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Da Fat Lady Sang

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Actually the fat lady sang before it was over.  By 8:30 pm everyone got a good sense of what was coming when all of the Maritime provinces voted 100% Liberal. Of 33 seats they got 33 seats.

Once the polls in Quebec and Ontario closed it was very clear that the ABH movement had taken hold. Anybody but Harper went from a slogan to a reality.

One thing we can say with certainty. If anyone thinks that Trudeau will be able to fulfill all the promises he made, ya need to take a pill. We will site but one example: No tolls on the new Champlain bridge. The scenario will be thus: He will delve into the finances of the country and zut alors realize that it was much worse than he had ever anticipated. He will be very sorry but due to the errors and mismanagement of the previous government, we will pay tolls on the bridge.

As for his foreign policy, all depends on who he surrounds himself with. Tree-huggers will want to take in every refugee this side of the moon. Middle of the road Liberals will be a bit wary of those coming out of Syria etc. He’s not going to veer much further right so that’s most likely the best we can hope for.

As for Israel…he is a liberal which translates to sitting and talking, trying to make peace between warring factions. Unfortunately in our case only one side understands that. Aside from the fact that there is no one to talk to on the other side, i.e. no leadership, they are too busy murdering people to talk to anyone.

And finally, we are entering the world and era of Camelot. Many will remember those heady Kennedy years when the President, his beautiful wife Jacqueline and two small children occupied the White House. Like it or not, Trudeau is a rock star and the world will look at Canada with much different eyes. Sit tight and watch the show. It will be very interesting. Now for the scary stuff: Who is Trudeau? He’s a super-liberal and pledged to attend the United Nations climate conference in Paris in November and to introduce a national plan for combating climate change within 90 days of that summit. He’s pro-choice, proudly declaring himself a feminist. He pledged to end tax breaks for the wealthy, to give Canadian families more money to raise their children. He wants to pull Canada’s military from US military initiatives. He prefers talking to fighting. He has a tatoo of earth on his bicep. Spare us. He still smokes weed and plans to legalize it asap. Really? He is an intellectual lightweight compared to his father. To be fair so is everyone else. He plans to have an equal number of men and women in his cabinet. How about putting in people who can do the job rather than what they look like? London newspapers have already dubbed him the sexiest politician in the world. Time to bring out the barf bag Blanche. Remember the 14-year-old Texas boy who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock that authorities said resembled a bomb to school? We saw that clock and believe us, it looked like a bomb. But we digress.

So Ahmed gets arrested and guess who comes to his rescue? None other than Barack Obama who personally invited Ahmed to visit the White House, reaching out to him via Twitter. The president was one of many who spoke out about the implications of a 14-year-old Muslim boy accused of building a bomb, put in handcuffs and pulled out a school. It was shortly discovered that the “bomb” was only a digital clock the young innovator built himself.

So where is Ahmed now? He and his family have decided, despite meeting Obama the great, that they are moving to Qatar. He was awarded a place in the the Qatar Young Innovators Program. We know what you’re thinking. Now he’ll learn how to make a real bomb. Obama’s judgment is slightly skewed, n’est pas?

In August, Consumer Reports gave the Telsa a rating of 103 out of 100. In other words, more perfect than perfect. Now, two months later they changed their minds because of drivers’ complaints of a worse-than-average overall problem rate.

It seems that though people love their Tesla, they have major issues with things like the electric motors and charging system. Now that would be a problem seeing as the car is electric. A major electrical issue would put the car ooo – out of order.

Donald Trump continues his move upward. He now has 28% of popular support compared to 18% for Ben Carson, his closest rival. This, despite  shooting off his mouth at a South Carolina rally where he said had he been president 9/11 would not have happened. He stepped back from those comments but one can see he is slightly out of control. He claimed that his immigration policy would have been much different. Good luck down south.

We’ll talk…

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