It’s just too complicated.

Queen Elizabeth cannot catch a break, even after Phil’s passing. Prince Andrew, who thought that by saying he’s not doing anymore royal duties would get away with being friends with Jeffrey Epstein and all that went with it, was sorely mistaken. He is now being sued by woman who said she was forced to be intimate with Andrew when she was underage. Buckingham Palace referred BuzzFeed News to Andrew’s personal spokesperson, who declined to comment on the lawsuit. No kidding.

The problem this woman will have is that she is suing him in New York state and we’re not quite sure that he’s going to a) show up for the court case or b) that he can be extradited. Doesn’t matter though. Prince Andrew will have to hide under a rock for a very long time.

A final note on the virus aka pandemic. Right now, we are in the dog days of summer and for news hounds, there is virtually nothing to talk or write about.

Trump is gone, Justin stopped coming out onto the porch for his weekly little talk about nothing, Papa Legault is clearly still on vacation and Joe Biden has nothing to say or if he has something to say he can’t get it out. Even Sue Montgomery has faded into oblivion. In her case, there’s no one left to fight with. But we digress.

Just wait until Justin calls the election, supposedly on Sunday or Monday. You’ll see how fast the pandemic fades from the news.

We’ll talk…

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