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Clarence Thomas Was the Only Judge That Could Have Sworn in Amy Coney Barrett? Really?

Here’s no surprise. Montrealers are very unhappy with Valerie Plante. With that idiot grin of hers, she kicked many entrepreneurs while they were also getting kicked by Legault. She was and is blind to what businesses need, focusing on the planet, bicycles and trees.

We have a friend who works downtown and attempted to leave the area after work. Street after street after street was ripped up, torn apart, dug up. Madam Plante is simply blind to anyone that doesn’t think like she does and begging people to come downtown is more than foolish. It’s idiotic. We hope that people remember this when it’s time to vote her back in.

Many people think that the hordes of people voting early in the US is because most people who do early vote against someone, not for someone.

In a normal election year that would be the case, but this year because of the pandemic, we are thinking that many are voting early to avoid the massive crowds on election day. Time will tell, eh Blanche?

As for the election itself in a week, it’s anyone’s guess. As pollsters were burned badly in 2016, no one is sticking their neck out and saying it’s a sure Biden win. Trump is still drawing massive crowds and his numbers, which had nosedived when he got covid, quickly went back up once he got out there to campaign again.

We will go out on a limb and say that we won’t know the winner on November 3. No money bets, just our feeling.

Oh yes, one more thing. Yesterday was Hillary’s birthday and her one wish was that you reach out to one person in your life who may not vote this year and encourage them to turn out for Biden-Harris.

Our guess is that Biden would rather have Hillary keep quiet and not remind people that she’s part of his party.

Quebec’s premier Legault is dropping the ball faster than you can say the words. He’s clearly over his head in terms of how to deal with the pandemic in Quebec.

Can anyone tell us the difference between standing in line at a store – say Costco or IGA, near plenty of other people, and having six people, socially distanced in their home?

Or what’s the difference between going to a restaurant where you sit and eat and kids eating lunch together in their classrooms?

If he can identify certain businesses that cannot keep their numbers down, then close those businesses and leave the rest of society to run. Having a long face and saying he feels so so terrible for people in businesses that cannot open is not cutting it.

If he can’t handle the situation, it’s high time to put an adult in the room who can. Another four weeks of partial lockdown is going to do the same as the last four weeks. Babkikes. The numbers didn’t move for a month and they won’t move for the next month.

Then what’s his plan? What number is he looking for to open up society? Now we’re at between 850 and 1000 people daily. Does he want 500? 300? 200? 50? None? Does he not know? Does he think we’re too stupid to understand?

Sadly, the Liberal party in this province is giving him less than zero opposition. In fact, they are invisible. So we’re stuck with Legault for a long, long time. Pretty dismal.

And one more thing. Dominique Anglade may be the most intelligent woman in Canada, but do you know who she is? No? We’ll tell you. She’s the black woman that is head of Quebec’s liberal party.

Blanche, in this province, with Bill 21 passed (no hijabs, kippas etc in government positions), do you really think that Anglade has a chance with rural Quebecers in an election? Perhaps when we have a snowstorm in July.

And then there’s Patty Hajdu. What Blanche, you don’t know she’s Canada’s Health Minister? Seems she was caught red-handed or rather, naked-faced (better than Jeffrey Toobin who was caught naked from waist down…but we digress) without a mask sitting and waiting for her plane in Toronto’s Pearson airport.

She said she was eating but there was no food around her, nor any remnants of food around her. Admit that as the Health Minister you screwed up and move on. Trying to be holier-than-thou is Justin’s domaine.

Blanche do you know what Bill di Blasio’s real name is? Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm. As in from German descent.

Clearly he wanted New Yorkers to think he’s Italian but clearly he’s not. Imagine what a coup that would have been had he been Italian and then married a black woman and now has black children? He would have been the poster boy for the democratic party.

He’s now starting to drop big hints that if people travel during Thanksgiving or Christmas…you’re going to get it big time.

It’s going to be very hard to stop people from traveling as the last time we looked there are no borders between states. Plus, several airlines have abandoned efforts to ensure social distancing and begun selling flights to full capacity, no longer blocking off middle seats.

The city has set up roving checkpoints to require people entering by car to fill out a required travel registration form, but only one person has been fined for breaking the two-week quarantine. Time will tell what happens there

We are not really commenting on this but found it distasteful. Judge Clarence Thomas swore in the new Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett. While they are both conservative judges, it had to be Thomas? Really? Let’s just say we’re pretty sure Anita Hill was gritting her teeth. Feh.

We’ll talk…

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