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Carey Price has been with the Montreal Canadiens hockey team since 2007. We are now in 2022. It was alleged that in all those years he never, not once, heard about the massacre of 14 women at the Polytechnique. Not once? Seems, after a big geffulment, he did know.

And it also seems that his post about guns very close to the day when 14 women were massacred was not an accident. Sorry, as a public figure in Montreal, knowing what a painful day this is here, his insensitivity is appalling.

Why did he post this picture? He doesn't like Justin's Bill C-21 and wants to be able to keep his hunting tools - read his rifles.

The key words in his statement are: he wants. Watching Price in the last two years it has become very obvious that Carey Price cares about one thing and one thing only: Carey Price. Otherwise he would not have made himself the center of attention on this day.

Then there are geniuses online who defended him saying he was 2 years old when the massacre happened and he didn't know about it. Here's a headline for those dufuses: History doesn't start the day you were born. You should remember that line the next time you try to defend stupidity.

The Montreal Canadiens head office did not need to nor should have defended Price. He knew exactly what he was doing and even the head office of the habs got duped by him. The date is immaterial to him. What is important to him are his guns. Ich. Ich. Ich.

It is a well-known fact that our power substations are virtually unprotected aka soft targets. And we are not talking about online. We are talking about physical substations that provide your power.

Last Saturday night in North Carolina, two substations were vandalized with gunfire. Whoever shot at the substations knew exactly what they were doing and how to make sure nobody saw who they were. No group has stepped up to acknowledge or accept they’re the ones who did it.

The result is that close to 40,000 people remain without power and it will not be restored at least until Thursday. The outage has also rendered wastewater pumps in the area out of order, and schools in the county have been closed.

Last January, a bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security warned that domestic violent extremists have developed credible, specific plans to attack electricity infrastructure since at least 2020, identifying the electric grid as a particularly attractive target.

Not sure how to protect those substations that are usually located far from where people live. We are guessing that cameras would be a good start.

Harry and Meghan's Netflix tell-all is going to be released on Thursday. Nothing, absolutely nothing good comes from airing one's laundry in public.

What we can't figure out is the following: Is Harry so damaged by the death of his mother and being the spare that he can't see the forest for the trees or, is his wife Meghan such a witch that she knows all of the above and is pushing him to end any relationship with his family rather than trying to keep his family together?

Either way this is not going to end well at all. We are already cringing and are not ready to watch someone self-implode. Poor Harry.

In the how-the-mighty-fall department, Michael Avenatti received a 14 year sentence for cheating his clients out of millions of dollars.

He rose to fame representing porn star Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump, then proceeded to rip her off. CNN treated him like the second coming, going so far as to say he could run for president. Of course that's when CNN was the Clinton News Network. Now we're not sure who they are, nor, for that matter, are they.

In addition to the prison sentence, Avenatti was ordered to pay more than US$7 million in restitution to his clients and more than US$3 million to the Internal Revenue Service. Another genius bites the dust.

Blanche, did you know that the COP15

(short for Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity ) conference, hosting no less than 20,000 people is taking place in Montreal? It was supposed to have been in China as we are partners in this, but they are still banning tourists due to their zero-covid policy.

One of the main objectives of this conference is to make peace with nature. Blanche, were you ever at war with nature? Did you ever go to war with an gnat or ant or some other insect?

Or, get this one brought to you by Justin's environment minister Steven Guibeault: "We are all united by a profound link to nature on which our survival depends on this planet.” What is this guy saying? 20,000 people - staying here for get this - two weeks - had to get to Montreal somehow as the last time we looked, flying carpets are not real.

So they took planes, trains, cars and buses creating a carbon footprint the size of a small continent. And they are saving the planet?

On top of all of this is the security issue. Canada is spending $25 million of your money to protect Montreal from the protestors they are expecting.

A three-metre-high security fence surrounds the convention centre, with officers from three police forces — local, provincial and federal — standing guard at entrances, checking IDs. Today, a group of officers who appeared to be from a tactical squad were at the ready a block away.

The 'best' part of this waste of time is that nothing will be accomplished except pledges from countries like Canada to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on saving kermit the frog.

In fact, those at the conference said that trillions of dollars will be needed, with governments, the private sector and philanthropy required to spend up to $700 billion annually. This is never, in a zillion years happening.

These two weeks are an excuse for 20,000 people to visit Montreal and eat in some of the best restaurants in North America. Other than that, they could have all stayed home.

The icing on the cake? Everybody has to wear a mask all the time, no doubt brought to you by those who wear masks while driving alone in their cars.

Tonight the run-off elections in Georgia to elect the country's final senate seat will be decided.

Running are republican ex-football player and Trump's personal choice Herschel Walker and the democrat, Raphael Warnock who at the very least can put two words together.

Herschel Walker talks as though he was tackled one too many times. In other words, on a good day he can't put two words together. On a bad day? He puts them together but they make no sense.

It is a very pathetic situation that people have to choose between voting for the democrat candidate who lives by the woke culture bs or the republican candidate whose party don't have the kahoonas to dump trump.

In the whoop-ti-doo department, a New York jury found two corporate entities at the Trump Organization guilty on all 17 counts, including conspiracy charges and falsifying business records.

As punishment, the Trump Organization could be fined up to $1.6 million. Can we talk? For Trump that's chump change. What was the point of a three year investigation to give his company a joke of a fine?

Trump was not personally a defendant in the case, which was related to a scheme by his company to avoid taxes on compensation in the form of perks including free apartments and luxury cars to its then-chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and other executives since 2005.

The little Jewish accountant is going to go to cheder (jail) while Trump walks away scot free. Grossitating.

We'll talk...

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