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Communal Eating=Double, Triple and Quadruple Dipping.

We’re not quite sure why it took Elizabeth Warren two days to decided to exit the race for the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Super Tuesday found her at the bottom of the heap, slightly ahead of Tulsi Gabbard. There’s no doubt she siphoned off votes from Zaidy Bernie who is also not long for this race. Blanche, can you imagine giving money to this woman’s campaign? Literally throwing your money down the toilet.

Had she, by some miracle won the nomination, Trump would have completely annihilated her during the debates as there is no doubt that he has enough ammunition on her to last ten debates. The best thing about her getting out of the race is that we won’t have to hear that whinny voice droning on and on.

You can be sure that the media is not happy about her exit. What a boring few months we’re going to have if Biden is the only man left standing. Well, maybe it won’t be that boring as we can all concentrate on Biden’s daily gaffs. Some of them are really funny.

Bernie is going nowhere fast and those who keep feeding his campaign with their hard-earned money need to look at the wall with the writing.

The other good part about both Bernie and Warren buzzing out is that we will no longer have to listen to anything that AOC, Tlaib and those other socialist/communist beauties constantly complain about.

We suggested in our last blog that the whole group of them move to Cuba. Well, if you know any of their email addresses, here’s the name of a good, reputable moving company: Cuba Moving.

They are located in Hialeah, close to Miami and are very happy to pack up your belongings and help you leave the  country that you hate with such a passion. They promise not to break anything so they must be good.

A while ago we told you that Greta Thunberg was being used. Well, it turns out that she has a lot more issues than anyone ever thought. Now guess who’s writing about them, in graphic detail in their new book. Why her mother of course. There are no words to describe how manipulative this woman is.

Greta’s mother goes into graphic detail about her daughter’s various conditions, which include an eating disorder where she ate only 5 pieces of gnocchi a day, autism, a obsessive-compulsive disorder and being bullied mercilessly in school.

Now you tell us that this young girl was not exploited – first by her parents who opened the door – very wide – to the media and then the world.

Greta Thunberg is a pitiful young woman who is being used by everyone from the United Nations to the extremists in the climate change ‘movement’ and most of all, by her parents.

Here’s something that could make you lose your cookies. Did you know that in Montreal, the metro cars are cleaned once every five or six weeks? Seriously. Did you also know that in NY they clean the cars every day?

Because of the coronavirus, here in Montreal the powers that be have decided to clean the cars once a week. Ladies and gentlemen – if and when you take public transportation, do yourself a favour and buy disposable vinyl gloves. Forget the disinfectant. Wear the gloves when you take the bus or metro and the instant you get out, take off the gloves very slowly and carefully so as not to touch the outside and then toss them in the garbage.

We wonder if our genius mayor Valerie Plante knew about the filth in the Metro here. The very transportation that she wants everyone to take.

And speaking of Plante, whatever happened to that cat fight between her and Montgomery? Don’t tell us that Montgomery gave up and is just knitting or baking cookies with her children. Oh wait. She only does that in snowstorms. But we digress.

Seriously Blanche, has this fight ended and no one know the resolution?

We are not getting hysterical about COVID-19 aka the coronavirus. We are however, questioning why our dear prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is still allowing people to enter Canada from Iran and Wuhan China.

While we in Canada cannot possibly contain the virus, allowing people to enter the country from ground zero is foolish at best, irresponsible and reckless at worst.

Justin is unable to internalise or process information given to him. He’s just not bright enough. But as dense as he is, is he still unable to figure out that letting those people in is wrong? Seems that way.  Again we want to thank to everyone who voted him in a second time.

Don’t look now, but Bill and Hillary are back. Those two seem to be allergic to staying out of the limelight. In a documentary premiering on Friday, Bill says he feels ‘terrible’ that Monica Lewinsky’s life was defined by the blue dress and all that happened while she was wearing it.

Can we talk? Bill cares more about a gnat in Central Park than he does about Monica Lewinsky.

“Hillary” is set to premiere Friday and features interviews with the former 2016 Democratic nominee and her husband on her electoral loss to President Trump, among other topics. Is their timing not perfect with Warren and Bloomberg out of the race?

We have read in more than one place that they were told in no uncertain terms to stay far away from the democratic nomination process. Hillary is poison. Beginning and end of story for her. Bill is the body of the snake that can’t keep his pants on. The dynamic duo. Hehehehehehe.

In case you were not sure that the coronavirus is coming out of China or at least being spread like wildfire there, we will enlighten you. We hope that you have already finished your dinner.

In China they do something called ‘communal eating’. That means that piles of food are put in the centre of a table or on a floor, people sit all around the food and eat it with chopsticks.

Blanche, do you get what they are doing? Double dipping looks good. This is multiple dipping, never changing the chopsticks. We’re getting to the gross part now. You put the food into your mouth with your saliva and germs, then take those same chopsticks and dip into the communal food over and over and over again.

This is a cultural thing and it will be very hard to break this habit, especially in the very remote part of a country with close to two billion people. Very special.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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