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At  last the media is starting to realize that Justin’s cooing news conferences assuring us that we will be vaccinated soon has been one massive crock of drek. At this point, the air between his ears has frozen. Read the next sentence and you will clearly understand what a totally incompetent Justin Trudeau is.

63887 vaccines have been administered so far in Canada. That is 0.170% of the population.

Israel did not manufacture any vaccines. On Sunday – one day – they vaccinated 99,000 people. The country has set a goal of reaching a vaccination rate of 150,000 people a day within a week, and hopes to inoculate over 2 million Israelis by the end of January.

How long will Canadians  keep taking the absolute drivel that our airhead prime minister is feeding us?  Where are the vaccines he paid for? Where is the plan to distribute and then give people the vaccines?

Thanks to Justin’s mind-numbing incompetence, we will remain cooped up in our homes for many, many more months than almost every other country in the world.

We are not going to do a ‘year-end’ review. Instead we will enlighten you with some of the media’s bigger blunders – minus the Trump ones. …We’ll start with our own country where Justin put all his (and our) eggs in the China basket vis-a-vis, the vaccine, not wanting to stop flights from China in March because it was ‘racist’ and sending tons of ppe to China in January.

Justin realized a tad late in the game that he had erred and by the time he secured the 70 or so million vaccines, most of the other first and second world countries had beat us in the cue.

The media is protecting him and if Canadians don’t understand what he did and vote for him again, then everyone gets what they deserve, which in this case is that we will be vaccinated after weensy, but clearly much more intelligent countries like Israel.

…In 2018, the New York Times published an editorial titled “I Am Part Of The Resistance Inside The Trump Administration.” It was written by Anonymous, who portrayed himself as a high-ranking official in Trump’s inner circle.

The we-hate-Trump-media had a the biggest buffet food-fest feeding off this. Turns out, the author was Miles Taylor, a mid-level employee within the Department of Homeland Security who had never worked directly with the President on any matter. Oops.

…Calling BLM riots ‘Peaceful Protests’ ranks up there in the top three. The media wanted us to believe that looters were ‘disgruntled activists’ and the destruction of property was an honest airing of decades of grievances.

To ice the cake, after Americans watched hundreds of buildings burn due to looting and rioting, which resulted in billions of dollars in property damage, the media claimed that the use of the word “riot” was an act of racism.

Can someone please contact Justin with this information? Spain has created a register for those who refuse to take the vaccine against covid and will be sharing the information with other European Union countries. Bravo.

It’s about time anti-vaxxers were a) outed and b) excluded period. You believe all those conspiracy theories? Call your friends and zoom with them forever but you are not welcome where there are crowds. Anywhere in the world.

Anything to do with the year-end review must include Montreal and perhaps Canada’s most out-of-touch-with-reality mayor, Valerie Plante.

She has singlehandedly put the nail in the coffin for the stores in downtown Montreal by killing hundreds of parking spaces and going ahead with elephantine and foolish construction projects. Her pathetic ‘free parking’ hours, from 6:00 pm on some nights, is beyond the pale and totally useless, especially since the stores are closed.

Then there are the save-the-world-whales-trees-turtles bicycle lanes she foisted upon both walkers and drivers in the city. Here’s a headline: We don’t live in Brussels or Copenhagen or any other small European city. We live in Montreal, in a northern climate, where there is winter that comes with cold, ice, snow and sleet from November through April at best. Not conducive to riding a bike outside unless you are one of the bike rads.

We sincerely hope that a decent candidate will emerge for the November 2021 election.

On xmas day, a one-day wonder blew himself up in an RV in Nashville. He clearly didn’t want to kill anyone, rather just cause massive damage to homes and businesses. What’s with these white guys who can’t ‘find themselves’? Sheer, utter losers.

If you are reading this in, oh say Mexico, Florida or any place where you had to go to an airport, stand in long crowded lines, sit in packed airplanes, then stand close together to grab your luggage off the carousel, you may be in for a treat when you get home. At long last, the Federal government seems to have found the rapid-test kits. They must have been stored in Lester’s garage in Arnold’s Cove in Newfoundland. In the next week or so,  you will supposedly be tested before getting on the plane at your destination and upon your return to Canada.

As well, if you are told to quarantine and you don’t, this time someone may actually call you. Not for sure, but a better chance than in the past few months.

One more thing about covid. It appears that there are very large outbreaks of Covid again in China. If you recall, it was the Chinese New Year last year that spread the virus like wildfire. It appears this year the Chinese government is implementing new rules regarding hundreds of millions of people traveling on trains, planes and automobiles to celebrate. As the Chinese are generally obedient, let’s see what happens. Oh, wait a minute. If you don’t listen you’re dead. No problem there.

Here’s an idea to pass on to Justin when the ice defrosts between his ears: Ban all airplanes coming from China from a week before their New Year until a week after. No, Dr. Tam, it’s not racist. It’s logical.

We’ll talk…

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