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Creepy Joe

Francois Legault, Quebec’s  ‘I’m-not-a-separatist’ premier, is tightening the French language noose on Quebec’s English community faster than you can say the words. His latest edict is to restrict access to English for ‘newcomers’ to Quebec. What does that mean? Things like electricity bills and automated telephone menu options will be restricted to only French if you are new to the province.

Now you can press 1 for French and 9 for English. If you’re a newcomer (and how exactly do they know who’s a newcomer unless they are following you around), that press 9 option will no longer be available. Oh wait, if you’re already in the English system you can still use the press 9 option.

The big question is how are they going to determine which English speaking people have been here for generations and who just moved here? Are we going to have a big E beside our last name if we speak the dreaded English?

Thanks to everyone who voted this jerk into office.

A couple of weeks ago we told you about a book to be released on November 19 about Trump called A Warning by Anonymous.

Things are starting to heat up as the release date is moving closer. Publication of the book may violate nondisclosure agreements based on the individual’s work or access to classified information, if the author is, in fact, a current or former ‘senior official’ in the Trump administration.

Can we talk here? On November 9, 2016, the date of the last US election when, to the absolute shock of every Democrat in the United States, Donald Trump became president, plans began to get him out quickly at best, not elected for a second term at worst.

There is obviously a plethora of people, organised and with money, who have been trying this and have been thwarted at every attempt to get rid of Trump. They have tried everything, including what they are trying now, impeachment. It’s not going to work, ergo this book is their last kick at the can.

To their absolute horror and chagrin, they are now looking at another four years of Trump in the Oval Office if they cannot find a normal candidate to run against him. So far, there’s no one. If Hillary doesn’t file for the primaries this week she’s out. That would leave Biden or Warren.

Warren basically sealed her fate with her $52 trillion her medicare-for-all program just released. Who’s paying for everyone to have free health-care? The billionaires stupid. She is saying that anyone with less than a billion dollar income would not have a tax increase to pay for this.

There are no words for the kind of world Warren, Sanders et al live in. It’s certainly not the real world.

Biden is still being hidden by his handlers. Something’s wrong there and they are trying very hard to hide it, but it’s not working.

Back to Trump and the 2020 election. Unless a mystery, magical democratic candidate appears out of a genie bottle, never-trumpers are going to have a melt-down in 2020.

Remember that wind storm we had in Montreal last Friday? People are still without power. Seriously? As of 3 p.m. Sunday, just under 119,000 Quebec clients remained without power. Today is Tuesday and there are still people who have no heat.

Hydro Quebec best get their act together soon as the s word is coming in two days. Snow.

Back to Joe Biden. He is not only ‘forgetful’ like he  doesn’t know where he is, he’s also creepy. C.R.E.E.P.Y. He has been told over and over and over again to give people their space. He can’t do it.

A couple of days ago, he  pressed his nose up against one young girl wearing glasses while meeting with potential voters and their families. “Now, what grade are you in?” he asked? Ich, ich ich.

Blanche, can you imagine a guy coming up to you, pressing his face onto yours and asking how you are? He wouldn’t get very far and most likely have to walk away very bent over and moaning. This poor kid couldn’t move and had this old man slobbering all over her.

Like we said above, unless there’s a magical candidate, it will be President Trump in 2020.

We’ll talk…

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