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Clearly There is No Shortage of Idiotic Elected Officials

Is there any shortage of idiots out there? Clearly not. Kim Campbell, who happens to be blonde (just saying) and who was prime minister of Canada for, oh, ten seconds (five months), decided that what she had to say on twitter was of the utmost importance to mankind. Yes, Justin, mankind, not personkind.

On Thursday, when it became evident that hurricane Dorian might hit Florida directly, this genius tweeted out the following: “I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!”

It gets better. People called her out on this tweet and instead of taking ten seconds to think about the misery she was wishing on thousands of people, she told her detractors to get a grip. Did she think that the hurricane was only going to hit Mar-a-Lago?

The only grip needed here was for her brain, of which there is obviously very little to grip. In the end, she managed to eek out a pathetic apology. She is an embarrassment to Canada.

The ex-liberal muslim imam Hassan Guillet who was tossed because of his anti-semitic remarks is about to try to make things better for himself.  Waste of time. He is what he is. 

In July 2017, Guillet welcomed the release from prison of Raed Salah, a militant close to Hamas, which Canada lists as a terror group.

Guillet congratulated Salah on being freed from a “prison of occupied Palestine,” (that would be Israel in case you didn’t know) and prayed that he would one day succeed in liberating “all of Palestine.” He described Salah as a “resistance fighter” and a “jihadist.”

In 2016 Guillet wrote then deleted this from his Facebook page: “the Zionists control American politics.”

Guillet is an insidiously sneaky anti-semite. The fact that Justin Trudeau and his missives did not know this or worse, did know and hired him anyway,  doesn’t bode well for them.

We are wondering what Guillet is going to say at a press conference he’s supposedly holding tomorrow. That he loves the Jewish people? That they are his brothers? Spare us.

Occupied Palestine says it all. Your pretty-faced, fancy socks Prime Minister dropped the ball again.

We will continue with those who think making other people’s lives miserable is a good thing.  This group, called extinction rebellion, wants to ‘save’ the world from climate change. And how do they plan to do this? By blocking traffic. Now that’s really going to make a difference in India or China who still have thousands of coal-fired factories.

‘Extinction Rebellion activists’ have decided that if they block traffic in Montreal, it’s going to help climate change. In fact, they are so caught up with themselves, they don’t realize that stopping traffic only adds to what they view as a problem as cars just sit idling, polluting the air.

There are two words for these people: ignoramuses and selfish. Can someone please get them in touch with Kim Campbell?

Maxime Bernier has gone after sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg (she sailed across the ocean recently) who admitted she has Asperger’s and suffers from depression. Kudos to her for coming forward with this information and showing that one can have a normal life despite bullies like Maxime Bernier.

He said she is mentally unstable. Is he normal? Does he think he’s in any way, shape or form material to be  prime minister of Canada? He’s the one who’s mentally unstable for uttering those disgusting remarks.

Andrew Scheer won the conservative nomination a couple of years ago and it’s a good thing he did. While everyone loved Bernier’s looks and ‘sparkling’ personality, he’s turning out to be a lowlife who is the furthest thing from a leader.

May we suggest that you take another good, long look at Andrew Scheer. He may not be sparkling, nor have fancy socks, but he’s a decent human being, with decent moral values and, as Stephen Harper, will make an excellent Prime Minister.

The Epstein saga is getting more strange by the day. A millionaire who is thought to have key information on Epstein has suddenly disappeared. Poof! Gone. This is not over yet.

We kept the best for last. This morning, the city of Montreal workers decided to dig up every corner in the Westbury area, with no less than four schools,  causing beyond imaginable traffic chaos.

Both Montreal’s Mayor Plante and Cote-des Neiges Mayor Sue Montgomery (of knitting at council meeting fame)  never leave their ivory towers, have not the faintest hint of a clue where there constituents live, nor care. If they had ever bothered to check, they would not have closed all the streets in an area at the same time.

There’s nothing to say here and the hands of those who live in the area are tied to moronic city planners. We have decided that elected officials need only one criteria to get elected: No intelligence.

We’ll talk…

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