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Can You Say President Trump? Try it. Nothing Happens to You.

Blanche, ya gotta stay in the loop. The Chicago Cubs won the world series last night after a 108 year drought. It was a classic 7th game, going into extra innings, the Cubs won 8-7.

Over the years we have been saying, tongue in cheek that we live in a banana republic. Guess what? We live in a banana republic where the government spies on journalists with warrants given by judges. Vive la Quebec. Let’s bet that it ain’t only journalists the government was spying on. Stay tuned for the ‘inquiry’. Your tax dollars at work.

Last night around 9:00 pm Blanche found out that the Montreal Gazette was live-streaming the Edward Snowden event. As it happened, the event started 90 minutes late so we got to hear the question and answer period, both an eye-opener and very chilling.

Up until this week one may have thought Snowden a traitor. For sure that’s what Obama thinks of him and you can bet your bippy he will not be pardoned before Obama leaves office. However, after hearing that the Montreal police spied on journalists since 2008 just to find out who within different police departments were speaking to journalists and perhaps looking for a mole, Snowden made a lot of sense.

In August we watched the documentary of how Snowden escaped from Hong Kong and were left looking over our shoulder. After last night we know with certainty that whenever they so choose, any government can get into your life. Although we are not a terrorist cell and have nothing to hide, nonetheless this is still disconcerting. They can find out when you wake up, when you go to the bathroom, how often you check your emails, who you send your emails to, who answers you, what they say, where you buy your cream online, who you met for coffee at Starbucks, what you had in your coffee there and what colour your favourite underwear is. Get it?

While we are not overly fond of either candidate down south there are a few reasons why we would like Trump to win. The first and best reason is that it will kill totally Obama’s legacy. As it is, Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster. People are receiving their bills and their yearly payments are rising anywhere from 20-100%.

On a personal note, someone close to Blanche has a mother who is ill living in the US. When Obamacare came in, they could not keep their insurance company. Obama lied and said they could. The new company would not insure them as the woman has a medical condition and took away their wheelchair, lift and commode. The family had to go out and buy all the equipment.

Obama said people could keep their doctors. They cannot. Again he lied.

Obama said he didn’t know about Hillary’s server at home. Seriously? Does he think people were born yesterday? He had an alias to email her. He knew very well what was going on and went along with it. If Trump is elected, all of this will come out and we hope it does.

We hope he wins so he can stick it to Ted Cruz. What a slimy low life. He’s campaigning for the republicans but refuses to say Trumps name. If Trump wins we hope he digs very deeply into this guys life. There is no doubt that people who are so vociferously against one person have something to hide.

Brexit is back in the news. The High Court ruled today that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU. This means the government cannot trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – beginning formal exit negotiations with the EU – on its own.

What does this mean? Simple. Those in parliament have to vote again regarding the issue of Britain leaving or staying in the EU. Imagine? Just when you thought things were getting back to normal, some yold comes along and says, hey dudes, one minute – you are going to fight this all over again. Keep a stiff upper lip Brits. Either that or go get some good vodka. It’s going to be a rough ride.

Did you ever wonder what was really in those emails that Hillary got rid of? And what the FBI found on Weiner’s computer? Ya think it was about her daughter’s wedding and her exercise classes and if Bill should have oatmeal for breakfast? Blanche, we don’t think so.

We think, as we have heard in the past few days, that those emails deal with the Clinton Foundation and how they accumulated – while she was Secretary of State, a cool $300 million. We think that there is incriminating evidence that the Clintons made people pay to play. And that’s illegal.

Get this one: For the second time in less than a month Politico chief political correspondent has been caught sending stories to Hillary Clinton staffers for approval.

An email was sent to Clinton communications director on April 17, 2015 with the subject line: “pls read asap — the bits — don’t share.” This was revealed in Thursday’s WikiLeaks release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails. It’s getting worse by the minute.

Wait, there’s more: The chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, John Podesta, said he “agreed” that Sen. Bernie Sanders needed “to be ground to a pulp,” according to a newly released email. Podesta asked an influential Democratic Party operative and lobbyist with ties to an array of powerful corporations where the campaign should “stick the knife in” Sanders, Clinton’s rival in the Democratic primaries. Pleasant individuals, n’est pas?

In case you thought that the office de la langue francais fell into a never-ending abyss, think again. They’re back.

Today, new rules for businesses with English names were announced. As of three weeks from now, on Nov. 24, all such new businesses, or businesses which put up new signs, must have French descriptors to their trademarked names somewhere on their storefronts.Everyone will have to comply with the law after the three-year period has elapsed.

Why you ask? Because the head of the office de la langue francais says that more needs to be done to protect the French language in business. Can we talk?

How about people buying online? How about stores giving the Quebec government the middle finger and saying – do something, we’re not adding a single letter to our sign. Like someone doesn’t know what Walmart is. Oh wait. Maybe nobody knows what Costco is. Stupid, pea-brained missives.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk…

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