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Melbourne and much of Australia has completely shut down. Farmacht. Cuiso. They want to get to zero cases of the coronavirus. Can we talk?

Seriously? They think that by locking down the entire population for three weeks there will be no more cases? Here’s a heads up: The instant people start circulating again, you can bet your bippy that there will be cases. What will they do then? Lock people up for a year?

This virus is going to take its course and people will get sick. But if we wear a mask, wash our hands, social distance and stay away from large crowds who do not adhere to the rules, then the numbers will be mitigated.

Here in Montreal, there are people who do not believe that rules apply to them and that by magic the virus will jump over them. Ergo there were weddings and bar mitzvahs where no rules were applied and guess what? Many people got sick.

Here’s a headline: If you are invited somewhere where people are ignorant and do not to follow the rules, don’t go. Stay away. Buzz out. Don’t put yourself in such a situation.

Black lives matter, that  darling group of every NBA and NFL team was never what people really thought it was. What a surprise. They have now upped the ante teaming up on a new venture with a pro-Chinese Communist Party organization. We hope you are not surprised as both founders of blm are avowed marxists.

Alicia Garza, one of said founders, is now behind the advocacy group Black Futures Lab, which is backed by the Chinese Progressive Association. The group says it ‘gathers information’ about the ways that policy affects black communities” to educate and challenge lawmakers. One minute here. Why is China involved? When was the last time you saw a 6 foot black Chinese person? But we digress.

Gathers information? From where exactly and what kind of information? Most likely nothing anyone wants shared from places that others don’t belong.

On a page soliciting donations, the group is described as a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association working to “build collective power with other oppressed communities to demand better living and working conditions and justice for all people.”

The next time you see professional players ‘take a knee’ with black lives matter in huge letters printed on their football field, remember what kind of organization they are promoting and supporting. And then, turn off the television and don’t watch them.

Here’s a no-brainer. The antipolice protests that began across the country in May appear to have resulted in a decline in policing directed at gun violence, producing an increase in shootings. No kidding. In Chicago and New York, arrests declined steeply. And in cities around the country, both law-enforcement and citizen reports suggest a general reluctance by officers to engage in hot-spot and other enforcement efforts that are most effective in deterring gun violence.

All of this of course is a result of the anti-police movement and the urge to defund police departments all over the country.

Police are backing away from going to places where they know people with, let’s just say not the right intentions, will congregate and there may be an altercation. And where are those places? Certainly not in white suburbia where Morris the accountant lives. They are in inner cities where the preponderance of violence happens.

Downtown Minneapolis residents say they are living in a war zone. And where are their elected officials? We’ll tell you. Not in the war zone. They are safely tucked into their houses, far from the noise of guns and riots.

This is our service bit for you. Ever shop at Costco? Here are a few tips: …The items placed at the front of the store and on the ends of aisles may seem like the best deals, but they’re really just there to get your attention. The best deals are usually found in the aisles.

…Ever wonder why they check your receipt when you are leaving the store? Wonder no more. The first reason is that they want to make sure that they stay on top of their inventory, and the receipt correctly matches the number of items in your cart. The second is wants to make sure that you’re not overcharged or undercharged at check-out.

…If a price ends in .97, then it means the item is on clearance.

…All their stock is on the floor. Zero is in the back.

…You can buy  a $1,000 doomsday emergency-food kit.

…And finally, don’t even dream of stealing anything. They have plain clothes security people “shopping” like a normal members.

Take from this what you will written by Don Martin, a seasoned journalist: Justin Trudeau has taken an inordinate number of personal days off this summer and posted more than a few blanked-out ‘private meeting’ itineraries for a supposedly-transparent prime minister who is the country’s public face in fighting a pandemic and a recession. Besides, the fun part of his job is gone.

Here’s our take: There’s no doubt that Justin is bored with the job and most likely in no mood to go in front of  his third inquiry of the ethics commission. What does he need this for? We’ll tell you. He doesn’t.

He’d much rather take a private plane to an island owned by one of friends without anyone making any comments. One thing we can tell you with certainty. He won’t be a public speaker – um, um, um, um, um.

And a final note from Blanche on the cusp of the Jewish New Year:

Don’t forget to breathe when you listen or read about the news. In the end, remember that we are not in control. Our choice is to dive full speed ahead into the morass of what is happening and allow it to take over our lives, or say to ourselves we don’t like what we are seeing, but in the end, we have to let G-d run the show. And yes dearies, that includes Donald Trump.

May everyone be inscribed in the Book of Life for a sweet, happy and healthy New Year.

Good Shabbos and Good Yom Tov We’ll talk…

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