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Children of Anti-Vaxxers Deserve a Voice.

The American Women’s Soccer team won the World Cup and in the process caused a huge gefuffelment. Why are they not receiving as much money as the men? Discrimination? Because they are women they get paid less?

While we certainly believe in equal pay for equal work, in this case, as in many that hit the media, we are not always getting the full story because…the full story would not garner as many headlines.

What we are reading is that the total prize money for the women’s 2019 World Cup was $30 million, with the champion taking away about $4 million. The total for the men’s 2018 World Cup was $400 million, with the champions winning $38 million. Sounds very unfair.

What we are not reading is the vastly different viewership and revenue from the two events.

FIFA raked in more than $6 billion from the 2018 men’s World Cup. The women’s 2019 World Cup has been projected, when all is said and done, to make about $130 million.

The women’s tournament this year may have garnered about a billion viewers across all platforms, but the 2018 men’s World Cup had more than a billion viewers just for the final game.

This has to do with the bottom line and not with unfair wages to women. In fact, the women are doing a disservice to those who are really paid lower wages for doing the same thing as men.

All of this is no surprise as many of the women on that team are about as arrogant as they come. So they can carry on, not go to the White House, not sing the National Anthem and appear to despise the country that they represent. They will not get any more money nor should they.

We have said this before, but it cannot be said enough: Not vaccinating your children is one of the most selfish,  self-serving,  ignorant things parents can do. Someone infected with measles spent time in a local kosher restaurant, putting countless people at risk. 

People on chemo with no immune system, babies who have not yet been vaccinated, people with auto-immune diseases etc are prey for those who do not vaccinate their children.

Take note: The walls are closing in. People are going to start outing you who do not vaccinate. This is not a conspiracy theory. Vaccinations prevent diseases. Time for leaders in this city to put severe pressure on people they know come to their institutions with unvaccinated children. Step up to the plate and take charge.

FYI – the picture in this blog has a cutline: Children of Anti-Vaxxers Deserve a Voice. Touche.

If you are planning to go to France anytime soon, here’s a new tax you will be paying. It’s called the eco-tax and will cost you 18 Euros or $27.00 CAD.

Why, you ask, is France imposing this tax? Because, are you ready… The escalating planetary climate emergency is disproportionally being caused by the tiny percentage of people who use planes for transport. That’s quite a sentence and someone actually made it up.

Here’s a headline: Coal fired factories in India, China, Pakistan and many other third world countries are the main culprit of any climate emergency. This is a tax grab by the government of France called free money in their pockets because you have no choice but to pay it.

Democrats out there, did you know that Elizabeth Warren has become a rabid Israel hater? R.a.b.i.d. Read on and weep or keep burying your head like an ostrich.

The Warren campaign has hired anti-Israel extremist Max Berger, who is a co-founder of IfNotNow, a group that supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement that seeks the eventual elimination of the Jewish state. Additionally, Berger has come under fire for expressing sympathy for the militant Palestinian terror group Hamas.

Her 1,0024th part Cherokee insanity has now been overshadowed by her new idiotic and frankly dangerous statement.

This is a person you want as your president? Someone who wants the demise of the only democracy in the Middle East? We are hoping she gets asked this question in the next debate and it destroys her campaign. She is a vile woman.

Now for the next Democratic genius candidate, Zaidy Bernie. It seems that someone crunched the numbers and if the minimum wage goes up to $15.00 per hour as he wants by 2025, over 3.7 million people would lose their jobs.

Of course they could always call on Andrew Yang, who wants to give everyone $1,000 a month for life. Oy.

Now that we are in the travel season, here are a few tips on how to buy the cheapest tickets: 1. Don’t travel during peak season – which, zut alors is now. Oh well. 2. If your travel dates are fixed, don’t wait to buy tickets, they don’t drop in price. 3. If you are signed up for travel alerts and see a bargain pop up, book your ticket right then and there. Wait and poof! it’s gone. 4. The closer to the departure date, the more likely that ticket prices will increase. Airlines love late-bookings as they get premium prices.

A man of 100 and a woman of 102, almost 103 met a year ago while in their senior home. They ‘dated’ for a year, decided to tie the knot and got married at the end of June.

When asked why they married at this late stage of their lives they responded that they ‘just fell in love with each other’. Aw shucks…

We’ll talk…

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