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Claudine Gay is out as president of harvard.

Yes Blanche, the pressure got to her. Along with serious allegations of plagiarizing a good deal of her thesis and many, many other papers she ostensibly wrote.

The number of plagiarism accusations facing Gay rose to nearly 50 on Monday after six more examples of alleged lifted and uncited content were brought to light.

Of Gay’s 17 published works, eight of them are now reported to contain plagiarized material.

Here's part of her resignation letter:

..."after consultation with members of the Corporation, it has become clear that it is in the best interests of Harvard for me to resign so that our community can navigate this moment of extraordinary challenge with a focus on the institution rather than any individual.”

This woman needs to get a grip. She was hired not for her brains, as is clear from the fact that she clearly couldn't write anything without copying somebody else's work. No. She was hired because, and in this order - she's black and a woman. She fit the bill for harvard's woke, liberal agenda.

What we don't understand is how anyone could have been shocked at her response when testifying about October 7 and the massacre of Israeli men women and children. When asked whether calls for the genocide of Jews constituted harassment under university policy, she said it depended on the context.

It is becoming clear this woman couldn't find her way out of a closet. She said that she "got caught up in what had become at that point, an extended, combative exchange about policies and procedures".

No. She got caught because she's not smart and can't think on her own.

Now she's finally gone. Let's see who harvard appoints. If they are true to form they will get the hat-trick for their choice, ticking off all three boxes: black, female and gay a la press secretary for Biden Karine Jean-Pierre.

In the this-won't-surprise-you department, scores of previously sealed court filings regarding sex offender Jeffrey Epstein are about to be made public, and it will show that former President Bill Clinton is mentioned in more than 50 of the redacted filings.

Quel surprise.

Flight records have shown Clinton flew repeatedly overseas on Epstein’s jumbo jet, but no evidence has come to light that he visited Epstein’s island. Blanche, is there snow in winter? Does the sun shine in morning? Does the moon come out at night?

Exactly where did Clinton go on that jet? You can be sure it wasn't Newfoundland.

Blanche, can you please 'splain' how blocking roads to JFK in New York aka Flood JFK for gaza, has anything do to with what is happening in Israel?

We have the perfect solution for those who decide to make other people's lives a misery. Actually two solutions.

The first is hose them down with pepper spray. It's safe for the sprayers who will have no contact with the 'protesters' and will go a long way to deter their 'friends' from doing the same.

The second is a bit more expensive, but will also get the job done. Put them all on a plane with a one-way ticket to gaza. If they feel so strongly that their bros are being overrun by Israelis, this is the perfect solution. No doubt they will be met with open arms by their friends in gaza.

Blocking roads in New York? They are cowards afraid to go to gaza.

And one more thing about this story. Where are the peaceful muslims? Where are the ones who want to live in peace in Canada and the US? If it's not true that every muslim is a terrorist, where are they?

Where are the imams telling their flock to stop this? Unless of course it's true that not only is every terrorist a muslim, but every muslim is a terrorist.

If they can't stop their own from wreaking havoc all over the world, then they are all going to be put into the same basket and get whatever they deserve.

Wait a minute Blanche. Who's going to punish them? Plante? Trudeau? Biden? Eric Adams? None of the above. So here's a tip: If you hear of a protest happening, stay away. If' it's on the way to the airport, either leave early or change your flight. Peeps - we're on our own here. There is no leadership in the world.

Last night basketball's Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks were in Salt Lake City. Rabbi Zippel of Utah and a rabbi in said place for the past 30 years attended the Jazz game with his sons, bringing along signs that read "I am a Jew and I'm proud".

Soon after the game began, Kyrie, who happens to be black - just saying - noticed their signs, and apparently took personal offense to them. His delicate sensibilities were O.F.F.E.N.D.E.D.

Members of the Jazz team then came over - of course because kyrie was offended - and informed Rabbi Zippel and his sons that they had to get rid of their signs. They were offending people. Got that? I'm a proud Jew is offensive.

Zippel was stunned. He never expected that this could happen in his local, loving, Utah community. Guess what?

He's not leaving. He's not afraid. He will continue to live his life as proud a Jew, no matter where, no matter when no matter what big black basketball player is offended.

We'll talk...

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