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On paper,  Dr. Theresa Tam who was named Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer on June 26, 2017 was the perfect candidate. The keys for Justin’s hiring her were, first and foremost that she is from a minority, not your basic white person and a woman, not necessarily in that order.   Of course it also helped that she is a physician with expertise in immunization, infectious disease, emergency preparedness and global health security. Given her credentials, it is rather surprising that of all the people in Canada who were unable to juggle balls flying around in the past couple of months, she dropped the most balls.

To start listing all her mistakes is not our purview. That we will leave to the journalists. What we will say is that she  cannot seem to think independently, is easily swayed by political machinations and appears to be under the spell of the very handsome Justin Trudeau. Maybe his hair is getting to her.

Our guess is that Canada’s chief public health officer, especially one with expertise in infectious diseases would at least know about masks. Never mind not closing borders to China at the beginning of this pandemic when she knew very well that people were bringing the virus here in planeloads.

Time for Madame Tam to take a very long vacation, with a mask of course, and put someone into that position whose decisions are made solely for the good health of Canadians. On her way out she can pick up all the balls she dropped so her successor doesn’t trip on them. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result. We speak of the polls now coming out showing Joe Biden way ahead of Donald Trump vis-a-vis the presidential election in November.

Have the media not learned their lesson? Shall we remind them that on the night of the last election in the US, Hillary was given a 95% chance of winning by none other than the NY Times.  And for months before, she led the Donald in every imaginable poll. We don’t have to rub the results in as everyone can see Trump sitting in the Oval Office.

We hope for Biden’s sake, his people are more in tune than Hillary’s were.  The head of her campaign,  Robert Mook, had his head firmly planted in the sand.

There was an editorial in today’s paper written by a nurse who left Quebec to go to Australia, ostensibly for a year. She’s been there for five years. She cited chapter and verse, what we have been saying ad nauseam. The Quebec health care system is run like everything else here – with almost total incompetence.

So we all know the problem, which is no longer a dirty little secret. It’s now out in the open because the coronavirus doesn’t know the difference between a French Canadian separatist’s grandmother and a Jewish grandmother. Hundreds died before their time.

The pressing, very serious question is what are we going to do about it? Allow Legault and his minions to do an internal investigation? Again – the fox watching the henhouse.

The only answer is that there has to be someone or some body out there that can make sure independent people decipher all the issues, bring them out in the open and deal with them. To do that, they must delve into years of neglect in our health care system caused by all parties – Liberals, PQ and now the CAQ in the name of the pipe dream of the country of Quebec.

Otherwise ladies and gentlemen you have two choices. Start praying that you never wind up in one of those senior death traps where your diaper may be changed once every three days or start saving your money so you can afford full time care in your own home.

Blanche, time to inject a bit of humour today. Did you know that two robbers in Louisiana targeted a convenience store wearing, get this, hollowed out watermelons. They did have the wherewithal to cut out holes for the eyes, otherwise they would have been, literally lost in space. They got caught.

Sweden has revealed that despite adopting more relaxed measures to control the coronavirus, looking for the illusive herd immunity, only 7.3% of people in Stockholm had developed the antibodies needed to fight the disease by late April.

The figure is roughly similar to other countries that have data and are well below the 70-90% needed to create “herd immunity” in a population.

FYI herd immunity is reached when the majority of a given population — 70 to 90% — becomes immune to an infectious disease, either because they have become infected and recovered, or through vaccination. When that happens, the disease is less likely to spread to people who aren’t immune, because there just aren’t enough infectious carriers to reach them.

Sweden has now had 32,172 cases and 3,871 deaths, more than any other Scandinavian country. What is still left to see is whether or not their economy will bounce back faster than most others who shut down their entire economies.

***Here’s some breaking news that goes along with the piece on the nurses, which is that the government doesn’t know which end is up nor does the left hand know what the right hand is saying or doing.

Legault today announced that day camps were opening in Montreal. He was later asked a question whether or not overnight camps will happen. His response was that it was too early to say.

Now get this Blanche: At the exact time Lego was saying that, his own bureaucrats issued a directive that all overnight camps were cancelled until 2021.

This still has to be verified, although it is the French news media and the Montreal Gazette.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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