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Calm Down with Stocking Up on Toilet Paper

Before you fall off your chair running to load up on toilet paper in case you are quarantined for two weeks, here are some numbers to think about.

Last year, 62,000 people died of the flu. In the past 2 weeks in the US, 5,000 people died of the flu. Not of the coronavirus or COVID-19. And the vast majority who have died of the coronavirus had underlying compromising conditions.

Here’s a tip: When you go out, let’s say shopping at Costco to get your toilet paper, don’t touch your face. Don’t rub your eyes, don’t pick your teeth or, feh, your nose. The instant you get home, go to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap and water.

And if you’re still nervous, maybe don’t go on a cruise with 6,000 people, which we would not do in the best of times as you are all breathing the air from the ventilation system. Nasty.

Tonight is super-Tuesday. What exactly is that? Here ya go: 14 states are voting for the democratic presidential primary; California, Texas, North Carolina, Virgina, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Utah, Maine, Vermont and American Samoa.

More than 1300 delegates are up for grabs. To win the nomination, a candidate must get 1,991 of the total 3,979 delegates.

Tonight will determine a few things: a) Will Bernie Sanders get enough delegates to begin to run away with the prize?

b)Will Bloomberg be the spoiler and take delegates from both Bernie and Biden so neither of them are close enough to win, therefore causing a brokered convention, which Bernie will never win?

c) Will we mercifully see the last of Elizabeth Warren? Why she is hanging on is a mystery as she has a zero chance of winning. Is she vying for the vice-president place from whoever wins? Here’s a headline for her: If it is true the Nikki Haley will go with Trump, then she best go back to cooking for the Cherokees.

Has Quebec’s liberal party fallen off a cliff? While taking oh, about two years to find a leader, they have simply been invisible.  They recently surfaced to say that their last premier, Phillipe Couillard, will be honoured during their leadership convention at the end of May. Can we talk?

Couillard was a lousy premier and nobody cares if he’s being honoured. Now here’s a little test for you. Who’s running for the leadership of the Liberal party? Don’t know? Here ya go:

Alexandre Cusson or Dominique Anglade. Cusson has been the Mayor of Drummondville since 2013. Prior to that he was the Director General and a teacher at Collège Saint-Bernard for close to 25 years.

Dominique Anglade is a woman. Who knew. She was elected to the National Assembly of Quebec in a by-election on November 9, 2015. She represents the electoral district of Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne as a member of the Quebec Liberal Party. Bored yet?

While we very much like how Barbra Streisand sings, she should keep her nose out of politics. Last we looked, she’s not a politician. If we recall, she was going to move if Trump was elected. Seems she’s still pretty happy in America.

She’s now ranting that Trump is making her gain weight. She starts the day with liquids, but after the morning news, eats pancakes smothered in maple syrup. Can someone please send her the number for weight watchers in her area? It appears she needs some help with her choice of foods and blaming Trump for her gaining weight is quite the stretch.

Bibi Netanyahu won Israel’s third election in less than a year. It seems he has 59 of the 61 seats needed for a majority. Much to the chagrin of his detractors, he did much better this third time around, with a trial hanging over his head. The people have spoken, as they do in all democracies.

Here’s a little something else to ponder: It seems that Israel is close to finding a cure for the coronavirus. Now imagine if that cure was produced in the West Bank? What would all the countries who won’t buy anything made in the West Bank do? Just asking.

If there is a big upset tonight (Super Tuesday), we will send out a special Blanche Report.

We’ll talk…

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